Chapter 39 .

Cassandra ,  woman in a black mask, smiles behind us.

Fear of the monster that suddenly appeared, the tremendous pressure of Frankel and the other powerful men.
A strange atmosphere covered the area, blowing away all of that.

“Young Master, stand back!”

” old man!”

 I instantly stepped forward to hide Kaine from Cassandra.
The man who had once been Yorg's sword in the past, reacted faster than either Frankel or I.
He held up his dagger and stared at the enemy in front of him.

'Old man! No, that'…”

“Oh, my, “

The old man, unable to find the right moment to attack, measures the gap with a look of anguish on his face.
Meanwhile, Cassandra did nothing.
She was just standing there, doing nothing.

“Ha, ha!”

Suddenly, the old man fell to his knees, blood spurting from all over his body.
Blood leaked from eyes, nose, mouth, and every other hole in the body.
A pool of blood quickly formed around his fallen body.

“Old man! What did you do to him?”

Enraged, Kaine activates magic in an out of control manner.
The attribute is water, and the rank is probably three, close to four.
The water, stretched thin and ejected, approached Cassandra with the power to cut the human body.

“Oh my ..'.

Cassandra, still smiling with an eerie smile on her face, took the water without any resistance.

 The blade of water hit her directly and gouged out her chest halfway through.
A normal person would have been in agony and would have died within minutes of the fatal blow.

 However, Cassandra was still smiling, and showed no sign of collapsing, let alone dying.

“No way!”

“Is this the monster?”

It's so bizarre that it even muffles Kaine's rage.
A monster in human form.

Next, I'll take my turn, shall I?”

The monster's smile deepened as she said this.



It is not until the middle of the story that the leaders of the Ulgor Evil cult defeat even the most weakest of them.

The main characters are among the top in the work by that time, but even so, the fear of the cadres is that without considerable countermeasures, they can be annihilated instantly.

This is a character who should not appear in the very beginning of the story, even before the story begins.

Moreover, Cassandra, the doll witch, is the strongest in the group battle among the top executives, and is a terrifying type who shows her true value only in this situation.

Frankel! Don't make eye contact with this person!”

'Just don't make eye contact with her! What else do I have to watch out for?”

If you ask me what, I should be careful in everything, but the only special means of attack is the magic eyes that destroys the enemy's body just by making eye contact.

 I answer while keeping my distance from Cassandra.

'Don't think we're going to defeat her by ourselves, wait for Master Haiyan to come to us!”

“That's a given! I didn't hear there was such a monster!”

“Well, well, well, well…
I wonder if that boy there knows who I am? Oh, my gosh, you're so funny.”

Cassandra squints her bright eyes and wags her finger happily.
Then, the monsters below began to roar and run amok.

 The first one kicked Hyann's men nearby with force.
Simple violence with no skill or shit.
But the overwhelming speed and power were too much for Hyann's men to avoid.

 His body was bent in an interestingly curved shape, and his body was blown away.
He slammed into a wall and never got up.

“Now let the battle begin.”

The monsters below us, and the ones in front of us, the ones who control them, were ready to attack us.

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