A mere 30 minutes after the strategy meeting with Haiyan and the others.

I, Kaine, and Grandpa were heading for the deepest part of the underworld to exterminate the Evil cult of Ulgor.

“Who the hell are you, Norwin?”

 Kaine asks me, running alongside me.
There was a hint of fear in her eyes.

 Oh, I see.
From Kaine's point of view, I was a six-year-old who had engaged two white masked men, survived, and even convinced Hiyan .

 I guess I must look like a monster along with Haiyan, whom Kaine and the others could never beat.

I'm a little saddened by the way she looks at me, because I've always thought these people were my comrades

“I'm not using magic to trick my age, and it's not like I'm actually one of the White Masks.
I'm on your side.”

'I'm not doubting that.
It's just that ——“

'Indeed, you , too mature for your age.
To put it bluntly, to a frightening degree”.


    I'm too complete, huh?

'Even the young master and I couldn't meet Hyang's gaze head on.
A six year old child could meet him and still hold his gaze on an equal footing.
This is beyond the realm of a child prodigy.”

“Grandpa, I accept your recognition, but let's not talk about it now.
But let's not talk about it now.
We're about to go on a raid, and there's no good in us getting on bad terms with each other.'

'I see.
I'm sorry for saying such weird things.'

 Compared to a few minutes ago, his attitude is extremely distant.

“It doesn't matter.
Let's just focus on what we're doing.'

“Maybe we don't need to even do that.
I'm both flattered and dismayed.”

 The old man muttered with a sigh of dismay.
He looked at the excessive force that Haiyan had prepared.

 Even as far as the eye can see, there are dozens of people, and they form a perimeter around the innermost part of the underworld.
At the preliminary strategy meeting, he had said that he would also mobilize a detachment, so there must be more than this.

 Each and every one of them is more powerful than the White Mask.

 Even though they hold such a large force, they are still very thorough and do not beat around the bush with caution.
No wonder no one could kill Haiyan.

“Hey, you're too late!”

 A man who looked like a commander approached us from inside the siege net.

 He, along with a man named Sigurum,

He was a man who had been near Hiyan, along with a man named Sigurum.
How are you doing?

Nothing out of the ordinary.
He was scared when he saw the look on our faces.

'Is there any chance he' s acting?”

“I can't say for sure, but I don't think so.
That's , uh, Kaine, I think it was.
The way your father's organization went down was by taking advantage of the chaos of assassinating the head of the organization and killing the main members one after another, making the organization unrecoverable, right? And they can't touch us.
At that point, it's like saying we're weak.”

 I see.

 That may be true.

 Well, even so…

“It's so disappointing, isn't it? If we push a little, we can win, don't you think?”

 Hiding in several buildings, the white masks occasionally peeked at us and hid.
The white masks are not very high-spirited, and the atmosphere is one of despair before a losing battle.

'The white masks were not domineering, and the atmosphere was one of desperation as they faced a losing battle.
Joining Kaine, moving our boss, and even moving Schneizel? Ha, excess is also excess.
No one would have thought the kid would be at the center of this mess.”

“That's a compliment, right?'

“Of course it's a compliment.
I'm going to show you the overwhelming victory in the battle, which will probably make me even stronger than before.”

 Frankel, with a ferocious smile on his face, sends out instructions with gestures and hand signs.
The group of several people scattered in various directions receive these instructions and begin to move with almost no time lag.


“Right? We are the elite few selected by Mr.
We may be few in number, but we are ridiculously skilled.'

 Everyone who formed the siege network showed incredible coordination as if they were one living being.

 They closed the encirclement at high speed and crushed the enemy's escape route in an instant.
Even if everyone had a radio and kept in touch with each other, it would be impossible to narrow the encirclement so quickly.

 The few elite members of Haiyan who could do it so easily, especially Frankel, who was the only one to control the encirclement with a hand sign, showed how monstrous he really was.

“He's coming out!”

 The white masks, who had appeared in a hurry, attacked the thinly encircled area, but it was a trap set by Frankel.

 Instead of a small number of men, all of them were single combatants who were defending the area.

 They disguised themselves as weak soldiers to hide their pressure, but their fighting spirit exploded the moment the white masks approached to a distance from which they could not escape.

 The torrent of immense killing intent that leaps from zero momentarily shatters the hearts of the White Masks as they charge forward.

 A mere ten seconds.
That was the time it took for the four White Masks to be eliminated.

“Isn't this an overwhelming victory?”

“Well, you know.
But it's been a long time since I've been to a party.
It's boring if it ends like this.”

He's a fighting maniac, isn't he?

 I thought to myself as I looked down from the high ground at the battlefield where we didn't even feel the need to move.

 Below us, the white masks were being captured one after another.

 The number of enemies was unexpectedly great, and although it was initially estimated that there would be at most 20 of them, in reality there were more than 30 and they were still popping up like cockroaches.

 However, the quality of the number was not as great as that of the swordsman and the magician, and there appeared to be almost no one as ferocious as them.

 Come to think of it, where are those two?

 I still don't see the separate unit that Haiyan is moving, so maybe they are engaging with that side.

 I should probably join up with them as soon as I finish this side of the road.

I thought to myself, as I broke through the chaotic siege and mercilessly slammed a massive water spell into the White Mask, which was rushing toward me.

 ”Please stop.
You guys are stronger than me on your own, so stay away from me.”


A few minutes later, the white masks were all knocked helpless and the battle was over.
There were no casualties on our side, but there were a few seriously wounded here and there, indicating that there was a certain amount of resistance.

The actual damage is close to zero because of the fact that the magicians under me and Haiyan can use the recovery magic.

“Well, that's about it.”

 Frankel nodded with satisfaction.
The man who had dominated the battlefield from start to finish stretched out widely and then looked around the entire area.

'You guys! From now on, move according to the plan! You hear me?'

The subordinates responded with curt replies like “oooooh” and “heeey”.
Despite their sloppy attitude, their movements were agile despite their words.

 In no time at all, they had tied up the white masks, and half of the group was carrying them off to somewhere else.

 The other half were about to start moving off to join a separate group…

 Suddenly, countless magic circles appeared on the ground where they stood.
They emitted a dazzling light, something I had seen several times before in game .

 The moment I saw it, I immediately shouted.

Frankel! Get everybody out of here immediately”!

“—-, you guys! Get your asses back over here now! Make a dash for it, you idiots!”

Frankel, who seemed to have sensed the danger from my unusual behavior, yelled at his subordinates, even though he couldn't understand what was going on.

 The subordinates begin to move in a hurry.
The front of the group was able to escape.
However, those in the rear, who could not escape even after the magic circle had stopped emitting light, were confronted by “them” who appeared through the magic of summoning.


 A strange roar that did not seem to belong to this world.
The closest analogy for its appearance would be that of a meat puppet.
If you made a messed-up doll out of human organs, it would be just like that monster.

In fact, in the main game, the main character describes them as such.

A total of eight such dolls had just been summoned before the eyes of Haiyan's men.

Oh .
no !

 This is seriously bad!

“Oh my goodness.
The boy over there was acting like he knew what was going on.”

 I felt a chill, as if all the hairs on my body were standing on end.

 My instincts were screaming at me to run.
That's not good.
That was bad.
At least now I would never win.

“It's strange, isn't it? Why is that? I can't help but be curious.”

 I turned around at the sound of that voice coming from behind me.

 There she was, dressed in a sensational nun's uniform with a slit in the middle.

 Her face was hidden by a black mask.

 — Cassandra, the doll witch.

 She is a senior member of the Ulgor Evil Order, which also appears in the story.

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