Chapter 4 .
My limits

” Young master.”

I wake up and my eyes meet with the dark-haired maid.

The second prettiest face in the world was looking at me with concern.

 Seeing her expression, I recalled the intense suffering I went through right after practicing magic.

Magic power loss was a phenomenon that I knew only from my knowledge of games.

 I had read that there was intense fatigue, nausea, and dizziness, but that was unimaginable pain. 

“Is there  something wrong ?”

The black-haired maid looked at me with concern, as I had fallen silent as soon as I woke up.

“Huh “

I don't know if you remember, but  you had fainted and collapsed.
If there's anything abnormal, you need to see a doctor…”

“No need for that.

I am in bad shape? I certainly feel quite sick, but at the same time I can feel energy filling my whole body.

I definitely feel better now than I did before I passed out.

And I know exactly why.

 — growth in magical power.

Just like muscles, the more you use your magical power, the more your total amount increases.

But there is always the possibility things could go wrong, and the young master might be anxious about that.

I'm not really anxious about it.

  But the truth is, I miss my family just because I'm prodding them.
The black-haired maid apologetically looked down as she made such a face and answered.

Bingo, I'm getting cold treatment here after all.

So, would you mind leaving me alone again for a while? I will call you , if I need anything.”

After that, the black-haired maid insisted, but she was just Norwin's maid.
It seemed that if I gave her an order, she would have no choice but to obey, and in the end, she left the room rather reluctantly.


 After confirming that I was once again alone, I immediately got off the bed and began practicing magic.

 I tried again to chant the magic I had tried to invoke earlier.

“'O spirit of fire,  obey me –'”

Earlier, I had run out of magic power at this point and had a negative effect on the person.

 But what about this time? There is still plenty of energy to go around in my body.

“—Obey my command and show me the original light here.”

I concentrated the magical power burning in my core into my fingertips and managed to finish the chanting.
Then, a small flame the size of a lighter flashed.

 I did it.

I was able to cast a spell!


 The magic I had dreamed of.

A flame this small would be of no use in the actual combat .

But the fact that it was possible to use is amazing in itself.

It was a chunibi-like development that would never have come true in reality .

I was so happy that I repeatedly cast the same spell.

 Once, twice.

The flame burned and burned, and the moment I tried to activate it for the third time, I was hit with the feeling that I had run out of magic power.



 I found myself lying on the floor.

I must have fainted from the lack of magic power.
The back of my head where I had apparently hit it hurt like a sore thumb.

 I'll train on the bed next time.

 But the back of my head still hurt.
I should have used my brains a little more.

 To break scenario and save Crescencia, I would need a lot of wisdom and strength.

I should get used to using my brains from now on.

 I'm not a neet anymore.


 I changed my mind and decided to put my brain to work right away.

What I needed to do was to summarize the training I had done so far.

First of all, at the time of possession, this body Norwin's magic power was not even enough for a single fire magic .

This can be seen from the fact that the body ran out of magic power before I cast the “flay” in the first training practice.

 If I counted the flay as one and did the math, my magic power was less than one.

 However, in the second training, I succeeded in activating the flay twice and ran out of magic power in the middle of the third time.

 In other words, I could determine that the amount of magic power was less than 2 to 3, meaning that the total amount of magic power increased several times in one training session.

If it increases more than several times each time, I will have tremendous magical power in the not-too-distant future—what will it be like?

 Is there an upper limit to the growth of magical power, rather than a ceiling, and is the size of that ceiling called talent?

 What affects the rate of increase in the amount of magic?

The difficulty of training? Should I do it until I run out of magic every time?

Or does it depend on the magic I cast?

 Furthermore, I have to find the most efficient training method, taking into account the time of day, frequency, and all other possibilities.

 If this body is not gifted, then there is no point in having the same training as the others.

I must catch up by doing something of better quality for a longer period of time, and with a deadly intensity.

But it will take time to find the best way to train.

This knowledge wasn't in the game, so I'd have to search for it.

 Well, it can't be helped.
For now, let's try to collect info and train, this time casting water magic.


Over the next few days, I repeatedly trained and passed out from larking of magic and collected info on the increase in the amount of magic power

 The result.

The total amount of magic power should increase even if it is left with a little extra.

However, the amount of increase is greater when used to its limit.

 The amount of increase does not vary depending on the type of magic.

These three things were mer

In other words, I should suffer dozens of times worse than the flu every day.

 If that would save Cresencia, it would be a small price to pay.

In fact, I do it several times a day, almost to the point of near-death.

 However, this method of training is starting to become too much for me.

 Apparently, the time it takes to wake up from fainting due to running out of magic depends on the total amount of magic power.

Until now, it took me a few dozen minutes to an hour to wake up, but now it takes me more than two hours.

If I waste that kind of time every time I wake up, my other skills will be lacking.

 Therefore, I thought that I should train magic on a regular basis, but only before going to bed to push myself until I run out of magic power.

 What should I do during that time?

Study and physical training.
There is no limit.

However, as I am only five years old, I don't think I can prepare such an environment by myself.

 I would have to ask for help.

There is only one such person to whom I can ask.


“Excuse me.”


 One morning, I decided to ask for help from the black-haired maid who came to wake me up.

This pretty maid is to be the first of my memorable companions.

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