mes before I came here.

There was no sign of my parents waiting for me there.

Only the plates with dishes were lined up on the table.

Family relations are not good?

I can't judge anything from what I've seen today.
Let's eat anyway.


 My first meal in this world tasted quite ordinary.

 Perhaps the breakfast I just had was for the nobility and is a luxurious meal by this world's standards.
I could somehow understand.

 The black-haired maid standing by the wall was looking at me enviously.

However, I was a gourmand who had been trained in Japanese cuisine for many years.

I was not at all satisfied with the cuisine of a civilization that was several centuries behind the times.

There are things you don't realize until you have lost them.
All I eat is meat, and I miss white rice.

Now that I've finished my meal, I'd like to get back into the action.

Time is limited.
I don't intend to waste the next ten years.

“Excuse me.
What were my plans for the rest of the day?”


 It's rare.
The black-haired maid, who had been serving me so far in a brusque but precise manner, tilted her head as if she had heard something odd.

No, that's why I want to confirm the schedule.

You know, swordsmanship, etiquette, magic, study, whatever it is?

The black-haired maid only furrowed her brow in annoyance and did not answer.

This can't be helped .

“I was so shocked that I could not even speak .
Well, I am very sorry to tell you this, but I you have no particular schedule.”

 I see.
So that's how it is.

In the world of Arcue, it is common knowledge that nobles have to study to a certain extent in order to fulfill their duties as nobles.

I guess there are circumstances that prevent me from doing even that.

The breakfast that welcomed me alone is one of them, perhaps Norwin is treated coldly in this house.

—— hmph.”

“young master ?”

 I couldn't suppress the laughter that welled up in me.
Because that means freedom.

I don't know how many limitations are placed on my behavior, but under those limitations, I'm free.

I could suck up this environment in order to prepare for the rescue of Crescencia, without the responsibilities of nobility.

I am an elite NEET who endured the cold stare of my parents, but nibbled mercilessly on their shins.

I am a great person who never leaves anything behind.

From my point of view, this mansion is a treasure house.

 All right!

 Let's practice magic first!

Let's spend some time on studying myself for the time being!

With that decision made, I return to my room in high spirits, send the black-haired maid away, and lock myself in my room .

 No one is watching me.
With this, I can practice magic as much as I want.

 Normally, I would need a book or an instructor.

However, I have all kinds of knowledge of magic that I have acquired from my more than 1,000 cycles of Arcue.

I am a walking strategy book, so to say.
Nothing is impossible!

I thrust my right hand in front of me, and slowly utter the chant that comes to my mind.

“O Spirit of Flame.

The heat gradually seeped into my body.

 It was an unknown sensation that I had never felt when I was in Japan.

 Intuitively, I understood that this was caused by magic.

It is the increase of that which lies deep within the body.

 I circulated it throughout my body and gathered it in my outstretched hand…


Suddenly, I felt nauseous and fatigued, and all concentration was broken.

I don't even have to think, “What the hell is this? ” It was a strange suffering that did not even bring to mind puzzlement.

Perhaps it is a sign of magic power loss, which I know only from my knowledge of the game.
I was struck by a pain that increased the suffering of being bedridden with the flu by several dozen times, and I lost my consciousness in a moment of shock

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