After Ji-Cheok finished the massage, Mr.
Kim stood up and jumped with joy.
“Wow! I feel like I’ve gotten 10 years younger!”

“You’re exaggerating,” someone said.

“I’m telling you, it’s so good! The stiffness in my shoulders just melted away!” Mr.
Kim proclaimed, and everyone burst into laughter.
They were all surprised at how refreshed Mr.
Kim looked, while praising Ji-Cheok’s skills which were comparable to a professional’s

Pulling his shoulders back and straightening his posture with confidence, Ji-Cheok said out loud, “Everybody, line up! I’ll give each and every one of you a massage!”

He had thought they would like his offer, since it cost them nothing, but the faces of the middle-aged men turned rigid, and one of them spoke, “Um, you’re going to faint from exhaustion if you give all of us a massage.”

“It ’s okay, we were just looking, ” another one added.

These people weren’t used to getting things for free.
On top of that, they went way back since the group had started working together from the bottom.
It was hard labor.

If one collapsed at work, they would have to rest for a few days without income.
No one could afford to be sick and stuck with hospital bills, which explained their hesitation.

“You offered to go with me to headquarters and get scolded together, so let me massage your shoulders,” Ji-Cheok said.

“If you faint, Um, I’ll cover for you.
Seeing how my shoulders are in great condition, I can totally do it.” Mr.
Kim cheered and gestured with a strong fist, everyone bursting into laughter at the sight.

Then, Mr.
Lee mustered the courage to speak.
“Yeah, I’ll help cover for Um too if he collapses.Two are better than one.”

“Three are good too, right?” Mr.
Jung chimed in.

“Come on already, all seven of you can cover for me instead,” Ji-Cheok urged.

And that was how he managed to give everyone a massage.

[You have received 1 Like.]

Of course, everyone had given him a Like.
For those who didn’t raise their thumb first, Ji-Cheok would raise his and ask, “Wasn’t it good?”

That was how people were.
All he did was just go along with the flow.
Also, there was something else he wanted to try.

‘How about I put some mana into my massage?’

The Massage skill was not magical itself — instead, it was a physical skill, like swimming or hand standing.
But since it was said that using mana would make any skill more effective…

“Wow… my body feels stronger! I haven’t felt like this in a long while.”

The response from the mana was immediate and even one drop of its magic felt refreshing.
That went without saying, since it was the same mana typically used when fighting with orcs and goblins.
It was crazy to channel mana in something like a shoulder massage.

‘If the Hunters find out that I’m doing this, they might start questioning why my massages are so good.
I better keep it a secret from the guys.’

Then, a notification went off.


[You have greatly helped a sick patient.
Skill XP bonus!]

[You have increased your Massage rank.]

[Massage Rank E.]

[Your Skill effect has increased.]

what’s this?”

It looked like the more ill people Ji-Cheok treated, the higher the bonus he would be awarded.
Come to think of it, there wasn’t a single middle-aged man here who wasn’t tired or sore.
Pain patches had become a daily routine for Ji-Cheok as well, and the people who had worked for longer periods jokingly called each other a ‘human general hospital’, with how much pain they had to go through.

“Seriously, this massage is so good, it’s probably the best I’ve ever received in my life.
Um, where did you learn to massage like that?” Mr.
Kang praised.


Kang stretched his arm behind his back.

“Whoa, Mr.
Didn’t you say you couldn’t even raise your arms because of muscle cramps?” someone else asked.

“My soreness wasn’t going away, even after getting acupuncture at the clinic, but now it’s all gone!” Mr.
Kang exclaimed.

Everyone’s eyes opened wide in surprise.

[You have awakened the secret of massaging.]

[You have increased your Massage rank.]

[Massage Rank D.]

[Your Healing power has increased!]

Ji-Cheok then spoke in high spirits.
“The rest of you come here, I’ll give you a satisfying massage.”

“It’s the hand of healing, the hand of healing!” the others chanted.

“Oh my God… What is this…”

[You have received 1 Like.]

[You have received 1 Like.]

[You have received 1 Like.]

Everyone who got a massage from him was shocked by how good it was and gave Ji-Cheok a thumbs-up.
Even the driver, Mrs.
Jung, came over and got a massage from him.


