Tokyo Gentleman Story

Chapter Thirteen For Love

Animation, comics and games are, strictly speaking, a subculture, that is, a culture that has been excluded from mainstream society. This is the case in the Celestial Dynasty, and so is Japan.

However, unlike the Celestial Dynasty, the Japanese have a special love for subcultures, and because of this, subcultures of subcultures, subcultures of subcultures, etc. are derived, so there are doujinshi in Japan. There are fan exhibitions, so there is only 18X.

”Speaking of which, why do you want to make games? ” After talking about business, Sen Xia suddenly thought of this question, ”Are you really planning to enter the game industry? ”

Because you are a student at a prestigious school, are you thinking about the future now? Sen Xia was not aware of it.

”Well, how can I say it, ” Senior Sister hugged her chest in distress, ”Its not just games, Im also very interested in other graphic works. I watched EVA last year, and then I felt something in my heart. It seemed like I was touched, so I made up my mind. ”

EVA, also known as Neon Genesis Evangelion, began broadcasting in October 1995 the year before, causing a sensational effect in Japan and also changing the fate of many people, such as the creator of the FATE series and the creator of the moonlight world. After watching EVA, Mushroom must have an inexplicable feeling in his heart, so he started to write impulsively.

Mori Xia had heard of EVA in her last life, but she was puzzled about why this work became a masterpiece, so she did some research. EVAs narrative techniques and some of the animation techniques were original. And it triggered a series of social repercussions and academic research and discussions, and this point broke out in 1997… Well, to be precise, there are still several months of brewing before EVAs reputation will reach its highest point.

The appearance of this film has almost opened up a whole genre of ”stream of consciousness ”, which is the kind of thing that you can understand even after watching it.

However, Anno Hideaki said later that the stream of consciousness behind the EVA was entirely due to the supervision of Anno Hideakis revenge on the audience, the rush to work in the later stage of the EVA and the lack of funds. There is a classic one-minute freeze in EVA. This is because of lack of funds. At the end of the two episodes, I even went directly to the sketch.

For this work, Mori Xia appreciates it very much. Although it is difficult to say that it is a masterpiece from the perspective of Chinese people, in Japan, it became a masterpiece because the plot and characters touched their heartstrings.

Undoubtedly, senpai is also one of them.

”Have Mori Xia-kun seen EVA? ”

Hey, hey, don be so familiar with yourself, okay? I just called Tianhai-Jun, but now Im calling Senxia-Jun directly…

However, Sen Xia felt that being called ”Sen Xia ” was actually quite good, and he did not refute it.

”Well, Ive seen it. Rei Ayanami is cute, Asuka is arrogant, tights are sexy, and Shinji is a boy. ”

The last sentence, Senior Sister probably didn understand what was going on, but when she heard Sen Xias words, Senior Sister was very happy: ”Well, this film is very good, when I watch it, I always feel like my brain is about to explode. ”

”So senpai wants to do ACG? ” Mori Xia seemed to understand.

”Just call me Chiyu or Chika. ” The senior patted Mori Xia on the shoulder very familiarly, and then took out a set of EVA video tapes from the bookcase of the Anime Club, ”Your statement is probably inaccurate, It is because of being touched by EVA that I want to escape from reality, and I feel that the ACG industry is almost the best choice for escaping reality, so I want to enter the game industry. ”

Hearing what the senior said, Mori Xia understood that it was precisely because the EVA reflected a face of the Japanese at that time, that Qianyu Chika-senpai had some kind of touch in her heart, because she chose the current path. But just because I was touched, I wanted to escape from reality. What kind of trouble is this?

Although it feels a little weird to let such a cute and beautiful girl go into the subculture, I have to say that senpai is taking the same healing route as myself, which is really wonderful.

”Take this, go back and review it. I think this masterpiece is a classic no matter how many times Ive watched it. ” Senior Sister put the videotape on the table.

”Is there any problem if I take it like this? ” Sen Xia was stunned.

Senior Sister Qianjia waved her hand: ”No problem, all I put here are my personal collections that I can take home, so theres no problem at all. ”

Senior, are you a local tyrant?

”Uh, thank you so much, senpai, I will read it. ” Mori Xia resisted the desire to complain. Sakano School was originally a gathering place for the rich, and the Setagaya district where this school is located is also a wealthy district. Not having money is abnormal.

Although Mori Xias home is in Musashino, northeast of Setagaya Ward, if Mori Xias parents hadn disappeared, the current Mori Xia should also belong to the upper class.

Unfortunately, the aliens don seem to have the habit of being firefighters. After confirming that Sen Xia arrived at the station, they have already disappeared. Now they don know which Gada in the universe and time they should be in.

”Its almost six oclock, we should go too. ” Senior Sister glanced at the clock on the wall.

”Well. ” Sen Xia also nodded, and then started to clean up.

Sakano Academy also has student dormitories, but generally speaking, the number of student dormitories in Japan is very small, which can only meet the living needs of about 20% of the students. The remaining students are either day students or simply renting out houses. All are commuting.

When I came out of the office, there was no one in the corridor, and the afterglow of the setting sun spread from the window onto the wooden floor, which was very charming.

Whether it is a street or a corridor in Japan, there is a very distinctive feature, that is, cleanliness.

The planks were polished brightly, and the corridors stained red by the setting sun were empty, showing a strange beauty. This is a scene that can only be seen in Japan.

Although Mori Xia feels that there are many places to complain about in Japan, it is undeniable that the scenery here is very beautiful and has an ethereal feeling. As far as tourism is concerned, this must be an excellent place, and in Japan, it seems that no matter what Wherever it is taken, it seems that it can be regarded as a delicate landscape photo.

A gust of breeze blew, senior sisters black hair fluttered by the side, the delicate school uniform and the melancholy eyes, this is simply a painting, if you don open your mouth, you will definitely get 100 points.

”Sen Xia-kun, you seem to know a lot about games, don you like them too? ” Senior Sister noticed Sen Xias gaze, and then patted him on the shoulder.

Well, I immediately lost 30 points when I opened my mouth. Is this the so-called contrast, but I couldn be cute at all. Sen Xias heart was lamenting.

”Im very interested in the ACGN industry. Its natural. ” Well, it was brought over in a previous life, and its true that it was born.

”Really, but Sen Xia-kun doesn seem to give me the same feeling as those Azhai. I thought that Sen Xia-kun would be more withdrawn and weird, but after talking with you, I found that you are not such a person at all. Well. ” I don know why, but Senior Sisters expression seemed to be very reassuring.

”Everyones personality is different. ” The definition of otaku in China is different from that in Japan, so Mori Xia is considered a pseudo-house in China, but in Japan there is still a big gap with this term.

When the two left the school gate, the sun was almost setting.

”Well, Im a little hungry, ” Senior Sister looked at Sen Xia, ”Should we just have dinner before going back, I know a very good shop nearby? I also want to chat with you about the game. chat. ”

”Im sorry, senior, but I think my sister has already cooked and waited for me at home. I can live up to my sisters wishes. ” Sen Xia politely refused.

”Is that so? Thats a pity. For the rest, lets continue until tomorrow. ” Senior Sister didn care, ”Well, a man must take care of his family to be a good man. ”

Sen Xia was going to take the subway. His route was different from that of Senior Sister. After saying goodbye, Sen Xia walked towards the subway station.

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