Chapter 12 .

What awaited me upon my return to Baron Endenberg's house was a warm hospitality from the knights.

 Several knights surrounded me with drawn swords.

 The boy of the house had returned, but this was no more than a reaction in the face of the enemy.

 The reason why they didn't use force is probably because Schneizel is standing next to  me.

 In the world ten years from now, he will be the strongest man in the world, recognized by both self and others.

 Even now, just by standing there, he has an intimidating presence that no one else can match.

“What's this?

“I was only trying to hide it.
—— I'm sorry, I mean.
I thought if I told you, you would refuse to take me as an disciple”.

“Ha, I don't mind.
It's a master's quality to allow an apprentice to be mischievous, isn't it? So what are you going to do? Do you want to push your way through?”

The moment Schneizel said that and turned his gaze to the surroundings, there was an upset among the knights.

 They were ready to fight, and Schneizel was still maintaining his composure.
The difference between the two is so great that it's almost mind-boggling.

 I can't even imagine.

However, it would be a bad idea to get into a fight at this point.

Even I, who am not familiar with this world, can understand that much.

“I don't need to do that. I need to talk to  your father.
Could you please connect me with him right now?”

 So I step forward and open my mouth.

 He turns his attention from Schneizel to me.

It is hard to take in all their consciousness, all the pressure that rides on it, but I cannot say so.

 It is now the critical moment for me to become Schneizel's disciple.

“I can't do that.”

—As expected, the knight who seemed to be the most senior refused.

“Why is that? I am his son “.

I told him that I was in a higher position than him.

But the knight who talks to me gives me a disdainful look in return.

 Hmmm, was this born?

Norwin, was he really a slave from somewhere else that was picked up?

 I don't know.
At any rate, let's explore a little more in the conversation.

“I am aware of that, but I am a knight of the Baron.
I cannot obey the orders of Master Norwin.”


 I can't reply to that, can I?

“In addition, the baron does not allow Norwin to leave the house.
Now, please return quickly.”

 Ah, yes.

 Oh, no.

Even though I was a twenty-something year old, I had no advantage against adults.

Moreover, I was a NEET in the latter half of my life, and was not involved in society at all until I was a high school student.

There is no way I can beat a knight who lives in the aristocratic society in this world with my words.

I'm going to have to work on this part of myself sooner or later.

 What should I do?

The knights in front of me have no intention of letting me meet the head of the household.

At this point, I should really ask Schneizel to force through…

“You are making quite a racket.
I was wondering what was going on.
So that's what this is all about.'

 Suddenly, a calm voice that didn't seem to belong in this situation rang out.

 A warm tone that put all who heard it at ease.

 It was so gentle that both of us, the knight and I, who were staring at each other, involuntarily relaxed.

 But I immediately turned my attention back to the knight.


 Schneizel, the man who was standing next to me and who looked bored even when surrounded by knights, had the most pained look on his face so far today.

'Norwin, you're back.
I was surprised to see you leave on your own, but I was pretty sure you were safe.

 With a smile that was just as inviting as his voice, the gentle man spoke to me.

 Could this be the father?

 He's quite handsome, and if he has his blood in his veins, I'm looking forward to seeing what the future holds for me.

 Well, I don't need the excitement of knowing what he will look like when he grows up, do I? Yeah.
Norwin is not handsome.

 But I'm sure of it…
if you love your son so much, why are you keeping him locked up?

Too much information was getting in my head.

“–I see you for the first time.
I understand that you are the commander of Schneizel's army, and that you are as powerful as the heroes I've heard about.'

“You' re not wrong.”

 The response clearly says on his face that he doesn't like him.

 Schneizel turned his head away.

“This is severe.
It seems that you don't like me .'

'That's just as well.
I'm not sure what to do with the rest of  frys .'

A knight reacting to the word ” fry” unexpectedly touches his sword, but Schneizel gives him a glare that makes him buckle.

Seeing this, the father- in question bowed his head without hesitation.

“I am sorry, sir.
but it seems that my son has not been properly educated”.

“I don't mind.
I don't like when people bow down to me.
Please don't do that.”

“I'm sorry about that.
and, oh, I'm sorry, II forgot name myself .
My name is Nicolas von Endenberg.
Nice to meet you.”

“Nicholas, yes, I remember you.”

 Listening to the exchange between the two, Schneizel's position seems to be by far the highest.

Schneizel is a powerful man who is the commander of a legion and is guaranteed to become a general in the future.
From his point of view, a local baroness is just a piece of wood.

While I was thinking about this and observing their expressions, my eyes met Nicholas's

 He smiles at me.

 He is smiling, but the depths of his eyes are cold and calming.

 It's a piercing gaze, as if peering into the depths of my soul.

 Is he seeing through my thoughts, or am I just assuming too much?

 I'm not sure.

“Now that I've introduced myself, let's get down to business.”

 ”The real business?”

 Don't tell me you're going to blame me for going out on my own?

 I was so surprised that Schneizel took a step forward as if to protect me.

 Oh my God, he's so cool.

“What's the main topic?”

“I was so relieved.
I have no desire to have anything to do with Schneizel's army commander.
It is a gift.”

“For what?”

It would be a disgrace for generations to come if I did not even thank the person who saved my son's life.
I know it's short notice, but I've prepared a welcome party for you.”

Well, I wanted to talk to you about something too.
All right.”

 ”No, , Mr.
Schneizel, don't you have to ask him how he knew that I got you to help me?”

“You want to talk —— about Norwin's discipleship ——.
Shall we talk about that and more in the guest room?”

 My father said this with an almost inscrutable smile, and I was even afraid of him.

What is this creepy character who is supposed to be Norwin's father, i.e., a figure who has nothing to do with the main story?


We arrived at the guest room in house with Nicolas leading the way and sat down on the sofa as he urged us to do.

The room is a different from the main house, a shining space, and even the furnishings are different from the annexe.

Oh, I was certainly given the cold shoulder.

 I can tell at a glance.

 Me, looking around impatiently, and Schneizel, who is sitting down and not moving a muscle.

In contrast, Nicholas sits down in front of us and speaks with a smile on his face.

“First of all  Will you take my son as disciple ?.
Please  train him .”


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