Choi Hyun-Jin had already read the profile before she left for the meeting.
It was probably the same thing with the other headhunters there.

Managing Director Jeon Ji-Yong: I have read all the files and it’s always been tough when it comes to recruiting these rookies.
I feel that it ’s going to be a lot harder with this one.

Executive Director Kim Han-Sol: Nevertheless, he is not only a person with abilities that’s been big in the media, but also well-mannered and sociable.
He could really give a boost to our company’s image.

Managing Director Jeon Ji-Yong: We believe in you, Choi Hyun-Jin! You’re the MVP ^^

It was a do-or-die situation for these companies, and with how serious it was, even someone like Choi Hyun-Jin was gulping nervously.
She had initially joined the Daehun Group as a freelancer and then moved up to being a headhunter, keeping the position for the past eight years and counting.

Choi Hyun-Jin rolled up her sleeves, a habit she had when she was nervous.

‘I can’t chicken out, or else I’ll lose.
Do they really think they can make us sweat by putting him up for auction? Jung Ji-Han thinks he’s hot shit.
In this game, I have the upper hand, bastard,’ she thought to herself.

She knew every detail on Ji-Cheok’s file like the back of her hand.

‘He has no parents, no extended family, and his brother is in law school.
His brother ’s grades were good enough to get him a few scholarships, and they have the same exceptional appearance.
He took on the job of being a Hunter Assistant to help out his brother… There’s no way that their relationship isn’t close,’ Hyun-Jin was checking what she remembered.

She took a sip of her cheap coffee and found it bitter.
She was a bit surprised that the Jungha Group would be serving coffee so cheap that even her dog wouldn’t drink it.
That was probably what the company’s true colors were like, but Um Ji-Cheok was different from them.
Was he a diamond in the rough?

‘Because the Daehun group has good connections with the K university, I think we could win.‘

Choi Hyun-Jin wasn’t the only one pondering about her company ’s offers.
All of the headhunters in the room were all under pressure by their superiors.

‘The chairperson keeps saying that we need to take in Um Ji-Cheok no matter the cost… Why?’ some of the other headhunters were thinking.

Their bosses were the intuitive type — they trusted their gut feeling over rationality, and demanded that Ji-Cheok be recruited at all costs.

‘Will I be able to sign a contract within the budget set by the executive director?’ were worries for other headhunters.

Their bosses were the opposite — calculated and rational, they would pressure the recruiters to stay within the budget and do the job anyway.

Those offering benefits or a cut of the profits were more successful in negotiations compared to those who offered a higher down payment.

‘Yeah, scheduling a meeting like they used to do with celebrities… this kind of honey trap is not going to work anymore.’

Arranging meetings with celebrities to discuss deals was a thing in the past — handsome male headhunters would meet with female actresses and beautiful female headhunters with male actors.
Things were different now, though; the times had changed.
Maybe for the odd chaebol you could arrange a meeting, but for celebrities, it was long past the time when a negotiator could gain an advantage in a deal just by being attractive.

The younger the generation, the more realistic and level-headed they were when it came to their own interests.
‘Plus, isn’t this handsome guy so hardworking and busy that he’s never even dated anyone?’ There was no way Choi Hyun-Jin could simply set a meeting with him and persuade him like that.

‘I’ll have to take a different approach to get his attention.’

The timer finally reached the end of its thirty minutes.

Beep Beep Beep-

The small phone whose alarm went off had cracks and paint peeling off its sides, to the point that it was amazing it still worked.

It was Um Ji-Cheok’s own phone.
He turned off the alarm and took a deep breath.

“I look forward to your proposals.”

Again, he bowed again at a ninety degree angle.
His show of good manners made him more desirable for companies, as they saw his steadfast values and sociability firsthand.

[You have received 1 Like.]

[You have received 1 Like.]

[You have received 1 Like.]

[You have received 1 Like.]

Out of all the rookies these headhunters had met, this youngster had a different kind of hunger for success.

* * *

Choi Hyun-Jin was the first to raise her hand.

“My name is Choi Hyun-Jin and I am from the recruiting division of the Daehun Group.
May I go first?” The polite way Choi Hyun-Jin acted made her stand out compared to the other stone-faced headhunters.

It was a competitive negotiation anyway, and people were willing to change their terms according to someone else’s conditions.
Jung Ji-Han responded before Ji-Cheok was able to speak.

“Let’s go in order.
The Daehun Group will be first to speak, and the next should get ready to raise their hand.
I’ll let you know when to begin.”

Choi Ji-Hyun smiled and gave Jung Ji-Han a cheeky laugh.

“Oh you’re going to be the host today? Haha, okay.
Jungha Group’s younger generation sure seems to have some skill.” She was basically making fun of how someone as young as Jung Ji-Han loved to play boss in these situations.

She then turned to face Ji-Cheok.
“The Daehun Group is prepared to offer you a down payment of four billion won, a five-year contract and the management costs will be fifteen percent while you take the rest of the eighty-five percent,” Choi Hyun-Jin dropped the conditions of the contract.

All sorts of reactions filled the atmosphere, but Choi Hyun-Jin continued unperturbed.

“We can support your brother through K University Law school and guarantee five years of housing.
If you like the house you live in and want to renew your contract, we’ll give it to you for free.”

Ji-Cheok felt his heart pounding hard.
Four billion won.
It was double Jung Ji-Han’s offer, and even though the management costs were five percent higher, wasn’t it still a crazy deal?

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