Chapter 2 .
Setting a goal

It took me a few hours to accept the situation.

 Because it was too extraordinary.

 Possessing  a character in a game world? There was no way that was possible.

 However, no matter how long it took, the reality in front of me remained the same, and I decided to accept the situation for now.

I had come to the world of Arcadia Quest ( shortened to Arcue ).

 It would be a waste of time  to worry  about it.

If it is a dream, I will enjoy it until I wake up, and if, hypothetically Speaking, I am really possessed as Norwin, I will enjoy this world to the fullest.

 But first, there is one problem.

The story of Arcue has countless  routes , but this world is not about which route you enter — it's about what you do with the world.

Depending on the route, the world is usually ruined, but I don't care about that.

The problem is Crescencia.

 Yes, Crescencia.

 Crescencia, whom I love.

 Will Cress die in this world, too?

 Probably, she will die.

 Hundreds, thousands, or even more times, I have searched for a way to save Crescencia, and I have seen her die that many times.

If this world goes the way of the game scenario, Cresencia will surely die.

 Let's deny that.
I will definitely save her.

But how do I help her?





I've thought about it, but I don't got a clue!!!!

 How to help her!

Perhaps, but there was no way to save Crescencia in that game!

 If I'm the one who played through Alcue, I could even be a protagonist with my knowledge of the game.

 But that's not enough!

I would never be able to save Cresencia if I followed the game' s existing way of attack!

And it's bad enough that I possessed as Norwin.

 Norwin appears only once in the film and that was as one of the background mob, with whom I couldn't even have a conversation.

 How am I supposed to get close to Cresencia, the second princess of this country?

 If I approach her without a reason, the knights of the Kingsguard will cut me down.

 Damn, what to do..


 There's only one thing to do.

I just have to break the  game's plot .

If the only way out of this scenario is for Crescencia to end up dead, then i just need break it and paint a happy ending on top of it.

In that way, possessing Norwin was not a bad thing.

 Norwin is not involved in the story at all.

 So, there is a possibility that something could change if Norwin stick necks into the scenario.

Of course, even if it worked, it would not solve the problem of not being able to approach Crescencia.

But helping her first is a prerequisite, so it's not a bad option.

“All right, “

I've got a feeling I' m going to do better than I thought!

 There might be a way to save Cresencia and make me happy too!

“Yes! I'm getting pumped up!”


The passion   is faded by a sudden knock on the door.

“Young master? Can I help you?”

A woman's face was watching me through the door.

 Considering the honorifics used and the fact that Norwin is a nobleman, I wondered if the person on the other side of the door was a servant.

'Oh, it's all right, don't worry about me.”

'I doubt it.
The tone of your voice also seems to be much different than usual,——.”

“I'm sorry about that, but there really isn't any trouble, so could you please leave me alone for a while?”

“If you insist, I am at yor service .
Please let me know if you need anything .”

I thanked the woman who and stood in front of the mirror again.

 I have appearance of young boy, yonger than an elementary school student by Earth's standards.

 The story of Alcue begins when the protagonist turns 15 years old.
Norwin is the same age as the main character, so there is a 10-year gap left before start of storyline.

 In the meantime, I have to prepare the foundation to change the story.


 There are two options .

 One is that I have to become ridiculously strong myself.

If I can crush the main character's group that tries to kill Cresencia head-on, there will be no story to follow.

 However, that would be impossible.

After all, they are a group of talented people.
They are blessed with talent and an environment to hone it, and there is even a climactic event to awaken them in the inspiring story.

How can I beat them after their awakening? Impossible.
A thousand lives would not be enough.

Besides, I don't even know if Norwin has a talent for fighting.
He probably doesn't, and even if he did, he's probably not as good as them.

There is no reason for a mob character to be better than the main characters, no matter how good they are.

 So, I can't save her in a way that makes me stronger.
Well, I'm going to personally polish my strength because it doesn't bother me to have it from a world viewpoint.

The second   opton is to gather a group of allies .

Create an organization made up of strong people and move it to protect Crescencia.

This is a very promising idea.
After all, Norwin is a nobleman.
Depending on the way he goes about it, he may be able to recruit some very powerful people.

 The question is how to gather such powerful people  together …

 This is where my knowledge comes in.

 I've spent thousands of hours playing  this game , so I have an almost perfect grasp of what happens in this world.

 Although some of the events before the story begins are vague, I can say that I have covered most of them from the chronology and recollections of the past.

I' ll make the most of it to get ahead of the main character and work through the events to bring the strong man into the group.

 Okay, I've made up my mind!

” I'm going to be strong! And I'm going to get someone stronger than me to  help me!”

I'm going to save Crescencia, and this time I'm going to do it with my own hands!

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