Tokyo Gentleman Story

Chapter 3 Animic and Anime

”No, we don have any clubs related to ACG here? ” Tong Gu Xiao was also shocked, and then took out his booklet and began to read it, but he finished reading the booklet and found no relevant information. ”Its a lie, our school is a famous school, isn there any club in this area? ”

”Probably because its a famous school, so theres no such thing. ” Sen Xia knew that this was her own mistake, and choosing this school was a mistake.

Thinking of this, Mori Xia turned to look at the girl in the school uniform again, and felt even more distressed.

Sakano Academy is an old school with a history of 100 years. It was formerly a British aristocratic girls school, a nuns school and a local Japanese school. After World War II, the three schools merged to become the current Sakano School. It has changed, but some old traditions still remain. The simplest point is… The girls school uniform in this school is actually a long skirt!

Not to mention the mens clothing, the womens school uniform consists of a white shirt, a long black dress, a three-piece black waist vest, and a winter vest on the outside.

In the 21st century, many school uniforms of **** have become black silk short skirts, but after coming to Japan, where the school uniform culture is prosperous, Mori Xia saw such conservative school uniforms, and his feelings were very complicated.

Of course, it doesn mean that this school uniform has no bright spots at all. The dress has a sunken big slit design on the chest, exposing the entire chest part, with the outermost black corset, if there is material on the chest, it is definitely A bright spot.


Sen Xia glanced over the entire second class of the year, and then shook his head speechlessly.

He admitted that this design would be perfect if placed in Europe and the United States, but this is a Japanese high school, and if it is worn by a little kid, it is impossible to look directly at it, and if it is worn by a girl with a bad figure, it is simply All become spiritual pollution.

In addition to the ”personality ” of the school uniform, Sakano Academys school shoes are also different. Although the style of this schools school shoes is similar to other schools, the texture is completely leather, and the womens school shoes also add an inch. High heels, very bright. Of course, the impact of this is that in physical education classes, in addition to gym clothes, the shoes must be changed, but even the clothes must be changed, and it is not bad for a pair of shoes.

With such a set of clothes, people feel dignified and elegant, but the vitality that students should have seems to be less, this kind of feeling is like those lifeless Japanese clubs and companies.

”If not, then forget it. ”

If you don have one, just join the Homecoming Club and go home early every day.

Originally, according to Sen Xias plan, joining the club would make it easier for me to find help (hardship), hand (strength), and then go to comic exhibitions and play games. Its very convenient. I used to be too young, but now Im in high school. Just in time.

However, since there is no anime club at Sakano School, it can be forced. Anyway, his plan will not be inconvenient if there is no club, because he can also write novels.

With that in mind, Sen Xia took out a small notebook the size of a palm from her purse.

He opened the notebook, and there were six Chinese characters ”Earth Defense Youth ”.

”Mori Xia, what did you write here? Is this… a Chinese character? ” Tong Gu Takao came up again.

”Well, Im learning Chinese. ” Sen Xia fooled.

Although Japanese is indeed as fluent in Moris mind as his mother tongue, Mori prefers to think in Chinese.

As a traveler, if you don want to do something, its just a shame, and Mori Xias dream is to change the world, jumping from the α world line to the β world line or something, it seems very interesting.

Theoretically speaking, the easy thing for traversers to do should be to make money. There are many ways to make money through speculation. It should be easy for traversers to buy lottery tickets and **. But this world is slightly different from the original world. It is basically the same, but some details may be different.

For example, in the 1996 Atlanta Olympics last year, the United States won 40 gold medals, which is 4 less than the original Olympic gold medals in the world that Senxia knew. Another example is this, in Senxias view, the name is always very visual. Sakano Academy, if it weren for the different school uniforms, Mori Xia would even think that the two onions had brought him to the world of a certain anime.

Of course, some things may also be caused by the butterfly effect. According to research, there are about six people in the relationship between people. Through six people, you can recognize anyone in the world. Senxia has affected it here. A certain person, through six people, is very likely to influence the president of the United States, and it is also possible to make the leader of the **** change his schedule. The wings of a butterfly can hang a hurricane in North America, and a little change is very likely to change. Caused huge changes, so Sen Xia basically gave up on speculation.

But since we are traversers from another world, it is naturally impossible for us to have no way out.

Although many things can be remembered clearly, and there is no way to predict, but Mori Xia, as a **** pseudo-house in his previous life, knows a lot about various ACGN (animation, animation, games, novels).

So what Sen Xia has to do is plagiarize… er, no, write novels.

Earth Defense Boy, commonly known as Earth Bento Boy, and because of its theme song Uninstall, was dubbed ”Auntie Said ”, and the original work is a comic.

The content of the story tells the story of 15 teenagers driving a giant robot to protect the world.

However, the content of the story is very dark, because the price to pay for manipulating robots is death. After sitting on the robot and driving the machine once, they will die, and if they fail, the earth will be destroyed.

And whats even darker is that their enemies are robots from another earth, which means that every victory for the protagonists means the demise of another earth.

However, the ending of the story is very good, the earth is finally saved.

All in all, although the process is very tortuous, the ending is bright. This is a heart-warming story. The earth guarded by the protagonists moves towards the future on the wreckage of countless earths. It is gratifying and gratifying.

In fact, this story of Sen Xia is not the first time I have written it. When I wrote it for the first time, Sen Xia was in high spirits and wrote a book, but he was called back without a doubt. Its simple: the writing doesn work.

Its not that Mori Xias writing is not smooth, its just that Mori Xias style of writing doesn quite match the Japanese style.

Do you think its easy to be a copywriter?

NO, Wen Duo Gong is also very technical. Language, writing style, and audiences aesthetics are all very important. Its like the martial arts novels that were popular in the 1980s have basically disappeared in the 21st century. Thats it. After the journey, you can get rich and wealthy by just writing a book, and then it will become popular all over the country, and fame, fortune, and prestige will come rolling in. Thats not writing a novel, its making fun of you.

But anyway, Mori Xia was also a book writer in his last life. After being poured a pot of cold water, Mori Xia studied some classic Japanese works such as ”Disqualification in the World ”, ”Rashomon ”, etc. After reading modern popular works such as ”Magic Sword Beauty God (Xiudou Mo Taoist) ” and ”Legend of Galactic Heroes ”, combined with his life in Japan, the differences between the two cultures between **** and Japan, he I also gradually understood that, in simple terms, he was not a middle schooler.

So this time, after entering high school, Sen Xia decided to write the story again, this time he wanted to be real.

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