Chapter 20 .

“Well that what happened …”

 In the middle of giving a brief summary of Saraswati's case, Lucy, with dead fish eyes, suddenly spoke up.

'—— now, please —— say it again.'


The thing I was doing until —— you came to me.”

“Yes, .”

'Until I came, you mean, did you go over the basic spear types?”

“I hope” that's okay.”

I'm in a position to ask for a favor, and I should just go along with what she says anyway.

I practiced the most common kata in the country, which I learned from a spearman in the training ground.

Strike, brush off, parry a hypothetical enemy's attack, and strike again.

 I heard that the lowered posture is excellent in balancing offense and defense.

I am still an novice, but I think I am able to imitate the movements of the spearman who is still training at a distance.

“—Not at all, no.”

But from a prodigy's point of view, it's not good at all, apparently.

I was not annoyed at the sudden remark, but it was an opportunity to hear the opinion of a genius.

 I swallowed my emotions and asked a question.

'What exactly I am doing wrong?”

'Everything ——.”


'—— in the first place, you shouldn't still be holding a spear.”


“—— you are too weak, and you are being pushed around by the spear.”


 Is it really that bad?

I asked with a look, and Lucy nodded with dead eyes.

'—— If you keep going like – this , you'll probably keep getting swung around, and get into some weird quirks.
Besides, the kata doesn't fit you either.”


 So then, all the training I've done so far has been for nothing?

Even though I don't have enough time or whatever, I've been wasting it on useless things?

——“can I borrow that?”

“Oh, yes.”

 Lucy said, “Give it to me,” and forcefully took the spear from him.

 I'd like to say a few words to her about the quirkiness.
I was frustrated by her selfishness, but…

“Ive never done —— this before, but perhaps like this?”

Lucy, who had been tilting her head while staring at the spear for a while, suddenly nodded her head and took a relaxed stance.

 From that natural, relaxed stance, she accelerated super-accelerated as if popping.
A strike of a gem was shot out, piercing a single point, and the wind wailed belatedly.


 The sense of genuineness is obvious at a glance.

 Even back in Japan, this sensation sometimes struck me.

 Like a superstar's home run that turns a young boy's dream of becoming a professional baseball player into a reality.

 Or a performance by a top-notch musician that moves you to tears.

 This is the kind of brilliance that only a small handful of prodigies possess, the kind of genius that can even change the lives of others.

 Is this the talent of the potential candidates to be the best in the world?

I knew it.”


I'm sure ordinary people would break down if they were compared side by side with genius.

 It's not even about catching up or overtaking.

 It's a feeling of just looking up at them.

 I'm not sure if I'd ever reach for this girl's back…


What are you laughing at?

 It's okay to be wimp .
It's all right to think what I want to think.

But when I''ve decided to live in this world as I want to, and I''m in process of building a base for it, it''s not right for me to give up on my possibilities.

.”What's your name, ?”

“——, yeah.
it was it was Nor  something.

“That  was  your name , right “


“You knew it !”

“—-, you got me.”

“Well, of course you''d know.”

“——, you're leaving out the honorifics.”


 The honorifics seemed to have fallen out unintentionally due to so much lousy fiddling.

Did she laugh?

“Nothing, just leave it there.”

“I'll take your word for it then.”

It's easier to get closer to someone if you talk to them with a “tame” rather than
worth an “honorific.


“So, about that thing I was talking about earlier…”

  ””The one about —— —— Saras?”

“Yes, .
Can you help me?”

“I'll help you.
—— Well, sure.
In return, you should come with me to training sometime.”

 I don't think there's anything I can do to assist her, but if I can get her to help me, I'm totally okay with it.

 I agreed with a big smile on my face.

“——, then, look over there.”

“Over there?”

 Lucy suddenly points to the far side of the training ground.
I looked in that direction and saw people, a lot of people training, and then a stall with water and food.

The red hair glimpsed from the shadows of the stalls is definitely Saraswati's.


 I had searched desperately for days for her, but she was so close by.

 Why does she care about thi ?

“She's been there  from the start ——.”


“—— seriously.
The whole time she was watching you train, she was saying how bad you were, how pitiful your spear  looked, how you were a bad disciple, and how lucky you were to  became one r.”

“Hey, that was a ggawk at the end.
Don't add a gag to a serious story.'

“—— serious?”

“I meant serious.”

“—— sorry.”

“Oh, right.”

 No, you don't have to be so sorry.

 It's as if I'm the one who bullied you.

 Well, I have to deal with Saraswati now.

 I'm going to talk to Saraswati anyway.

 What should I do?

 She probably won't like it if I talk to her in a normal way.

“Hey, let go of me!”

“—— Ow, , ow!”


 When I realized that Saraswati was in front of me, Lucy was holding her tight by the arm.



 I was having a conversation with Lucy until a few seconds ago, right?

 Does that mean she brought her here while I took my eyes off her?

 Saraswati being restrained in front of my confused eyes, and Lucy being beaten up by her sister, muttering in pain with a blank expression on her face.

 It's a dumb scene, but I'm a shrewd genius because I avoided the blows that might have been useful.

“Put me down!”

” Okay.”


 Saraswati, who was put down while she was in a frenzy, fails to land and falls to the ground on her face.

 Lucy rushes over to her, but her expression is pale.

'—— are you okay?”

'No, I'm not okay! “

“Oh, umm…  you  need healing spell.”


“Oh, I'm sorry.”

  She was yelled at and apologized for now, and Saraswati turned her face away awkwardly, just as she had done the other day.
Only Lucy, who was caught in between the two, was just going at her own pace, nodding her head.

 What a mess.

 What should I do now?

 No matter what I say, it won't make a difference to her.

 An outsider who suddenly appears from the side and has the status of an disciple that she wanted.

 There's nothing to make her like me.

 Well, what should I do?

“Well, Lucy told me earlier that you've been watching  me since the very beginning, right?”

“So what?”

“No, I was just wondering why you were watching.”

“I don't care.
It was a bad performance” .

 Saraswati stared at me from the front, not even hiding her displeased expression.

 I was tempted to tell her that she lost to such a bad fighter , but as an adult, I held my tongue.

 It was true that my style was not very good.

I understand your feelings, but…” “I don't understand!

” You don't know how I feel! You're younger than me and you can use magic! You must be a genius like my dad or Lucy.”


' Don't talk to me!”

After yelling all she wanted, she turned her back and refused to talk to me.

 Ugh, seriously, she totally hates me, doesn't she?

“Lucy! Let's go! We don't have to deal with this jerk!”

“——, but…”

'Okay, fine! I'll go alone!”

Saraswati runs out of the training ground with a face like she's about to cry.
We, who were left behind as in the past, looked at each other without being able to say anything.

'I'm sorry.”

'No, I had some poor choice of words too.”

“It's not just your lame , it was partly her as well !”

 ”Saras too, huh?”

The other person who is at fault must surely be me.

In the  game;s story event, Lucy said something like, '——I wish I could give you half of my talent,' or something like that.

Well, even that is just a one-sided almsgiving that ignores the feelings of ordinary people.

Oh, God.
What am I going to do now?

 I don't feel like moving forward at all.

 How on earth am I going to solve this problem?

The situation is so troubling that I can't come up with a solution at all.

However, the way to solve this problem is easier to find than one might think…

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