Chapter 27 .
How about take part in tournament ?

Martial arts tournament, a name of event I have  not heard  for a long time.

The main character, Arthur, performed well in this tournament, which caught the attention of the brass and allowed him to take a special entrance exam to the academy, which is the main scene in the first half of game .

This is event commonly known as a tutorial.

The event was a one-strike, two-birds-with-one-stone event that would make Nicolas smile if he heard about it.

“A martial arts tournament, huh?”

I have thought about competing myself to recruit other people and make a name for myself, but now is not the time, at least not at this point .

The martial arts tournament is an event that gathers the best of the best from around the country and abroad to decide the top.

Naturally, the same is true for the young children's division.

The strong will all be there, even if they are not as strong as Lucy.

If I were to compete now, the impression I would make would be minor.

 It would be more impactful if I said I was Schneizel's disciple.

If I'm going to go out, I'll have to grow up enough to make people admire my strength and want to be my comrade.

“It's still too early.
I'm not good enough, and a poor result would be a disgrace to Schneizel reputation'.

“Don't worry about me.
I'm talking for your sake.”

“But still…”

“You usually act like a guy who walks around with his clothes on, but you're so reserved in the strangest places.”

Well, I have a goal that I cannot allow to failure.

“You see, kid, you have too low self-esteem.
You should know how big the world is once you see it.”

“I'm learning that too.
I have never missed a day of study because I was too busy training”.

I'm not talking about the economy or the situation in society, I'm talking about the you yourself.
You should know how wide and big this world is in proper way .”

 Hmmm, I see.

 That's true.
I know what he means.

 The Endenbergs and the Baldheims are all I know of the world.

 In that sense, it makes sense for me to compete.


“I don't think there is anyone better than Lucy, my father, and Mr.
Rather, I've learned that you all stronger than I imagined, and I'm scare — I”
“pass on it .

“Ha, that's right.
You've grown up watching geniuses who can make it to the top, even if it's in a different area.
Go and find out how strong you are.
And there's still reason to recommend entering this year's competition.”

“What is it?”

'This year's competition falls on the 500th anniversary of the founding of our country.
The top scorer of each category will be given the right to talk to the royal family for a few minutes.
If you want to be a important person in the future, it is good to have the royal family remember your face.”




“So, then! , can I speak with Her Royal Highness Princess Crescencia?”

''Oh, .

“You should have told me that beforehand ! Then I told you I'd definitely tale part in it!”

 I was trying to think of a way to meet her before the story started, but I didn't realize there was such a shortcut!

 Schneizel nodded with a subtle expression, perhaps intimidated by my eagerness to participate.

“Oh, you were a fan of that princess?”

” Of course I am her biggest fan in this world! There's no one else as pretty as she is!”

“No, well, I know she's pretty , but what? I mean, have you see her face?”

 Oh, shit.

 He looks at me suspiciously and I rush to find an excuse.

My thoughts are split for a moment.
In the midst of it all, I kept my facial expression perfectly straight, and I lied perfectly.

It was the perfect use of my well-trained powers of thinking.

'The merchant who came in recently was handling paintings! I saw them and fell in love at first sight!”

 Since it was not full lie, this would not be discovered.

“.I see.”

“So, I'll definitely participate! If I can', please go ahead and use your position to get me the right to participate! I will win for sure !”

 Because it's not a sure thing?

If I' m going to compete, should I wait until I' become stronger?

 No way !.

 Why I am being so naive?

I'm going to get big results this year and raise my own brand a little for the future.

 To do that, I need to train harder!

 I was about to raise my spear with such enthusiasm…

“Hmmm, you like that girl from the painting huh”

“——Norwin, are you going to the tournament?”

 The boisterous twins, who were listening nearby, each had a different emotion burning in their eyes.

Saraswati's frustration and Lucy's enthusiasm for her favored opponent.

With those two directed at me, I looked at Schneizel as if asking for help, but this one looked uninterested in his daughter's reaction.

 Then, for some reason, he looked at me and laughed.

It was a very strange smile.

“All right, boy, let's train.”

“Schneizel? What's that red aura rising out of you?”

“Good for you, kid.
If you can see this, you are at least qualified.
Those who have none can neither see nor sense it in the first place.”

That's what the hero is wearing after he awakens at the end of the story, right?

Just because your daughter likes you more than anyone else , that doesn't mean you're a good guy to turn to your disciple!

If you want your daughters to like you so much, you should work less and spend more time with them!

“Oh, please be easy on me: ——“

'You want to win the tournament, don't you? I'll train you on a course that will definitely make you stronger if you survive, so be happy and cry.”

“You're being unreasonable!”

My cries were drowned out by the sounds of Schneizel's attack.

—And so it was decided that I, along with Lucy and Saraswati, would participate in the tournament.

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