“That was a bit loud.
Doesn’t it hurt?” Ji-Cheok asked concerningly.

“It’s amazing, nothing hurts at all.
How in the hell did you do that, Um?” Mrs.
Jung asked with her eyes wide open, to which Ji-Cheok raised his thumb and replied,

“I’m just happy that it relieved your pain.”

Jung raised both of her thumbs along with him.

“Oh my, my soreness is completely gone.”

[You have received 2 Likes.]

[You have greatly improved the condition of a sick patient!]

[Skill XP bonus!]

Ji-Cheok collected 34 Likes from giving massages.

After investing 2 Likes into purchasing the massage skill and 15 Likes to increase his mana, he had raked in double his original investment and even obtained skill experience bonuses! That was a crazy return!

‘Wow, this really works!’


“A body cam? Is that what all of you are here for?” Team Leader Jung Ji-Han asked as the group approached him after their shift had ended.

He wore thin silver-rimmed glasses and a neat hair parting.
He looked like a boujee as he wore a black suit on top of his well-maintained body, along with a faint smell of premium lotion.
On top of that, limited edition luxury bags were strewn beneath his desk with some made of rare salamander monster leather.

Ji-Cheok was stunned when he recognized items auctioned on GodTube for 3 billion won.

‘It’s probably a fake, right? No way that is real.’

‘Don’t tell me there’s a guy who just throws a 3-billion-won salamander bag around.’

With a good-looking face like his, there was no doubt that Jung Ji-Han was on a magazine cover somewhere.

‘Is he a model? Yeah, he definitely is… ‘

“Isn’t there anyone else in the management department? Of all the people you could have approached, why did you ask me, the youngest one?” Jung Ji-Han asked, implying that he wasn’t in the position to give such permissions.
However, Mr.
Kim had mentioned something before.


— There are rumors of nepotism surrounding Team Leader Jung Ji-Han, saying that he’s the grandson of our group’s Chairman, Jung Man-Deuk.
They look exactly alike.
Plus, it hasn ’t been that long since he joined the company, but he’s already climbed to the position of team leader.

— Really?

Ji-Cheok didn’t believe it.

— Yeah, I’ve also noticed that the executive directors remain in the office until Jung Ji-Han goes home.
It’s not just a gut feeling, I saw it.
Mmm… oh yeah, he seems to be taking management classes.

When Ji-Cheok asked where he got that information, Mr.
Kim replied.

— I heard it from the building janitor, Mr.
He’s pretty sharp and pays attention to everything.


Just then, more employees entered the team leader’s office.
Some of them were smiling, some expressionless or even frowning, but everyone felt the same tension.
It was nerve wracking.

As the office door closed, Team Leader Jung Ji-Han tapped his ballpoint pen on the table as he contemplated the matter.
The silence felt like an eternity and Ji-Cheok was getting impatient.

Um, isn’t your contract renewal due in two months?” Jung Ji-Han asked.

“Yes, yes! You’re right,” Ji-Cheok responded.

‘Does that mean you’re going to fire me when it’s over?’

Ji-Cheok’s gut told him that something wasn’t right.
Although he had become an Awakened, he was still useless when it came to combat situations.

‘He isn’t about to fire me because he can’t tell the good from the bad[1], right?’

“Can everyone please give us the room?” Jung Ji-Han asked.

“W…wait, hold on.
It’s because I tempted him! ” Mr.
Kim exclaimed.

‘Isn’t Mr.
Kim getting ahead of himself? Or is he trying to shoulder the blame? I can’t allow that.’ Mr.
Kim was such a nice person, but how could he afford to bring food to the table if he were to get on Jung Ji-Han’s bad side?

Ji-Cheok hurriedly pushed Mr.
Kim’s arm away.
“Yes sir!”

Ji-Cheok shot a side glance, wondering if the others were helping hold Mr.
Kim back.
Kim had done everything within his means, and his family should come first.
As for Ji-Cheok, he would be fine, since he was still young.
Plus, since he had Hunter abilities, he could handle some things by himself.

