Ji-Cheok found it difficult to talk to the chaebol, since he had lived his entire life as an ordinary Korean citizen.
He suppressed the instinct that told him to keep his mouth shut and forced himself to speak.

“Wow… Thank you for the offer, but I would like to see what your conditions are first.”

“Alright, let’s talk about them.”

The look in Jung Ji-Han’s eyes changed, and a notification that gave Ji-Cheok chills coincidentally rang at the same time… a bit too well-timed, Ji-Cheok thought.


[Jung Ji-Han is using the high-ranking skill ???.]

[He is trying to confirm whether your word is reliable.]

[Activating Steady Heart to resist the ??? skill.]


[Your rank is too low.]

Ji-Cheok wondered if the skill could discern between a truth and a lie.
Jung Ji-Han must have had some pretty rare skills.
In fact, it was a miracle that Ji-Cheok was even notified through the system message — a normal person would have never even known that the opponent was using a lie detection skill.
It must have been due to Ji-Cheok’s unique System, which was able to detect an opponent’s mood and status.

‘I should definitely not lie.’

Ji-Cheok had to get what he wanted while telling Ji-Han the truth, but he was doubting himself.
Jung Ji-Han revealed the first card he had up his sleeve.

“I understand that you’re concerned, but I’ll offer you the best terms in this field.
I really want to recruit you, Mr.

‘Whoa, okay let’s calm down.’

“I’m sure you already know that All-Rounders have a pretty hefty salary in this field,” Ji-Cheok checked to confirm.

“I see that you want to be paid a lot,” Jung Ji-Han responded.

“Yes, I would like to earn as much as I can.
What do you really think about me?” Ji-Cheok asked in turn.

[Jung Ji-Han is using his skill.]

[Person with abilities, Jung Ji-Han is trying to determine whether you are telling the truth or not.]

[He has confirmed that you are not lying.]

[Um Ji-Cheok is telling the truth.]

Jung Ji-Han began to verify every single word Ji-Cheok was saying.
Impressively, he managed to maintain a perfect poker face even while he was using his skills.

‘Is this due to living the life of a chaebol, or is it because he’s a Hunter? Well, I don’t know.’

Ji-Cheok was certain that Jung Ji-Han had an interest in him, but made sure not to let his guard down.

“It looks like you have all types of skills, from melee to long-distance attacks and even healing powers.
You are also hiding something else, aren’t you?” Ji-Cheok questioned.

“Well, I learned that I should have at least one card up my sleeve while working in the lowest-level position in the world,” Ji-Cheok replied.

“You have the perfect qualities for a Hunter,” Jung Ji-Han was impressed.

“Well, do you have any hidden cards?” Ji-Cheok asked in turn.

“Hahaha, of course.
I need to live longer this time.”

‘This time?’

Ji-Cheok thought that was a weird answer, but it didn’t matter.
Jung Ji-Han’s skill continued judging every single one of his responses as the conversation went on.

[Um Ji-Cheok is telling the truth.]

[Um Ji-Cheok is telling the truth.]

Jung Ji-Han seemed to be unaware that Ji-Cheok knew about the lie detection skill.
Humans would sometimes lie unconsciously, without malice, and since Ji-Cheok wasn’t even doing that, Jung Ji-Han must have found it strange.
He was probably wondering whether Ji-Cheok was actually that much of an honest person, or he did it on purpose for some hidden agenda.
Of course, Ji-Cheok didn’t plan on satisfying Jung Ji-Han’s curiosity.

Jung Ji-Han went lost in thought, then said, “I’d like to offer you two billion won as a down payment, and the terms of the contract are…”

The already massive down payment only kicked off a series of even better conditions for Ji-Cheok.

* * *

“This is as much as I can give you.
What are your thoughts?”

Ji-Cheok felt as if he was being slapped with a stack of cash.
Two billion won down payment, a five-year contract, participating in company battles twice a month, and earning ninety percent from the resources gained through hunting while the company would get ten percent.
Ji-Cheok had essentially hit the jackpot.
This meant that the company was more or less just getting the money back for handling the travel expenses when Ji-Cheok entered a dungeon.

‘What the heck… these terms are too good to be true.’

Ji-Cheok had heard of many other Hunters’ contracts and their conditions, but what he was being offered was even beyond their level.

