>- I can’t see what he purchased from the store through the video.
Is it just me?

Experts say that outsiders can’t see what the Awakened buy, and the shop also won’t appear in photos, due to a dimensional interference phenomenon.

– Whoa, he’s so good.
He’s tanking, attacking, and healing by himself.
Guilds will fight for him.

– He’s just as cool as I am!

↳Shut up.

– I’m more amazed that the guy filmed this and uploaded it to GodTube.
How the fuck can someone just so happen to have a body cam and film something like this? Something’s weird.

↳It’s not like a Gate can be opened with money.
This guy must have wanted to take the first video after being Awakened.

↳What the hell are you trying to say? Thanks to him, my mom came back safely.
I’ll kill you if you talk shit about him, you punk!!!!!

↳I can’t speak my mind?

↳Even if he saved you, you would still ask him to do more things for you, you fucker.

There were very few malicious comments; most of the netizens were talking about how deeply they were moved by Ji-Cheok’s actions and bravery.

– He’s so hot.

– He’s good-looking and even talented at fighting.

– Well, I’m more handsome than him, but his face is not bad.

↳Shut up.

↳Go fuck yourself.

– I’m one of the paramedics in that scene, and he was such an amazing person.
He fought without fear and saved many lives.
He was probably scared since he’s just a freshman Awakened, but he stood firm until the end.
I remember that there were some other low-ranked Awakened around, and they were sorry that they couldn’t fight together as their ability wasn’t enough for that battle.
Fighting monsters is simply that scary, and it must have been a difficult choice.
I’m just so grateful for him.

*I don’t intend to disparage those Hunters who gave up fighting monsters in that situation.

↳ Thank you for letting us know.

↳ Thanks for the information.

↳ Why were the low-ranked Awakened hiding behind this guy? They could’ve helped with something, even if they didn’t attack.
Where are my taxes going?

↳ This guy’s crazy.
Real-life isn’t a game, and there are so many people who can’t actually fight even though they’re trained for combat.

Ji-Cheok thought that it made sense.
Before he started working as a Hunter Assistant, he had also believed that the Awakened were the best fighters and were fearless.
That was because the media only showed this one side of them.
In fact, newly-Awakened Hunters like Ji-Cheok were pretty much ordinary people.
Like anyone else, they got hurt when they fought, and they got scared when they bled.
They were human too, and they felt fear.

It was a rare occurrence these days, but many of them had died in the past when they were forced to fight the monsters.

‘Let’s see who called…’

Ji-Cheok scrolled down his call history and finally came upon a familiar number.
It was the number of Jung Ji-Han — the person he had seen not too long ago praising him on TV.
Immediately, Ji-Cheok called the number and someone picked it up before the third ring.


“Ah, I’m so sorry for not picking up your call earlier, Team Leader, I was sleeping,” Ji-Cheok said.

He heard a low-pitched laughter at the end.

“Sorry? No, I need to be thanking you.
And you’re up just in time, I’m right in front of your house.”

“Huh?” Ji-Cheok was confused.

Both on the phone and by the door, Ji-Cheok could hear the loud ‘ding-dong’.

* * *

Ji-Cheok opened the front door in a frenzy and was greeted by his team leader.

“I’m so sorry, you’ve come to my place and I have nothing ready for guests! This is what it’s like living in the men’s dorm.”

“Oh, don’t worry, I brought you something.” Jung Ji-Han had come prepared.
He pulled a large bottle of juice out of this rare salamander bag.
The glass bottle was bigger than the bag itself, but of course that such a high-grade bag could handle some stretching.
The cursive letters on the bottle didn’t look like English, and it seemed to be some sort of expensive import brand.

While Ji-Cheok was pouring out the juice, he glanced at Jung Ji-Han and wondered what the latter was thinking about his narrow dorm room.

‘How embarrassing…’

Jung Ji-Han had been living like a boujee for his entire life, so he probably thought that Ji-Cheok’s dorm was shabby and crappy.
Even so, for some reason, he still looked at Ji-Cheok with admiration.

“I always knew that you lived your life with great integrity.”

‘Um… yeah, as you can see, my room has just the bare essentials.
Seems like that means I “live with integrity”.
Yeah, sure.

Ji-Cheok laughed.

“No way.
I can’t accept such praise.”

[Person with abilities, Jung Ji-Han admires your character.]

[You have received 1 Like.]

The system labeled Jung Ji-Han differently from the citizens Ji-Cheok had previously saved.
Was it because he was some sort of important character? Or were there other conditions too? There was no way to know.
But there was actually something that Ji-Cheok knew for sure: the system messages never lied.
As such, it surprised him that Jung Ji-Han was looking at him in such a good light.

“By the way, I also found out by watching the broadcast that you are an Awakened,” Ji-Cheok pointed out to Jung Ji-Han.

Jung Ji-Han nodded slightly.
“Yeah, I didn’t share it with the world until now I guess.”

As a chaebol, Ji-Han was one of the very few people in the country with such high status.
It seemed like there were a lot of things he had to be worried about, even within his own class.

“The reason why I came here in such a hurry is to make you an offer.”

“Yes?” Ji-Cheok was interested.

“Right now, you’re a Hunter Assistant and you only work part-time.
Since you’ve Awakened, isn’t it time you started working as a Hunter? Sign a contract with me.” Jung Ji-Han directly stated his offer.

He threw a fast one with no strings attached.
This was the first time in Ji-Cheok’s life that he’d heard of something like this actually happening.
He’d only catch stories of SSS-Rank Hunters in passing.
Big companies would indeed go out of their way and proactively scout these Hunters to work for them.
However, wasn’t it rare for rookies to get such an offer? Ji-Cheok was caught off-guard.
He was a little dazed as he found himself becoming the main character of one such story.

His heart was pounding loudly, as if it was about to leap out of his chest.

Jyu-Oh is a parody of a Korean matchmaker company advertisement, this company specializes in matching people by calculating their class, status, physical attributes etc.

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