iting real estate offices.

“An advantage to apartments is that they employ a security guard 24/7, but they’re hard to renovate, not to mention you don’t really have privacy from the neighbors.
Houses might be less safe since you don’t have guards all the time, but they’re easy to renovate and can be completely private,” Ji-Cheok said.

All the houses he had seen today seemed to lack just that one little something.
He thought that maybe it was because his standards were too high, as he was buying his first house.

“A luxury villa checks off everything we’re looking for, and they’re popular these days,” Ji-Cheok added.

“The properties from the Daehun Group?” Mu-Cheok asked.

“Yes, the building they were going to begin working on soon.”

Choosing the right house was a hard decision.

“If we’re sure about the luxury villa, we could build our house the way we want to right from the get-go, so that we don’t need to renovate later…” Ji-Cheok muttered.

Mu-Cheok raised an eyebrow at Ji-Cheok’s words.

“Look before you leap, Hyung.
We’ll get taken advantage of, and they’ll definitely charge us extra,” Mu-Cheok replied.

“Even if they know we’ll sue them?” Ji-Cheok asked.

“Are you willing to take the time and pay the costs of filing a complaint?” Mu-Cheok countered.
There was an old story that spoke of someone adamant about building their dream house.
But when the house was actually built, water leaked from the ceiling whenever it rained, mold grew on the tiles, and a group of termites swarmed into the living room.
Mu-Cheok continued.

“People think that a lawsuit would solve everything, but a favorable verdict only compensates through damages paid, not by restoring people in their pre-contractual positions.
Also, the damages paid might only partially compensate for the actual losses.
It’s particularly tricky to get punitive damages that would deter companies from taking advantage of their customers, especially in the construction sector where a lot of cash is dealt.”


“Why are you looking at me like that, Hyung?”

“You really know your stuff,” Ji-Cheok replied.

Mu-Cheok scratched his head awkwardly at Ji-Cheok’s words.
He was happy with his brother’s compliment, as he was still at an age when people were desperate for validation.

“I think it would be more rational to purchase a retired Hunter’s house,” Ji-Cheok suggested.

“That’s a brilliant idea, Hyung.
Since the government charges lower taxes for transactions between Hunters, the transferred income tax will be reduced as well,” Mu-Cheok said.



“Wow, you’re so smart.
I haven’t thought that far yet,” Ji-Cheok praised his younger brother.

“Nah, I just added on to your idea.
I haven’t planned that far out ahead either, Hyung.
I think it’s a really good idea, but we won’t be able to work this out with a regular real estate agent,” Mu-Cheok answered.

“Yeah, the timing has to be right, too.”

“Yes, we have to wait until someone sells one,” Mu-Cheok confirmed.

Then, Ji-Cheok’s phone rang.
It was Jung Ji-Han, and surprisingly, Mu-Cheok was delighted to see his name.

What a coincidence.
Someone who can actually find us some real estate is calling,” Mu-Cheok said.

“People might think we planned for this all along… Haha, I’ll answer,” Ji-Cheok chuckled.

— Hello, Mr.

“Oh, hi, Mr.
Jung Ji-Han…” he responded.
Ji-Cheok was not sure how he should address Ji-Han.

— Just call me whatever you think is best.
It’s fine if you want to leave out the formalities.

As much as Ji-Han appeared completely fine with Ji-Cheok dropping the formalities, the latter was still worried that Ji-Han would slap him if he actually did that.

“No, I can’t do that.
How would you like to be called?” Ji-Cheok insisted.

— Well, it’s pretty sad that you don’t think we’re close enough to talk comfortably.

“If you don’t mind, I’ll just call you the way I used to.”

— I guess we’ll stick to what we already have.
Also, you should start calling me president or CEO now, since we have just set up a subsidiary.

“Subsidiary?” Ji-Cheok wondered what was going on.

— Yes, it’s a subsidiary specialized in Hunters.
We’re still thinking about the name of the company, but I’ll let you know as soon as possible.
You’ll be hired directly by that company, and we are planning to gather only elites.”

Ji-Cheok didn’t understand what potential Ji-Han saw in him.
He was just about to smile and express his thanks, when he made eye contact with Mu-Cheok.
Mu-Cheok’s eyes looked like the big, droopy eyes of a Golden Retriever, and he stared at Ji-Cheok without smiling, silently warning him not to trust people easily.

“Then, I’ll call you President Jung,” Ji-Cheok said.

— What about just Jung?

“Hahaha, no, I couldn’t…”

When Ji-Cheok refused again, Ji-Han said regretfully.

— You’re so good at toying with me.
People usually get impatient and drop the formalities even before I tell them to.

That made sense to Ji-Cheok, because Ji-Han was the grandson of the Jungha Group’s Chairman.
Everyone would be eager to get close to a powerful guy like him, but he was a very difficult person to understand.

Just then, Ji-Cheok also remembered the headhunter that the System had labeled as an “Advisor.” Chief Headhunter Choi Hyun-Jin’s warning, as well as all the rumors about Ji-Han, made Ji-Cheok cautious.
On top of that, Ji-Han was never transparent with his feelings.
Ji-Cheok knew that even though he was a rookie, he wasn’t performing well enough to be able to get friendly with Ji-Han.
He wasn’t even close to understanding the latter’s thoughts.
Ji-Han, in turn, seemed rather irked by Ji-Cheok’s defensive attitude.

— Anyway, back on the topic, the Hunter test papers have been finalized.

“Hunter test? Things have been processed faster than I expected.”

— Yes.
Since you used to be a Hunter Assistant, you get an exemption from the written test.
You can take the practical exam right away.

Every Hunter registered as such and declared all their abilities through the Hunter test.
The government would record these skills and the Hunters would receive tax benefits in return for upholding the appropriate responsibilities.
This also allowed the government to prevent Hunters from dying during their first hunt.
The Hunter class list was strictly managed to prevent a Hunter from entering a gate higher than their ability, since that would be a purposeless death and a massive loss to the country.

“I didn’t know Hunter Assistants are exempt from the written test.
Is it because we’ve already taken something similar during our Hunter Assistant certification?”

— Yes, because the Hunter Assistant certification is more difficult than the Hunter written exam.
Assisting the Hunters is challenging for ordinary people who don’t have Skills, Ji-Han explained.

“Ah, I see,” Ji-Cheok realized.

— A solid grasp of the basic ecology of monsters, plus the procedures for disposing of corpses and handling poison… all the requirements are hard and strict.
Only incredibly smart people pass this exam.

Ji-Cheok quietly chuckled as Ji-Han tried to flatter him.

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