Under the high rise, the place where Haiyan's men were stranded had turned into a hellscape.


Eight flesh puppets, without skill or intelligence, just rampaging about with brute force.

 Really, there was not even a plan.
They are just spreading violence.

 Just that…


A hard sword swung down from the upper level.

 The man who tried to parry it with his sword, but the sword itself was snapped off and his head was shattered.


'Get away from them!” These guys are strong!

 The devastation of comrades, who died instantly, showed the difference in strength between him and them.
But even he, who had just died, was still able to fight.

The majority of the people below are not even able to follow the speed of the flesh puppet with their eyes to begin with.

“Damn it, run…”

“I'll get in front of it and buy us some time—gyaaaah!”

The fighters who had overwhelmed the white masks were now being overrun almost one-sidedly.

Some of them were able to strike a blow at the flesh dolls with their outstanding abilities, but all of them were in vain.

Flesh dolls have no weaknesses, which are always found in living creatures.

 They have no head, heart, arteries, joints, or even a sense of pain, and the only way to defeat them is to destroy them until they cannot move.

A little cutting would be nothing more than a hot stone.
Besides, if we stepped forward to attack it, it would be like saying…

“Damn it, I can't get close enough!”

 The strength, speed, reach, and endurance.

 They push with overwhelming specs that surpass those of humans.

 Even the slightest misstep would result in a fatal wound.
There is no one who can fight such a series of attacks at zero distance.

In fact, the flesh puppet is a powerful enemy that even the protagonists could not defeat on his own.

The meat puppet at the end of the game even uses sorcery.
And no matter how many times they are defeated, new ones are always summoned.

In the decisive battle, Schneizel had to take on the meat puppet as a decoy and defeat Cassandra, the magician, in the process, or there would have been nothing he could do.

 Fighting such a monster was insane.

People were dying below me.

Since I had decided to become Schneizel's disciple, I knew that one day I would witness death, and that there would come a moment when I would have to kill someone myself.

I was prepared for the possibility that I might commit a murder in the midst of the underworld's turmoil.

 But this, such a one-sided overthrow, was not what I had in mind.

My legs tremble from the deafening screams and the smell of blood.
My hands lost strength.

Above all, the fact that the woman who had created such a hellish scene was right in front of me made me despair.

Damn it, I had made a mistake from the very beginning.

 At this point in time, I was still looking at this world as the game i So, even if the Ulgor Evil Sect came out, I was under the impression that I wouldn't suddenly find myself in a tight spot.

 But this is reality.

It is not like in a game where the enemies are weak at first as the protagonist grows, and I am not even the main character to begin with.

 If they're plotting a crime against the royal family, it wouldn't be surprising if they had a trump card ready!

“After all, you know about my magic eye, don't you?”

Cassandra has been relentlessly trying to make eye contact with me since a while ago.
I was just saying that to blame me for running away from her.

“I don't know anything about your magic eyes.
but when I saw the old man fall down just by making eye contact with you, I wondered if it was a demon's eye.
Besides, you have been trying very hard to make eye contact with me since a while ago.”

“No you clear;y know about me “


 Oh, yeah.

The person is a devil who has experimented on hundreds and thousands of human beings, dissected and tortured young and old, men and women, and learned the mysteries of the human body through forbidden abstinence.

 If he lies, even the slightest unconscious reaction will be noticed.
There was such a setup, wasn't there?


 Calm down.

 It's a waste of time to panic.

Just focus on buying time.

We can't beat her, but Hyann and Schneizel are on their way.

We just have to trust that they''ll arrive and hang on until then.


l am calm.
Then I can do it.

I see a grim determination.
But I also feel hope.
You still intend to win at this late stage, don't you?;

“Of course I do.
I'm going to beat you , !”

“Norwin! Don't go on your own!”

“No! I'll take this one! Mr.
Frankel, please cover me!”

 Cassandra was the overwhelmingly superior character , there was no doubt about that.

 However, it was at the end of the story that the protagonists were overwhelmed.
It was more than ten years from now.

 I am weak now, and if I know how to attack her, I might be able to at least buy time!

 If I don't do anything, I will die.
Then i should bet on it by jumping into the death zone myself ,

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