Chapter 32 .

With a single step, the swordsman accelerates.

 The physical ability of an adult male, different from that of Lucy, Saraswati, and others of the same age I see in my daily training.

 In just a few moments, the distance between the two was crossed.

 The sword swung down from close and above.
I took a stance to parry it.

I tried to catch it, but I couldn't.

 The moment I touched the sword, the spear was shattered by a force that I could not take.
Seeing this as an opening, the swordsman followed up with another strike, turning his wrist and launching a downward slash.


 I evaded it by kicking the wall and turned to the swordsman's blind spot with the force of the kick.

 The first time his eyes caught up with me, but if I kicked the wall a second time, my speed would outstrip his.

I turned just in front of him, making it look like I was going to turn behind him.
By running in the opposite direction, I completely pull my gaze away from his.

Then I took a stance with my spear outstretched, leaving my hands untouched.

The swordsman, who turned to look at me after a short delay, furrowed his brow at what could be seen as my rash action.
But his eyes widened immediately, and his eyes shook with surprise.

In the midst of my strike, I created a spear from the earth with a magic spell that I activated without chanting, and then I used wind magic to raise it up so that it would fit in my hand.

 I grabbed the spear without missing a beat and continued to strike.

After activating the magic to strengthen the body, with perfect timing, I released a flash of light, but it was knocked away by the swordsman's clumsy sword.

That was a surprise,”

 A strike with the most effective timing was bounced off by an incomplete stance and a sword that was just starting out.

This is no longer a matter of skill, but the difference in power output due to physique, the difference in power between an adult and a child that cannot be overturned.

 No, this is seriously bad, isn't it?

This is the maximum power a spear can give out.

 If he can easily hit me with that, I can't beat him with a weapon.

“You're a decade too young to be fighting me, kid.”

“I never intended to mess with you guys at all.”

“So you'll let me go?”

“No, I'd rather you let me go.”

“That's not gonna happen.”

The swordsman, who must have gotten my methods of dealing with him from the current attack, took a forceful swing of his sword from one step outside of the pause.

 A simple sword stroke.
It was oddly fast, but I, who know higher speed range from my training with Schneizel, could spot it.

However, I was forced to evade it without matching the spear to it.

:What's wrong? You're not coming?:

If I took advantage of the provocation and went for it, I would surely be defeated.

If I touched him, he would break my spear as he had done earlier, and I would be trapped in a tight spot with my next move.

Hence, I was forced to evade, and when I continued to move in an impossible position…

“What the hell?”

A wind-attribute spell aimed at the limb defects attacked.

The magician standing by in the rear launched his spell with disgustingly perfect timing.

Neither of them can be defeated with a single move, and even in a one-on-one match, there is no way to win.

How could he possibly deal with two of them at the same time?

This is more of a hell hole than the protagonist's!

“This way!”

The swordsmith steps to avoid the magic, and aiming at the landing, the cut is fired.

The legs are too high to avoid the attack.
Therefore, as a last-ditch effort, I thrust my spear into the opponent before he could begin his move.

The spear shatters, but the sword is hindered from starting the technique, and its momentum is greatly reduced.

In the meantime, I used wind magic to blow my own body backward, and I was able to survive…

“Gah, ah!”

As if reading the sequence of events, a vacuum edge sliced through my arm.

The blood and pain that came out of my arm made my head go blank.
I thought to myself, “This is bad.” I activated my recovery spell, and the swordsman rolled his eyes.

“A child prodigy, huh? You can do everything, can't you?”

“I can't do everything.
I can only do what I know how to do.'

 It's not good.
This is really bad.

 Unlike when I fought Lucy, this time I really don't have a chance.
I don't know how to win.

Blow it all up with a steam explosion? No, that's no good either.

I've got enough steel pieces in my boots for one more steam explosion, but there's no way I can afford to do that again in the middle of this battle.

 ”Damn, is that it?”


How much time has now passed ?

The swordsman who takes advantage of his long arms and legs and the reach of his long sword to kill from afar with his powerful sword.

The calm magician who strikes with magic with unmatched precision and timing.

I managed to persist against a pair of people who definitely shouldn't appear in the early stages of the game.


Even though it was a spear, the swordsman had a longer reach than I, a child, could handle, and I kept being attacked one-sidedly.

A sword that should be called violent rather than a skill.
The swordsman's power is easy to understand, but the swordsman suddenly mixes in complicated tactics, which is very troublesome.

When the complicated attack and defense are slowed down by the complexity of the attack and defense, it disrupts our thinking and causes us to lose our concentration.

'What's up kid ? “

The rough language and behavior also irritates me, and there is no one I hate more as an opponent.

“Then take this!”

Without chanting or even showing a sign of invoking magic, he creates a hole at the swordsman's feet while swinging his spear.

The swordsmith, caught in the middle, was knocked out of his stance.

 If he attacked here, he would win.
It was such a fatal gap.

 But I could not attack.

