Chapter 15 .
Fateful encounter

Ten days after leaving the city of Romeria by carriage, we finally arrived at our destination having been rocked by the carriage without stopping.

” Dear God…”

'Boy, this is your first time seeing Arregalia, isn't it?”

 Schneizel, resting his cheek on the window sill, pointed to a huge outer wall in the distance.

That is Arlegalia.
That is Arlegaria, the capital of the Kingdom of Arcadia.

 Arregalia, the capital of the Kingdom of Arcadia.

 According to the setting book I read in my past life , Arlegaria is the world's greatest city.

 It is the most advanced place in the world in terms of size, artifice, culture, history, economy, entertainment, and all other aspects.

 Even the outer walls are no exception.

 It rises high into the sky, and if one looks closely, one can see that it is not roughly built, but on the surface, the utmost of art has been applied.

 It is a nostalgic and terrific sight.

 That day, that time.
I see before my eyes the same sight as the game I spent my life playing!

 It is not just an illustration.

 I could see it, hear it, smell it…
it was Arregalia indeed!

 As I tried to get a better look at the scenery, a panicked Misha grabbed me and pulled me back to the carriage.

“Nor! Don't do anything dangerous!”

'Oh, I'm sorry.”

 It seems that I had leaned out of the window while I was enjoying the scenery.

 I' m sorry.

“I'm sorry, Misha.
I would appreciate it if you release me now.”

Let's stay like this until we get to Arregalia.”

 Misha took me in her arms and sat me down on his lap.

 I could see more with my eyes up, but I felt a little pathetic.

I told her to calm down.

I was so embarrassed looking at Schneizel who was laughing so hard that I turned away to cover up my embarrassment.

 It doesn't matter.

 I can see much more far than before, and I can enjoy Misha's scent and softness.

 The two peaks touching the back of my head are an indescribable sensation.

 I want to reach the top of the mountains someday.

 As my brain sings an erotic metaphor for escaping reality, my eyes are once again drawn to a distant sight.

“There are so many people here.”

 A long line of what must have been thousands of people was waiting just below the outer wall.

 The line stretching from the checkpoint was so long that it could not be seen even in Japan.

 It looked like we would have to wait for a while for our turn….

 A man who looked like a guard saw the carriage we were riding in and came running toward us.


 Schneizel greeted him lightly through the window frame, and the guard kneeled down on one knee and gave him a reverent bow.

“This is the head of the legion! Please come this way.”

 The guards guide us through a different route and we are able to easily enter the inside of the wall.

“—— I see you've been invited to ——.

 Suddenly, we were treated like VIPs.

 I was now acutely aware of Schneizel's status in front of the people waiting for their turn, who were looking at me enviously.

“Surprised? I may not look like this, but I'm pretty important, person you know?”

'I knew but I had forgotten because my routine is so light.
You are an aristocrat too, aren't you, Misha? Is there such a thing?”

“I am not good enough to pass through the checkpoints in the royal capital.
At best, I can pass as a loca”l.

I don't want to go back to my home town even if I die,” Misha added at the end, nodding her head as she sat on my lap.

 I feel like I've been spoiled by this guy tremendously lately.

Good, keep it up, please.

“Boy, are you sniffling?”

“It's just your imagination.”

We finally arrived at Allegaria with such a trivial conversation.

Arregalia was a horrific place, even inside the walls.

 If I had to describe it in one word, it would just be “huge.”

The scale of the main street, shopping area, and even the residential area is incomparable to that of Romeria.

 The world view is that of medieval Europe, but only here are high-rise buildings lining the streets.

If you look at the central part of the royal city, you will see the reigning super-massive chalk royal palace.

It is such a majestic building that it makes the Endenberg mansion look like a piece of rubbish.
The only building that can match it is the Palace of Versailles, which I saw on the Internet when I was on Earth.

 The entire palace is a work of art.

Anyway, everything I saw was so stimulating that I was convinced that this was the best city in the world.

“Hmmm, Nor, are you having fun?”

“Yes, I've never seen a view like this before!”

 In fact, I have seen it many times.

This world that I have seen, played in, and longed to see.

 Oh, it really is amazing.

That, that place, those storefronts! I've seen it all in games!

I feel like an idiot after four months of possessing , but in front of this view, I finally realize in a real sense that I've come to the world of Arcadia Quest.

But the shock must still be waiting for me later.

 If I'm right, there should be a important encounter after this.


The carriage transporting us passed through the first section where ordinary citizens live, and entered the second section where noblemen live, the so-called aristocratic area.

Everywhere I looked, I saw a gleaming space lined with mansions that could not be compared to the Baroness Endenberg's house.

As I recall, in the reference book, there was a description that the structure of the aristocratic area itself was designed from an artistic point of view.

 With that in mind, I took a look at it, and sure enough, there is something beautiful about it.

“It's amazing.”

 Misha, who was holding me on her lap, also looked around and let loose.

 The prestige of the Arcadia Kingdom's cityscape seems to steal even the hearts of the nobility.

Schneizel's mansion was located at the back of such a noble district, in other words, in the center of the royal capital.

 As one would expect from a great nobleman, he was allowed to stay near the royal palace.

“We have arrived.”

The carriage stopped in front of another amazingly gorgeous mansion.

It really is a priceless house, but I had seen countless similar buildings before I came here, so I was already full of impressions.

All I can think of to say is, ” This is amazing.”

Misha has probably passed the stage of being impressed by the scenery, but when she sees the house where we will be living, she seems to be getting into the swing of things, saying to herself, “Okay, let's do our best.

“This ain't funny.”

 Schneizel looks bored as he observes our reaction.

 —But then, his expression changed to a big smile.

 I was caught by Schneizel's expression and followed his gaze with my eyes.

 This is the direction where the mansion stands.

 However, what Schneizel is looking at is not the mansion, but the two girls who came out of the door.

'Dad! Welcome back, ——.”

“Wow, it's real.
They are really here.”

 The girls looked familiar.

They were Schneizel's daughters.

The one with more vigor and red hair is Saraswati,

And another one , who walks at her own pace and doesn't seem to be very energetic is Lucy.

 It is not only the names.
I know which one is the older sister and which one is the younger sister, their personalities, favorite foods, and everything else.

There was a lot of emotion and excitement leading up to this point, but these two girls came as a greater shock to me than I had ever imagined.

 Because those two are the main heroines of the game .

—I'm going to live here from now on, right?

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