I will perform a move that may change everything, the curse of the Endenberg family, my impotence, and the fate of Crescencia.

 I will put all my feelings into it.

Will you take me as your disciple?”

 —This line should have been said by Arthur, the hero of the story.

 In the middle of the story, he has caused the deaths of many people due to his lack of power, and in order to make a leap forward, he takes a lesson from the strongest person in the world.

 That is the storyline.

 But I will rob him of it.

 I will not have enough power, talent, or perhaps even determination.

 That is why I will gain the strength to survive in this world.

 I will become Schneizel's apprentice here.

 In return, I will throw myself into the days of battle.

 Schneizel is looking for his successor, and if I want to be a candidate for his successor, I have to behave appropriately.

 But I don't care.

 We looked at each other silently for a while.

 Then the pressuree, and the killing intent increase appeared .

 It's as if  to testing  me , as if  he is trying to sift  me out.

 I managed to support my resolve, which was about to collapse at any moment, and I continued to receive them.

 I wondered how many seconds had passed.

“Well, I'd say it was a fair score.”

 Schneizel suddenly released his pressure and patted me on the head.

“So, what do you say?”

“I'll take you on as an disciple”.


 I was filled with a joy that was almost too much to take in.

 I jumped up unintentionally on the spot, and Schneizel continued as if to nail me to the wall.

“Well, it doesn't sound so good to call you my apprentice,.
It's an experiment, so to speak.
I've never had an disciple yet, so I don't know how far to push or how to stretch you.
I'm going to try it all out on and learn from me okay?”

“Sure, I don't mind! I accept it all, I'll be even stronger!”

:All of it, huh? I'm going to ask your parents for permission to become my disciple.:


 That's right.

 An apprenticeship takes place away from the Endenbergs.

 Of course, I was only a five year old kid, so I needed my parents' permission.

, oh no.

 Maybe, I mean definitely, I have never even seen my parents' faces, but I have a feeling that they would never forgive me.

 I can't help but look at Schneizel with a clinging gaze.

 Like earlier, I ask for help.

“Well it's might be a problem “

'I didn't go into your situation earlier because I'm a stranger, but if you're a potential disciple, it's a different story.
Leave it to me.”

  There was the confident smile of a strong man who never doubts his absoluteness.

—I'm already admire him so much.

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