chapter 1.
Hello .
another world.

“Don't mess with me, you idiot!”

A young man sits in front of the screen and angrily hits the table.

On the screen is a blonde girl sunk in a pool of blood and a boy looking down at her.
The sword held by the boy was stained red with blood.

“Had you killed her?”

Don't let your guard down yet.”

“Roger that.”

The boy called Arthur and his companions stayed on their ground .

 But no matter how long it took, the blonde girl did not get up.
Eventually, one of the companions, a girl in a priest's robe, fearfully approached the pool of blood and looked into the face of the fallen girl.

'She's already dead.”

'Well, that mean .”

We saved the world from the curse of the evil god Needsheg!”

 As soon as these words appeared in the message window, all the characters on the monitor screen exploded with emotion.
Everyone seemed to be satisfied after overcoming the challenges.

 Few were saddened by the fact that the girl's corpse was right next to them.
Only one girl, with a face similar to the blonde girl, was silent with a troubled expression on her face.

'Damn, how many times have you done this! People are dying right in front of you and you're happy about it? Ah! You're murderers too! Don't act like a hero and be happy about it, assholes!”

The young man spat and cursed all over the situation.

 However, the young man's emotions were not enough, and the screen went to the end roll, showing the highlights of the adventure so far.

Finally, a large illustration of a group photo of the characters is displayed, and the story ends with a happy ending.

 Arcadia Quest.

This was the game that the young man had just completed, and the game is so popular that it has become a social phenomenon.

 One element that cannot be overlooked when discussing this title is the ultimate multi-ending feature.

 Arcadia Quest has countless events and flags from the very beginning, and depending on the choices you make, the story can branch off into more than 100 different routes.

With such a large number of routes to choose , you would normally get bored before you could fully enjoy the game.
Arcadia Quest, however, solves this problem with its fascinating characters.

Every character is a main character.

 All the characters are so well-developed that they are referred to as such on the Internet.
They all have their own beliefs, and they all throw themselves into the battle with their own determination.

 Naturally, there is no route where everyone can be saved.
There are characters who fight and die because due to differences in beliefs.

That's why gamers often think, “Why can't I just let my favorite character play an active role in the game?”

—That's why gamers want to see an IF story in which their favorite characters are playing an active role.

 The ultimate multi-ending feature is the answer to this wish.

 However, there is only one character who cannot have a happy ending in any route.

 Crescencia von Arcadia.

 Crescencia, the last boss of Arcadia Quest, dies a tragic death no matter which of the more than 100 routes you take.

For a time, the Internet was filled with participants who verified the split, but the result was a desperate one.

 Only Crescencia can never be saved.


 The young man cried out , burying his face in Cresencia's cuddly pillow (of his own making).
He is one of the few fighters left.
, a radical who still refuses to give up on the existence of a route to save Cresencia.

“'Why, why, why! Why? Why can't Cress (short for Crescencia) be saved? The other characters have hidden routes! And Iris was saved !”

 The young man cries and enters the data into his phone.
This verification failed, but that is not meaningless.
The information itself will lead to the next stage.

He knew it would take time.
Even if it takes his life, even if he is the last thing , he will do it.

Next time, he would try to go through with the entrance exam event and lower the credit's favorably rating.

 Perhaps he would fail next time.
But he was not going to be discouraged and went to the screen with a renewed determination.

But his body, which had not slept for two whole days, was in a quandary, and he was strongly in need of sleep—until he realized that he had lost consciousness.


(Hey, how far did I go?)

The next moment he woke up, the young man's body was waking up reflexively to advance the Arcadia Quest.

 First his body moved, followed by his brain activating.
And then—


The young man was so shocked that he lost his train of thought.

''No, eh, wait, seriously?''

The question came out of his mouth without any meaning.
It was no wonder.
The young man awoke to find that what awaited him was not his familiar room, but an unfamiliar room.

It would have been better if it had been in a modern Japanese type room, but the scene surrounding him was not familiar to him.

 The room looked like a medieval European mansion.
The fact that the young man was sleeping in a bed suggests that he was in a bedroom.
The bedclothes are all luxurious, and the room lacks a sense of reality.

Well, it's a dream.

 Reincarnation in another world.
As a neet , he had been exposed to many books and games, and the word came to mind, but he quickly dismissed the idea as unthinkable.

 Then he fell asleep again.
If this was a dream, he would wake up after sleeping.
In that hope…


He woke up again and was awakened to find himself in a medieval European-style bedroom.

 This time, the young man was thrown into a whirlpool of confusion, and he jumped out of bed with impatience and fear.

“What the hell “

 He is simply terrified by a situation that is beyond his comprehension.
Afraid to stop, he ransacked the room and found a large window.

” What?””

The young man stopped suddenly and stared at his reflection.

Why i became a Norwin?”

The young man had become a mob character who appeared in Arcadia Quest.

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