Chapter 31 .

I escaped from the room and kept on running, trying not to let my emotions get in the way.

“This is so boring!”

 I frowned as I stepped on  muddy in the dimly lit alley.

 The room was located further down the alley, close to the slums.

The area around the room stank of decay and was strewn with garbage and feces and urine, and of course, the ground was bare and dirt was not maintained.

The buildings that line the street are also much shabbier than those on the main street, and the atmosphere is so bleak that it is hard to believe that the law would apply.

I saw a dead body lying on the side of the road just a while ago, and the security situation is probably close to the worst.

I had to get away from this place as soon as possible.

I hurried ahead with this thought, but the narrow and complicated section of the road was full of similar sights everywhere I looked, and even if I proceeded carefully, I was sure I would get lost.

I had to hurry.
Why the hell do they have to kidnap me in the first place?

With a whine, I turned right and continued on my way, only to come to a dead end.

 I hurriedly turned back the way I came and tried another route, but the one ahead was also a dead end.

 I must have made a mistake in my route selection somewhere.

 Damn it, calm down,

I desperately tried to tell myself that, but there was no way I could keep my composure when I was alone in an unknown place and my life was in danger.

 On top of that, there had been noises coming from behind me since a while ago.
No matter how far I moved, the sound would probably be a tail.

Either they are being pursued by the Ulgor evil sect, or they have been spotted by the residents of this place.

 Either way, I'm sure they're not good people to deal with.

“Calm down, .
I'm calm.
If I'm not calm and I cry, I'm just a six-year-old kid.
Don't lose your ability to think.”

 I told myself that over and over again to keep my consciousness, which was about to be disturbed by irritation and impatience, normal.

 Okay, .

 I'm still calm.

With this calmness, I will figure out a way to get rid of the chase.

First of all, as a prerequisite, I don't know the area.

 On the other hand, the other party seems to be familiar with the area.

 Then, I can't just run away and scatter them.

 i must fight.
Fight and get rid of the enemy.

If I' m going to fight…
that's the place to fight.

The place of interest is the dead end where I went earlier.

There is no escape here, but the narrow, single track road has the advantage that it is cheap to block numbers advantage and magic attacks are inevitable.

 If I were to take on more than one person, this would be the only place to go.

 Arriving at the dead end, I slowly looked back the way I had just come.

 And there they were…


 Not in front of me, but above me.
A man in a white mask was falling toward me, and I avoided his sword just in time to avoid him, and I hurriedly retreated backwards.

“Damn, you're dodging that?”

'I'm not going to let that happen.
I was just told not to kill you.'

 The white mask that was supposed to have been knocked out by the explosion and the white mask that left the room saying he would call his friends stood in front of me.


I was hoping to get tangled up with the thugs who live here anyway, but it seems I've drawn the worst of them.

 The one who had just attacked me, the white masked man who was caught in the explosion, looked at me with hatred through his mask.

'You did a great job earlier, kid.
I'm not going to let my guard down anymore, I'm going to beat you to death, so be prepared, okay?”

“No, no, you seem to be recovering from your injuries.”

“I'm not going to let you get away with it.
I can't let you go”.

 Oh, God.
Of course, there is no choice but to release the person.

 And that's assuming things get rough.
Even if I'm dying, he thinks it's okay if I don't die.

 The white mask that stands in a position to step back and see the whole picture, unlike the white mask in the front that holds the sword, is he able to handle recovery magic at a high level?

 If so, then that positioning and the words and actions of the sword user in the front make sense.

 If I were to aim first, it would be the one in charge of recovery (tentative) in the back.

I'm going to launch the second level of fire spell with no chanting…

“I won't allow you to do it.”

 The white mask of the sword-user, who stepped on the ground strongly, closed the gap in an instant.

He interrupted the magic and concentrated all his attention on dealing with the enemy in front of him.

 Look, , look!

The attacker's step was deep, and after the attack, he was in a position that would definitely leave an opening.
I know that if I exploit that, I will be able to take him down with ease.

Then all I have to do is evade in the minimum amount of time.

I dodged with a move that eliminates all waste, and used the time created by the shortest possible time to exploit the opening after the attack.


 I don't even take a step.
The first thing to do is to make a slight scrape of the foot and turn the body away, I evaded the sword that was approaching at close range to cut a single layer of skin.

“Hey seriously?”

The sword-using white mask looked at me with an amazed expression.

I then kneaded my magical power to strike him with my spells…

“Spirit of the wind, sever my enemies!”

The voice of the chanting voice came to my ears.

“Oh no!”

 I interrupt my magic again and jump back from the spot.
A beat later, the sword-using white mask also backed away, and right after that, the place we were in was torn to shreds by a blade of vacuum.

 The wind attribute, and the fact that the chanting was largely abbreviated, makes it difficult to be sure, but I suspect it was the fifth rung of the ladder.

The 5th level is a magic that can finally be learned in the middle of the story.

The magician behind him who could handle it with such a short chant is no ordinary person.

In addition to that, in addition to , although he is a piece of shit compared to Schneizel, I am is also going up against an adult swordsman who is definitely stronger than I am at the same time?

What kind of a mess are am I in, damn it!

I use magic to harden the earth and form a spear.
Clutching it, I frown at the mortal danger I haven't felt since the first time I faced a vampire.

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