pires are vulnerable to sunlight and are weakened when it hits them.

Even sunlight leaking through a crack in the curtains will burn their skin if it strikes them.

If they are going to hide, it should be in a place where they will never be exposed to sunlight.

Second, there are no water streams in the surrounding area.

 Vampires, who are immortal, meaning that their age does not flow, are extremely incompatible with water, which has the property of flowing.

 When they pass directly over water, they are weakened at once.

 They will avoid places where there is water around, just in case.

And third, they are nearby nature.

Vampires can transform into bats, and they can also serve small animals that they have fed with their own blood.

In peace, vampires use small animals as a guard, and when the time comes, they become bats and flee into the wild.

All I had to do was find a place that met these three requirements.

 How was I to find a place without knowing where it was?

 I live in a city called Romeria, which I will definitely visit in the final stages of the game.

I have completed the game more than a 1000 times, and I have the map perfectly memorized.

 There must have been only one place in the city of Romeria that looked like nature.

I decided to go there immediately.

I proceeded down the main street, passing through a peddler's block lined with various types of stores, and then a residential area.

Eventually, I arrived at a large, spacious park.

Grasslands spread out all around, and small animals could be heard without having to be present.

 There was no water around ——, but there was only one river running through the area.

 If we had secured an escape route in advance, we would not have been disturbed.

The only thing left to do is to find a place where the sun can be blocked, but as far as I can see, there doesn't seem to be anything like that.

 Was I wrong?

No, it is not a given that there are vampires in the park.

 Let's widen our search a little more.

This time, let's focus on the buildings near the park.

 Although it is far from the residential area, there are many buildings as it is a city.

 The lineup ranges from sturdy new buildings to abandoned buildings that are as bare as a house.

 It would be difficult to find a vampire hideout among them.


A rat runs right by me.

It might have belonged to a vampire.

I had to look for it without being detected.


“Ugh, mom, where are you? Mom!”

It's not right for to suddenly start crying, so she giggles and then calls out “mama” as if she's running for her life.

 Now I encounter a lost child.

The reason why she looks around frantically is because she is looking for her mother.

However, in this state, I looked for a while in the surrounding buildings, back alleys, and other suspicious places, but, no matter what, I couldn't find the vampire.

I continued my search further, but time was running out and nothing was progressing.

 It seemed I had walked a long way, and I found myself back on the main street.

I still had a lot of work to do, but my legs were tired from all the walking I had done since this morning, and my young body was beginning to complain of drowsiness.

 I knew I couldn't go on like this.

 But what should I do?

 I stand in the middle of a main street where many people come and go.


 The inhabitants of this world are surprisingly cold, and everyone who passes by ignores the five-year-old who stands there stunned.

 It's just like Japan, isn't it?

Nothing seems to be working.

 But I can't give up.

 If I give up, Misha will die.

 No, maybe Misha is already…

No, of course not!

I slapped my cheeks hard and faced forward with a strong spirit.

 I had left my sickening self in Japan, where I could only brood.

 I'm here to change the world, Norwin, and I'm not going to let something like this get me down.

I'll be fine.

 It's okay, I still have energy.

 I'm going to resume my search, and I'm going to start walking again…

“Hey, kid, what's up? Are you lost?”

I turn around to see someone there.

I turn around to see the person in front of me, and my eyes widen.

Why is this person here right now ?

“General Schneizel?”

“What, you know me?”

 Schneizel patted me on the head.

 Schneizel is a general in the Arcadia Royal Army that appears in the main story of  gane .

He is also called the strongest in the game , and in one route, he even becomes one of the heroes'  party member .

Encountering such a person made me move my lips before I could think.

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