Jung Ji-Han added one more thing.

“We will also pay for your brother’s law school tuition.
Your brother is working part-time for tuition, right? It’s also going to cost him a lot to open a firm in a decent location.”

Clearly, he had done his homework about Ji-Cheok’s life.

‘He found out this much about me? I thought he was just good-natured, but to think he was also this meticulous…’

“In addition, we’ll assign a personal manager to you.
What do you think?”

“This contract isn’t the best in the world, but it is the best in Korea,” Ji-Cheok replied.

“You would know that, since you have a job with easy access to all this information.
So, your answer is…?” Jung Ji-Han questioned.

Suddenly, the door opened with a beeping sound.


The guy in the door frame was as tall as the door itself and had a handsome face.
He was Ji-Cheok’s younger brother, and he looked back and forth at Ji-Cheok and Jung Ji-Han.

“Oh… you have a guest?” He realized.

“He’s my boss,” Ji-Cheok answered.

Ji-Cheok’s brother looked confused.
Ji-Cheok pulled on his brother’s arm and glared at him to be quiet.

“Is it possible for me to give you an answer later?” Ji-Cheok asked.

Jung Ji-Han nodded.

“Yes, of course.
Please take as long as you want.”

Jung Ji-Han was relaxed, and it would be natural for him to be that way considering the amazing terms he suggested.
He seemed to be confident that no other company would offer better conditions than him.
Ji-Cheok agreed, but he had a hunch that he could squeeze out more than two billion.

A message popped up as soon as Jung Ji-Han said his goodbyes and left.


[Distinguished Person, Jung Ji-Han finds it admirable that you have not told a single lie during your conversation.]

[You have received 3 Likes.]

Ji-Cheok debated whether Jung Ji-Han liked him because of his powers or his honesty, but either way, he must have been surprised.
But then came the usual question: who or what decided how many Likes Ji-Cheok received each time?

“Hey, I heard you’re an Awakened! Why did you stay and help those people? You should have left! No one in their right mind would have stayed!” His brother began shooting questions.

Ji-Cheok noticed the way his brother was slapping his back with a worried face.
It reminded him of his grandfather.

“Oh no, stop! You’re killing your own brother!” Ji-Cheok jokingly complained.

“Oh ho ho, listen to this guy! You don’t even take care of yourself! I was so worried for you!” his brother continued to scold him.

His brother gave him a hug and Ji-cheok noticed how much taller he was, then patted his brother’s back.

“Hyung… you could have died.
Everyone thinks you’re a hero, but did you know your brother here was absolutely terrified?”

Ji-Cheok laughed at those words, but then he noticed his brother’s sweaty armpits and trembling body.

“I thought I was about to lose you, like Mom and Dad.
Hyung… don’t do this to me… seriously.”

Neither Ji-Cheok nor his brother had cried the day they lost their parents, because they couldn’t believe it was true.
They had been too young to remember when their grandfather passed away, but facing their parents ’ joint funeral, they were struck by the cold reality.
They had waited, thinking that their mom would greet them at home and their dad would come back in the evening after work, but neither of those things had ever happened again.
Those days burdened them and weighed heavily on their minds, and the only thing that brought them back to reality was having to pay the bills.
They needed money to afford gas, water, rent, food and clothes.

Ji-Cheok’s brother said, “Hyung, stop what you’re doing.
My scholarship can help pay back the loan debt.

“Do you know how expensive it is to set up a law firm in Seoul?!” Ji-Cheok snapped back.

“Who cares about that? The important thing for me is to make sure my brother is safe.”

With his pleading expression, his brother looked like an innocent big golden retriever with large flapping ears.
Ji-Cheok patted his brother’s back.

“You’re so naive, brother.”

“Do you know you’re the only one who calls me that?” His brother responded.

“You’re just too nice,” Ji-Cheok remarked.

His brother wiped away his tears, but his eyes looked worried that Ji-Cheok would leave him and run away.
Ji-Cheok needed to change the topic.

“I’m hungry!” He said abruptly.

“What? You’re hungry?”

His brother was the type that couldn’t stand seeing his hyung, Ji-Cheok, hungry.

‘Yup, that’s the naive and gullible person I know.’

“I’m starving to death! I haven’t eaten anything since yesterday.”

