Misha, Saraswati, Lucy.

 I have seen many lovely people in this world, but this is the one who blows all of them out of my brain and shines by far the brightest and tallest.

“Kuh, Kress-tan?”

 There she was, my most favorite, clad in a shimmering radiance equal to Schneizel's presence.

    At this point in time, Crescencia must still be living as an ordinary royalty.
If that is the case, this atmosphere that lines up with the strongest is something that is innate.
It must be nothing more than a natural quality that she was born into as royalty.

It must be nothing more than a quality that she was born with as royalty.


 The first time my eyes met Crescencia's, her shoulders shook and she cowered.

I have to say something, I have to make it happen somehow.

 I was so excited that I tried to think of something to say, but my mouth was just moving like a carp.

 When you meet your idol at a handshaking event, you feel the tension of not being able to talk anything because all the conversation you had planned in advance has slipped out of your mind.
I wonder if I could multiply that by a few hundred times, I would be in the same state as I am now.

 My brain, which also works on the front lines of battle, was completely stopped by the extreme tension and excitement.

 A moment of silence.
Then it was broken by a voice

“What did you just say?”

 It was a third person who was outside the line of sight that was glued to Crescencia.

 A pompous-looking old man dressed up in a luxurious outfit was approaching me with an angry expression on his face.

“You call   her , your  highness!”

 The old man, who had pushed Crescencia away and was yelling at me as I slept on the bed, angrily pulled out a sword from his waist.

 Crescencia screams behind the old man.

“I am the personal guard of Princess Crescencia.
Don't think you can get away with this insult to the royal family!”

 I was so angry at the old man who grabbed me by the chest and said so.

 I was astonished by the “aristocrat-like aristocrat” that I saw for the first time in this world.

  No, well, I understand the logic.
A little brat from a barony called out the royalty of this country.
That is something that should be tried for disrespect, depending on the case.



 What the hell, this guy.

A sloppy body that doesn't look like he's been training.
Overly decorative clothes.
He looks as if he's introducing himself as someone whose only merit is his status.

This old man is Crescencia's personal bodyguard?

 No, no! Well, well, I understand.
I know how it is.

Cresencia is a princess born of a former mistress of a commoner.
Even in the game , she was soaked in the weakness of her position and was thus surrounded by powerful people who wanted to borrow the prestige of the royal family.

 I am sure that she has been in the clutches from the moment of her birth, and at only six years old, she can't help it.

 All of this is understandable.

I just couldn't allow that my guess was being escorted by this garbage.
And I can't forgive that I don't have the power to change it.

Crescencia is not protected at the critical moments because people like this are surrounding her, trying to hog the royal family's sweet secrets.

I don't have the numbers yet, but I will definitely make a change.
I'll be her personal bodyguard.

'I' ll be the one to throw you in jail! Get up!”

 The old man, whether he knew I was injured or not, pulled me up by my chest.

 What am I going to do? If I don't get up, I'll really be a sinner.

The best thing to do would be to get Cresencia to help me, but she has been taught from birth that she is a doll, and I don't think she has the gall to shut this old man up.

So I have no other choice but to solve this problem on my own, but I don't even have a grasp of the current situation to begin with.

 Why am I in this strange place and why is Crecencia here?

 I thought I slept at Schneizel's mansion at the end, but how many days have passed since then?

I don't know so much that I can't get my mind around it.
No, even if I did, I would not have been able to get through to this power-drunk guy.

 A bang.

 The door suddenly opened and a narrow-eyed, fox-faced woman appeared.

“Oh , you arrived ! .
Take your time.”

 She pretended not to see us.
The woman closed the door with a grin on her face.
I couldn't help but scream.

'Please help me!”

I had never met her before in this world, but I recognized her fake Kansai brogue and fox face.
A character from the game , and the person I was looking for.
I'm sure it's Almire, the current head of the magician's order.

” I was in a tight spot.”

A blonde woman in a nightie with the words “I am a magician” written in the language of the Kingdom of Arcadia enters the room .

 She was dressed in a jokey outfit that was out of place in this glittering space.
But as you can see the old man does not blame her for it, this is Almire's formal attire.
I don't get it.

Crescencia's shoulders shook with fear at the appearance of this person, and she ran to the wall.


“What, well, it's not respectful to call  her  Cress.”

“If you heard me, please help me!”

“Do you know the word “self-inflicted”?

Almire crosses her arms with a smirk on her face.
I liked this unfriendly, characteristic attitude from the game , but when she actually does it, I feel nothing but irritation.

“Almire? I don't care how much you do, I will not allow you to cover up for your disrespect to the royal family.'

“Really? I'm going to be very protective of you right now.'


'Think about it calmly.
It would be a loss for this country if you take the kid off the hook”.

” What are you talking about? You see that I disrespect the royal family, and you want to be treated with disrespect too?”

“If you're going to make a joke, at least make it entertaining.
I don't smile at jokes that are boring.”


 The old man finally lost his patience with Almire, who was always joking around.

But it was Almire who made a first move.

“Surrounded by soft-spoken buddies, you understand what the kid did and why he was brought here, don't you?'

“Disrespect for the royal family is a different matter.”

“That's true, but…
But why do you think the enemies chose the underworld as their secret hideout? If you think about it, he wouldn't have chosen a place where Hyang was hiding, would he?”

“It's because they knew that the lone wolf wouldn't move.
Once Schneizel is silenced with the hostage, there is no big obstacle there.”

'Yes, that's right.
The big sword fool was stuck, and Haiyan was afraid of a shortage.
But it was this kid who made him fail to read the situation.
Can you do the same thing? Besides, this kid is only six years old, right?'

“What's your point?”

 With a grin and a foolish smile on his face, Almire pressed the old man.

'There aren't many guys like him” “and I'd rather kill you and shut you up than let you destroy his future”

 The pressure was too much to bear.
The old man was saying some absurd things, but if he was put under the same kind of pressure that Schneizel and Haiyan were under, there would be no way to stop him.

In fact, the old man was at a loss for words with a greasy sweat on his face.

'We don't need an old man whose only merit is his status.
It would be better for the country if I killed the old man and left one of the upper chairs empty.
So, here we are.”

 Suddenly, a magic circle shone in Almire's hand.
Before the old man could even raise an alarm, Almire grabbed the old man's head in his hands.


 The old man screamed shortly and peeled his eyes while convulsing.
Then he fell down.

“Princess, .
I've extracted the old man's memories, so I'd appreciate it if you wouldn't say anything about what just happened”.


 Crecencia nodded her head and ran out of the room, her face turning pale.

 Oh, I'm sure they don't like me.
She must have assumed that I was one of the sorceresses in the nightclothes.

'I guess that settles it.
Norwin, don't fall in love with me just because I saved your life.”

 Who would fall in love? I stared at Almire with half-open eyes, thinking that

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