The previously crowded room instantly felt spacious after everyone left, leaving Jung Ji-Han and Ji-Cheok alone.

“Honestly, I never expected such a request to come from a Hunter Assistant, and you even did it as a group.
You’ve got a lot of courage.” Jung Ji-Han said firmly as he sat across from Ji-Cheok.


Ji-Cheok barely caught the last bus to return to his dormitory after his conversation with Jung Ji-Han concluded.
He took a seat at the back of the bus and blankly fidgeted with the folder given by Jung Ji-Han in his hand.

— I approve of this, but I should be the one asking for the favor.
I’ve actually been looking for someone suitable as well.

Jung Ji-Han gave Ji-Cheok an answer without even consulting with his superior.
Did he actually have that authority, or were there other plans in place?

— There’s no need for a revenue share, since we won’t interfere, but instead…

The conditions Jung Ji-Han listed were bullshit.
Not that it mattered to Ji-Cheok, since there was no real reason for him to refuse.

‘The rumor about him being the chairman’s grandson must be true.’

More accurately, he was one of the few grandchildren the chairman had.
The Jung family consisted of Jung Man-Deuk, an SSS-Rank Hunter, and his children and grandchildren.
Jung Man-Deuk’s spouse had been an outstanding Hunter in the United States, but she had already died.
No one really knew what had happened.

Several streamers on GodTube had made various speculations, but Jung Man-Deuk stopped them with his team of 70 lawyers.

— I plan on stepping out into the limelight like my brothers and sisters.
Do you think you’ll be able to get a lot of views?” Jung Ji-Han asked.

When Ji-Cheok suggested hiring an expert, Jung Ji-Han smirked in response.

— No, it would be better if it was shot in a shabbier and rawer setting.
I would like to give you a down payment, but it’d be traced down.
Don’t worry, though, you will be greatly rewarded in the next stage.

Ji-Cheok found it hard to guess Jung Ji-Han’s motives, since the latter barely met the men at work, so there was no way of figuring them out based on his current knowledge.
Jung Ji-Han’s reputation was actually great; there weren ’t any strife or scandals between him and the employees.
He would always talk about work only, he never discussed anything personal, and he was known to keep his promises.
Ji-Cheok had heard that his expression was rigid like a mannequin’s, but after the meeting today, he wasn’t so sure anymore.
Jung Ji-Han looked quite normal to him.

On the other hand, Ji-Cheok had also heard Jung Ji-Han was labeled the ‘unicorn’ by his subordinates in this shitty nonsense hierarchy.

‘I don’t care if he’s the real deal or not, I’m happy as long as they give me permission to film and won’t ask for a cut.’

The file contained a filming permit with the seal of Jung Ji-Han and several executive directors.
He had electronically signed the document, and when he sent it out, the executive directors immediately stamped it and sent it back.
Jung Ji-Han had printed it out and handed it over to Ji-Cheok.
It definitely looked like he was the Managing Director.

No, well, come to think of it, that was in fact how things were.
The Jungha Group was run by Chairman Jung Man-Deuk and his descendants, a true modern-day royal family.
Thanks to them, Hunters were given a small bodycam that could be attached to their chest.
It was easy to turn off and on and could handle any kind of shock or blow.

‘Come to think of it, a lot happened today.’

Ji-Cheok had received 87 Likes today.
Even after lunch, he had continued massaging people during his breaks.
The assistants from other teams had come asking for a shoulder massage, and he had kept going until he had reached his limit.

‘Isn’t this enough to buy some useful offensive or defensive skills?’

This was no fantasy.
He had made 87 Likes by investing 17 Likes in the beginning.
He unexpectedly had a knack for gaining Likes.
Maybe this was the result of all the novels and GodTube videos he had been consuming in his spare time.
Above all, his job was pretty helpful.

Even though it was late into the night, cars still filled the streets of Seoul.
Just then…


Ji-Cheok looked out the window as something that looked like a meteor flew by in the distance.

‘A light?’

And the light fell.


The bus shook as the loud sound filled Ji-Cheok’s ears.

The Korean expression here, 똥인지 된장인지, literally translates to ‘distinguishing poop from miso/soybean paste.’

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