“Umm… right.

“Can’t we talk about this while we’re eating?

“Hyung… are you injured anywhere?”

“Eating will help me recover faster!”

Ji-Cheok’s brother furrowed his handsome eyebrows.

‘Wow, I’m distracting him so well!’ Ji-Cheok chuckled internally.

“Alright, I’ll make sure to cook all the food you like! What do you want to eat?”

“Army stew[1], uhh… stir-fried potatoes, and…” Ji-Cheok began listing the foods he was craving.

“I’ll make sure to make the best meal that you’ve ever eaten, tell me everything you want.”

His brother looked determined as he walked into the kitchen and put on an apron.

Yes, he was a really kind brother.

* * *

‘This guy’s cooking skills have improved big time.’

Ji-Cheok was satisfied by the food and his stomach was completely stuffed.

“You must be a secret MasterChef winner.
How did you manage to make such a good army stew with only spam and Vienna sausages as ingredients?”

“Never mind, sit down and let ’s keep talking.
I’ll slice some apples for you.
Why are you so skinny, Hyung?”

“Every time I run into you, you keep calling me skinny.
Others must really think I am skinnier than a toothpick,” Ji-Cheok rolled his eyes.

“No, really, you need to gain some weight.”

Ji-Cheok was in decent shape, with developed shoulder muscles from all the rough work he had to do for his job.
His brother had no business calling him skinny, dying from starvation, underweight, and all that, all while trying to prepare massive amounts of food for him.
That ’s why he nicknamed his brother “Mom.”

[You have received 1 Like!]

[You have received 1 Like!]

Ever since he had uploaded his video on GodTube, the Likes and recommendations to watch his video continued to climb in real-time.

As Ji-Cheok continued catching up with his brother over sliced apples, there was a commotion from down below.

“It’s pretty noisy down there.”

“Don’t worry about it.” Ji-Cheok brushed off his concern.
His phone suddenly rang, and as he was about to pick it up, his brother’s phone rang too.

“Hyung, look outside,” his brother said with a serious look on his face.

People and various media outlets had gathered in front of the building.
The dormitory guard was blocking them from going inside, but the group continued to get bigger.

“Hyung, there are headhunters in the crowd from famous guilds.
Oh my God…”

Someone knocked on the door.

“I’m the concierge! Please do something about the people outside,” he desperately yelled.

“What the heck is this…?” Ji-Cheok muttered.
His brother put down the apple he was slicing.

“You don’t need to go outside if you don’t want to, Hyung.” His eyebrows furrowed again.

“Yenno, I’m your big brother,” Ji-Cheok reassured him.

“Yeah, I know but..”

“It’ll be okay.”

‘Wow, my heart feels like it’s going to explode.’

Ji-Cheok was the kind of average person who would even be nervous when he had to give a class presentation.
There was no way he would be comfortable with the number of people and cameras that were waiting for him.
His hands were already clammy.
He also knew that if this was how nervous he was, his brother was probably sweating bullets.

Trying to act like it was nothing, Ji-Cheok patted his brother’s shoulder.

“You’re getting worried over this? Someone like you, who wants to be a lawyer?”


“Stop worrying.”

His brother pondered for a long time while Ji-Cheok ran his fingers through his hair.

“Alright, everything’s going to be fine.
Might as well get this over with.
It’ll be fine, you ’re a good-looking hyung.
Don’t you remember, growing up, how people told you that you’ll become a celebrity?”

“You’re acting exactly like Mom would if she was alive, really.” Ji-Cheok rolled his eyes.

“You’re just so good-looking, it’s a waste you’re not doing anything with your face,” his brother smirked.

Ji-Cheok tried to straighten his hair with his hands and threw on some presentable clothes.

“Here, take it.
You don’t ever spend money on clothes, Hyung” His brother took off the jacket he was wearing and gave it to Ji-Cheok.
It looked pretty good when he put it on as his brother suggested.

“Whoa, just arranging your clothing makes you look like a celebrity,” his brother praised, and Ji-Cheok thought about how his mom would make the same comment.

This situation was just like the dramas Ji-Cheok had seen, and now it was time for him to play his own role.

Korean fusion stew with American processed foods such as spam, sausages, baked beans with Korean kimchi, instant noodles and gochujang

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