You think so well that I can't believe you are jus a child.

 The magician's calm gaze was fixed on me.

 If I had moved with the intention of defeating the swordsman, he would have attacked me there with his magic.

If he was daring to spend more time watching and preparing for a moment like now, when magic was absolutely necessary, then I couldn't even take down one of them.

“Damn, you really are a tricky kid.”

 The swordsman blurted out as he pulled out his foot that was stuck in the hole.

 That's right.
I'm a stubborn kid, you know.
I'd really appreciate it if you'd let me go.

 I tried to wish for that, but of course it was not going to happen.

The swordsman and the magician stood in front of me with expressions that said they would surely defeat me.

Schneizel or even Lucy.

 I can't wait for them to come to my rescue!

 —I wonder if they got my wish.

The two people who had been watching me closely suddenly turned their gazes upward.

 What is it?

I resist the desire to be caught and look in their direction.
If this is a trap, the moment I look away, it's all over.

 One second, two seconds, the seemingly endless time passed.

Could it be that reinforcements from the enemy side have come? No, if that's the case, the expressions on the faces of the two men in front of me are grim.

 What the hell is going on?

“Could you please get your hands off that boy?”

A neutral voice, which might have been either male or female, rang out from overhead.

 There was none of the pressure of Schneizel or Nicholas, whose voices alone could make my heart tremble.

 At least the person who would be standing on the wall behind me did not seem to be of the monster class that stopped humans.

“I refuse.
This is our issue.”

The magician responded to the voice.

Then we can't afford to let that happen”.


“I'm going to change my question.
Do you want to die fighting us here? Or do you want to give up the kid for now?”

“Hey, what do you say?'

 the swordsman asks the sorcerer.
I still don't look up and keep my attention on the two in front of me.

I'm still not looking at the swordsman, but I keep my attention on the two men in front of me.
I'm going to give them a push here.

Well, are you sure you're here to help me, Mr.
Voice from Heaven?”

“You may consider it that way”.

“And if the enemy doesn't back down, you're prepared to fight them here.”


“Then let's fight together.
I could have managed to hold these two by myself.
If I had one or two more people with me, I could definitely beat them.”

“I see.
That's probably the best way.'

 With this reply, “that guy” came down beside me softly and without a sound.

A person with lovely silver hair that reached down to shoulders and a somewhat fragile atmosphere.

The reason why I can't determine the gender of the person is because his/her appearance is also neutral, as voice

If it was to say on earth, she would have a beautiful European face, but her good looking was not something that could be divided between men and women.

 I haven't even heard person names yet, but for the time being, we stand side by side with person , male and female, holding their spears at the ready.

 If I try any harder, we'll fight you tooth and nail!

 ”Hey, hey, hey! A man who has allies is stronger than a man who doesn't.'

Alone, i can't do much, but once I have friends on my side, my voice gets louder!

My inner thoughts were put aside.

 After a few moments of glaring at each other, the magician cowered his shoulders with a sigh.

'It's true, it's dangerous for the two of us to deal with everyone of you, I'm going to pull back for the time being.
Come on, let's go.”

“Oh? Are you running away?”

'Yes, that's right.
There is no way to win now, so I' m going to run away.”

The swordsman, irritated by this reaction but understanding his disadvantage, reluctantly retracted his sword.
The two of them disappeared somewhere together.

Did he save the day?

I guess so.
But just to be safe, you should leave this place immediately.

'Oh, uh, I…”

 I was kidnapped, I was fighting, I was saved, I had to go back to the main street.

There were too many things I wanted to say, then the exhaustion of the battle came crashing down on me and I let out an unspoken reply.

 Whether they heard me or not, the men and women began to walk as if leading me.

“Let's go to my hideout for a while.
Is that all right with you?”

'I have a place to return back

“I'm sure you are an aristocrat, with your exalted appearance.
It would take several hours to return to the surface from here, even if you ran, wouldn't it?”

 I don't have the strength to keep running that long, and several hours is probably the amount of time it would take a person with a good knowledge of the area to run.

 If I went there alone, even if I had a whole day, it wouldn't be enough.

Please let me visit your place of residence”.

I'm glad you asked.”

 The person smile at my words.

“I'm glad to hear that.


Speaking of which, I was just going with the flow, but why did this guy help me in the first place?

 A person you don't know.
It would take some calculation to help me.

“Um, why did you help me?”

 I asked the man and woman, holding up my spear again.

Judging from appearances, th person are in their early teens.
They have thin, frail build.

 However, since those two were on constant alert for this guy, he must be strong.
It is also confirmed that he has allies based on his statement at the hideout……what? Worst case scenario, I die here?

“Don't be so nervous.
I have no intention of harming you.”

Then why did you to help me?

I need your help.
Won't you join me in defeating those masked men an his followers

 I wondered what kind of request they would come up with, but person said seriously,

 What does this mean?

Does it mean that they are a new group of power here?

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