“Well, well, don't stare at me like that.
I'm here to fix your leg, remember?”

 Oh, I see.

'I'm sorry.
I —— don't even know why I'm here in the first place.”

“I'll tell you, so you can get over your bad mood.
And don't bother to change the word “me” to “I” if that's what you normally use.”

 Almire began to speak in a fake Kansai dialect that made me want to laugh.
The content of Almire's speech was understandable if one listened to it.

—Basing on Almire's words, I had been sleeping for two whole days after that, perhaps because of the exertion of being in a dead place for half a day with a child's body.

During that time, Schneizel made plans to heal my leg, but since he was a national figure , he was too busy managing his schedule to wait for me to keep sleeping.

Since the treatment can be done without stopping to sleep, he carried me to the royal castle for now.

“So that's what happened.
But then, why is Her Royal Highness the Princess here?”

I don't know that much.
But, you know, this place is now deserted, so if she came here deliberately, she must have had a good reason for wanting to hide herself.

I think it's a plausible guess.

 However, I don't know anything about Crescencia.
I don't want to make any judgments.

“I understand the situation.
Thank you very much.”

“Great “

“So, who's going to fix my leg?””

 I looked into Almire's eyes expectantly and he smiled at me.

“Of course it will be me.”

 Good! This is a good sign!

For me, who wants a strong magician as a teacher in order to learn powerful magic, there is no better person to pick.

I know Almire from the game , so I'm less worried about her.

As I was feeling happy by myself, Almire made a surprising comment.

“It''s already healed, you know?”


 I looked at my leg in a panic, but the wound that was supposed to be there had not regenerated yet.

“I'm sorry.
I lied.”

“Wait, please don't do that, even if you're joking.”

“I'm sorry,but, hey…”

 With a light tone of voice, Almire held out her right hand to me.
The same as when she erased the old man's memory a while ago.
Without chanting, she plays with the magic of extremely high difficulty.

 Huge, the embryo of magic power that easily surpasses my total.
Using it, which could kill several hundred people at once if converted to offensive magic, Almire activated 《Resurrection》, the ninth level magic of the Holy Attribute.

 A silvery light covered my entire body.
Eventually, the light concentrated near my right leg, which I had lost, and…


In the blink of an eye, the right leg that had been taken away by Cassandra was healed.

 ”Oh, it moves! Amazing! It really grew back! That's disgusting! But it's my leg!”

So this is the mastery of the Commander of Wizards, huh?

Misha, who has spent the past year learning only recovery magic with a deadly determination, could not heal an injury that had not healed even after applying recovery magic beyond his limits, but now it was , with such ease.

 I was even moved by it.
I took my eyes off my legs to thank her and looked at Almire.

She was making a circle with her thumb and forefinger.
To put it simply, it was a sign of “Give me money.”

Give me back the impression you made on me.

“What is it, Norwin? You look like you've taken off the girl you like and she's all hairy and shriveled up.”

“I'm six years old.
What about that example?”

“If you know what the example means and you react that way, then it's okay.”

 It's true, but…
No, that's not what I meant!

“Let me get back to the point.
It may be unfair to say this after getting my leg fixed, but I don't have money like that.”

“I know.
I know .
I'm getting the money from Schneizel”.

“Then why don't you tell me?”

 What is it? Was I being made fun of?

I really don't understand her.

“No, , no.
I'm just saying, you and I need to make a contract.”


I couldn't understand what she was talking about because of her sudden proposal.
What did Almire want to say?

“Hey, Norwin…””

Almire pulled out a piece of cloth from a pocket with a serious expression on her face.
The cloth is smooth and silky, and it must have been very expensive.

“Here is a handkerchief of Cress, Norwin's favorite.
Of course, it is used.
I've seen him wipe his mouth with it.”


“I'll pay you with it.
Can you do me a favor?”

“Of course I will.”


 I knew it! I thought Almire seemed like a nice person…

“Of course not!”

“Oh, you've got a nice sense of humor, don't you? But I'm sorry.
If you don't do me this favor, the worst that could happen is that Cress will die.”


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