Chapter 29 .
Unexpected development

Three hours before the kidnapping, .

“I can't take it anymore.Э”

 My whole body was screaming.
I was lying on the ground in the training ground, without the energy to move a single finger.

I, too, have reached my limit ——re.”

I looked to the side and saw that Saraswati was also sitting up, and Lucy was the only one standing on two legs.

“Well, that's about it,” Schneizel said.

 Schneizel, looking down at us, puts his sword away.

The course that would make us stronger if we survived was the matches with Schneizel.

The three of us against the strongest man with no rules.

I thought I could at least land a blow if Lucy was there, but in reality, I was completely helpless against the strongest man.

I went down first, Saraswathi went down soon after, and Lucy, who remained at the end of the fight, tried to hang on a little bit but was eventually overwhelmed.

“Lucy gave a respectable fighter, but Sarasvati and the boy were still no match for me.

“I'm sorry, sir.”

'The first thing is that the boy is not strong enough.
The feint-based fighting style requires more physical exercise , so you should improve your physical strength'.”

“I understand.”

'Saras doesn't have enough courage.
That's what's dulling your sword.”


“Oh, Lucy.
You're nothing in particular.
Keep up the good work.'

“Okay, ——.

'Well, we'll do this again in two weeks.
Norwin and Salas, if you haven't corrected the issues I just mentioned, you'll be on an even more specific program, so get ready for that.”

 With that, Schneizel walked quickly back to his work.

I didn't even look at his back and concentrated on summarizing my reflections.

As Schneizel said, the worst person in the battle was me.

In order to compete with the best, I attacked with my spear using all my strength and all the techniques I could muster.

 The type of technique, skill level, physical strength, and everything else is not enough.

I'm going to have to increase my training load for running in the future.

'Hey Norwin.”

“What's wrong?”

“What i had done wrong from your point of view just now?”

I guess she was asking about moves in the match against Schneizel.

After a year of being paired together, Saraswati sometimes relies on my opinion.

'Are you concerned about people saying your sword is dull?”

'—— I suppose so.
I don't have any inferiority complex, but if you say so, I'm sure it's true.”


 Schneizel's and Lucy's swords are a gift.

 The spear is the result of hard work, ingenuity and spontaneous thinking.

But I can say that Saraswathi is a man who is attracted to both and pursues both at the same time, which are absolutely incompatible.

 That's why his sword strays at key points.

When I told her this, Saraswati nodded with a difficult look on her face.

“You mean I should throw one or the other away, right?”

'I don't mean that you have to throw one or the other away,” .

” Well, you're right.
I'm going to cool down a little.”

“I understand.
I have something to do this afternoon, so I can't train with you.”

“something to do ?”

“It's Misha's birthday next week.
I was thinking of going to see if I could get her a present.'

“Oh, okay.”

 Saraswathi also left the practice area , leaving me still lying on the ground.

me and Lucy took a short break and resumed our training.


 Once we were done with our training, I break off my afternoon studies and headed for the commercial section.

 The goal was Misha's birthday present, as I mentioned earlier.

 Misha, Saraswati, and in case you were wondering, Lucy.
She is the oldest of my current allies , and she has helped me on many occasions.

 Without her, I might still be locked up in the mansion of my familly .

 I would like to express my gratitude with a wonderful gift…

“A —— sword,”

“That would be something Lucy would appreciate.”

“—— Misha, too, no?”

“No, and she doesn't have a sword, if you know what I mean.”

“—— lie.”

Lucy's eyes widen as if to say, “If you don't have a sword, you are not a person.”

I brought her along just in case I wanted to hear the woman's opinion, but I wonder if I made a mistake in selecting a certain kind of idiot who has devoted most of her decent humanity to her sword talent.

 Ummm, I would have come with Saraswati if it weren't for what I said earlier about thinking.

 Well, it can't be helped.

—–'- this is a bad gravity.”

 I dragged Lucy, who promptly started to be stingy with the swords in the store, and I started to pick out my gift!


I went around for a while, looking for something that seemed to fit the bill, but I never found anything that really hit the spot.

  I sighed as Lucy chewed on a grilled skewer she must have bought from a street vendor.

 Well, I don't intend to make up my mind in a day, so if I can't decide today, I can come back tomorrow.

 It's tiring to move around in the crowd.

“Lucy, I'm going to give —— a rest for today.”

As I turned to look back at Lucy, who was probably behind me, I received a strong shock on the back of my head that rapidly clouded my vision.

My mind became fuzzy and my consciousness became blurred.

 There is no pain as if I am going crazy, but the sensation is somewhat similar to a loss of magic power.

 Am I about to faint?

 The last thing I saw just before my consciousness faded was Lucy, wide-eyed and surprised.

 I don't know what happened, but if Lucy is watching me, I should be okay.

I'm sure we'll figure it out—.


?Hmm, ah?”

When I woke up, I saw a unfamiliar ceiling in my field of vision.

 Immediately I remembered the moment I arrived in this world and was worried that I had been taken away to another world again, but the voice that came out belonged to Norwin.

Thank God.

 This body is Norwin and I am in the world of the game .

 It's okay, this is real.

 I told myself this and regained my composure, then calmly looked around.

 The room is dimly lit.
Dust and cobwebs have been left untouched, and the room does not look well-maintained.

 The windows are made of wooden boards, and there is no view of the outside.

 However, the sounds coming from outside were incredibly quiet.

It would not be so quiet in the main street or commercial district of the capital.

Then, should we assume that this place is far away from such places?

 No, it could also be that the soundproofing wards are in operation…

 A bang.

 As if interrupting my thoughts, the only entrance to this room opens.

 A tall man wearing a distinctive white mask enters.

I don't know him, and I don't know what the circumstances are right now.

 But I did recognize the white mask.
I only knew that I had seen him before.


It is a cult that attempts to revive the evil gods using Crescencia as a vessel of sacrifice and succeeds in doing so on all routes in game .

 Without these guys, Cresencia would never die.

The story has not yet began, so why in the hell–?

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