Chapter 34 .
Underground people

The details conveyed to me by Kaine were generally as follows.

 First, Kaine is the heir to an organization that used to control the underworld.

The organization has now completely collapsed, and since Kaine's father, the head of the organization, and most of the top management have been killed, it is almost impossible for the organization to recover.

Secondly, the reason why all the members in the hideout are children is because Kaine was forced to take in children who had nowhere else to go as a result of the organization's dismantling.

In other words, they are a burden.

Fortunately or unfortunately, one of the children is a wind magician, so they are not completely helpless.

Currently, in order to escape the pursuit of the Evil cult , they are changing their hideout every few days, looking for an opportunity to counterattack.

“The current situation is roughly like this.
Is there anything you want to ask me?”

 I have something to ask you, or rather, something that's on my mind.

'How could you save me and then decide to bring me into your ranks when you're in such a state?'

Are you a compassionate person or an idiot without a second thought?

 Good intentions are a virtue, but a man with a child on his shoulders shouldn't take a risk like that.

If I were him, I wouldn't want to work with someone like that. 

'Of course, I had the calculation that I would want to ingratiate myself with a strong person and make them my ally.
If he had been weak or an enemy of mine, I would have left him to die.

You are pretty ruthless in your judgment there, aren't you?”

 Well, from Kaine's point of view, I am a strange, strong and suspicious kid.
I guess she'd rather take care of her current allies than save him.

“— I see.”

I was on the edge of that fight, and I would have wanted to help you right away if I could have.

“I'm sorry if I offended you.
but everyone's life is at stake here.”

“I don't think there's anything wrong with that.
I would have done the same thing if I were in the same situation.'

“I appreciate you saying that.
So, what do you think? Will you help us?”

 Well, that's the main point.

Kaine and his group' s goal is to defeat the evil cult and restore stability to the underworld…
hmmm? Wait.

“Wait, Kaine-.
Even if we defeat them, it won't improve the security of the underworld, will it?”

It was the Evil cult that destroyed the organization that was maintaining security, but defeating them now won't bring the organization back.

 What is needed is the existence of an organization with the power to rule this area, not their overthrow.

'That's not a problem.
My grandfather is working hard to make connections with the various parties.
There are already several groups that promise to give me a boost if I can get rid of them.
I am sure there will be a few more in the future.”

 I see.

So he had already thought about his own position after the defeat of the Ulgor evil cult as a prerequisite.

 With the bloodline of a huge organization and the proven track record of defeating the evil cult, it would be easier for him to do the impossible.

 —“Hey, hey, hey, wait!'

“What's wrong?'

“What's wrong?”

 Kaine's eyes suddenly peeled back and he looked at me suspiciously.

 I replied that it was nothing, but I couldn't contain my excitement at the plot that had just occurred to me.

What if Kaine were to win the position of absolute ruler in this land where there is no longer one?

 I would ingratiate myself here and establish a deep relationship with Kaine.
This should not be a bad thing.

 Fortunately, I also have a reason to help Kaine.

 If the evil cult is targeting Crescencia, they are an enemy that must be defeated.

 And I have the means to defeat them.

Schneizel, who will be searching for me, maybe even Lucy.

If I can get the help from them, the situation will come to an end at once.

 Because no one can beat Schneizel.

  Yes, I'm right.

 With my connections and my power, I can accomplish Kaine's goal and have
person become the ones who control the underworld.

 I don't know, but I think their good looks and the fact that they were once the heirs to a huge organization will be enough to elevate Kaine to the top.

 And one day, when Kaine's organization grows, I'll ask him to lend me a hand.

 Yeah, that's good.
It's a Win-Win situation.

“I've made up my mind.
If it's okay with me, I'll help you as much as I possibly can.”


Kaine's eyes light up and a smile appears on face.
If it were a woman, she would be instantly noticed for her good looks.

 In contrast, however, the old man kept his stern gaze on me.

“Young Master, I disagree.
His power is certainly attractive, but it will be troublesome if he turns it against us.”

I know, old man.
But don't worry.
He has not the look of a traitor in his eyes.

“Well, my name is Norwin.
I'd appreciate it if you'd call me by my first name instead of full one.”

“Ah! I'm sorry.
I was so busy talking about this one that I forgot to ask your name.

 —This was the first time I met Kaine and co .

Unaware of the impact this moment would have on the rest of my life, we began to move forward with the goal of overthrowing the Ulgor Evil cult.

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