Tokyo Gentleman Story

Chapter 1 Day on campus

As the bell rang for the end of class, the first morning get out of class of Senxias first year of high school came to an end. The current time is 12:30 noon on April 7, 1997.

”Its really a misstep. If I knew earlier, I shouldn have chosen Sakano Academy for convenience… ”

He tugged on his stiff tie, and then looked around. In the high school of Sakano Academy, the boys were wearing dark suits and the girls were wearing long black skirts. The whole classroom felt dark. , although solemn, but lacking in vitality.

Mori Xia, who was sitting in the penultimate row by the window in the first and second class of high school, sighed, then shook her head and looked out the window.

Different from a dull classroom, the environment of Sakano Academy is very beautiful. The colorful flower beds and artificial lakes outside make the school a dreamlike season.

In April, the cherry trees outside Sakano School were all in bloom, and looking out the window, there was already a sea of ​​cherry blossoms.

Then Sen Xia summed up the two words ”Poor ”.

If it weren for the beautiful scenery outside Sakakino Academy and the brand name of the famous school, he would not have been deceived into being elected here. He has no white thighs, no sailor uniform, and the school does not even allow students to fall in love… You are still considered Japanese school? !

As a traveler, Sen Xia would actually make such a mistake. It was really a mistake. No wonder Confucius would say that judging people by their appearances is a lost child.

Tokyo Sakano Private School is a famous Japanese school in this time and space. In Japanese words, it means ”high deviation value ”. Because it used to be a British aristocratic school, it is more strict than ordinary Japanese schools. And the school itself is located in the Setagaya district of Tokyo, which is a wealthy area in Japan. The students who come here have high self-cultivation, and everyone is serious.

Turning his head, Sen Xia turned his attention back to the classroom. Most of his classmates had already left the classroom and went to the student dining room. There were very few people in the classroom, and the remaining few were taken in twos and threes. Wearing a bento, while chatting and laughing, he walked towards the outside.

Bento or something, this is rare in ****, because people either go to the cafeteria or just go home to eat, and in Japan, bento has almost become a culture. Because Sakano Gakuen is a prestigious school, there are not many cases of bringing lunch boxes. In ordinary Japanese schools, this situation is more obvious.

Mori Xia also took out the bento that her sister made for herself. It was still a hot meal in the morning, but by noon, the food was already cold, but in Japanese schools, everyone eats cold bento, which is still eaten in summer. Well, in winter, its just shitty. Sen Xia couldn figure it out. In this country with a bento culture, why didn they just install a microwave in the classroom? The bento bought in the convenience store will heat up, why are you so foolish?

I miss Lao Ganma, I miss hot rice.

People are always so pretentious, they don know how to cherish them until they are lost.

The taste of Japanese food is very bland. Even though he has been in this world for such a long time, Mori Xia still feels that Chinese food can crush Japanese food.

While chewing cold rice, Mori Xia took out the community inquiry book and looked at it.

There are a lot of clubs in Sakano Academy, so every new student will get a guide booklet like this. The basic information of each club and the department where it is located are marked on it. In anime works, when the protagonist wants to find a club, A booklet for inquiries was suddenly taken out, which is something similar to this.

The **** in the 21st century also has clubs, but Japanese clubs are not the same as Chinese clubs. The clubs here are very formal. There are instructors arranged by the school and funds issued by the school. In some places, clubs even have daily activities. Activities, and if you miss too many classes, you will be kicked out.

To put it simply, a club is a place to spread sweat and youth, and hook up with girls by the way. Many animes are written using school clubs as the theme, such as slam dunk, baseball hero, killer tennis, and basic swimming. Team, playing basic basketball… wait, there seems to be something wrong…

All in all, Japanese clubs are such a thing, not to mention Mori Xia has his own goals, so he is very purposeful when choosing clubs, and he doesn plan to join a messy club.

Mori Xias goal is to join a group related to animation, manga or games and light novels. To use the name that has become popular in Japan recently, it is the ”ACG club ”.

As a traveler, obsessive-compulsive disorder patient and half-perfectionist, Senxia has made a detailed plan for her high school, and gradually expands her plan through the ACG club.

However, after eating the lunch box, Mori Xia still did not see any clubs related to ACG.

Sen Xia had a bad feeling in her heart. In this school, shouldn there be no ACG club?

”Tianhai classmate! ” The man sitting in the back row of Mori Xia patted Mori on the shoulder.

”Excuse me, whats the matter… that… ” Sen Xia looked back at the squat with dyed yellow hair.

This man has yellow hair and ear studs on his ears. At first glance, he looks very tall and mighty.

Like most middle schools in Japan, boys cannot dye their hair, but this is a private school, so there is no such rule, but since they can come to a famous school to study, the tutors of these students are relatively strict, even if there is no rule, There are also very few people who dye their hair, and there are very few situations like the yellow hair in front of me.

But even so, dyeing hair at a prestigious school like Sakano School is still a very outrageous thing. Such people are often either thorns or second-generation, and they are the kind that must be avoided.

”My name is Tong Gu Xiao. ” The man said.

With such a surname, Mori Xia was shocked: ”Tonggu classmate, do you have a relative called Tonggu Kazuren or something? ”

As soon as he finished speaking, Sen Xia felt a little regretful, this guy

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