Chapter 28: Vidello-san, You’re Still the Same After All (NSFW)

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“Why is it different from last time?”

Before, I was just barely an adult at best.

I thought deeply and suddenly realized why.

I had taken a small amount when the bottle fell over, but today I gulped down nearly half of the bottle.
That was what was different.

“…Ah, maybe I can adjust my age by changing how much I drink…? Wow, this potion really is dangerous.
It definitely shouldn’t be revealed to the public.” 

If an underage child was forced to take this to manipulate their age, no one would ever suspect that something inappropriate was done to them while they were under the influence of the potion.
Criminals could commit all the crimes on children they wanted. 

“But Mac, you wouldn’t misuse this, would you?”

“I won’t! Because if I get caught, I can’t be with you anymore!”

I turned my head to avoid facing him.
My appearance was even older than him right now, and I wondered what Vidello-san thought of me.
Hypothetically speaking, I now looked like a man who could hold him.
If he were to tell me that he didn’t have any desire for me with this appearance, I don’t know what I’d do.

I looked depressed, and Vidello-san put his arms around my waist. 

“I think I’m a very lucky guy,” he said while he happily hugged me. 


I had no idea about what was going through his mind. 

“From the younger Mac to this good-looking Mac, I get to cherish and love all of you.”


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I was afraid that he would come to dislike me, but all my useless worries disappeared into thin air when I saw his gentle, loving expression.
I was so happy.

I almost closed my eyes to accept his incoming kiss, but then I suddenly remembered something important and stopped him by covering his mouth. 

“Not yet! I haven’t rinsed my mouth out yet! If you get affected by this potion, you might arrest me yourself!”

In a panic, I moved away from his embrace and hurried to the sink. 

I gargled about 5 times and checked whether the sickly-sweet taste was still left in my mouth.
After I’d confirmed that there wasn’t any of it left, I nodded in satisfaction and returned to Vidello-san. 

This time, I’d kiss him properly. 

Maybe it was because we were nearly the same height, but it somehow felt strange when our lips touched. 

“I’m glad I didn’t get carried away and chug the whole bottle,” I murmured when his lips left mine. 

At these words, he chuckled. 

“Well, you’d still be a wonderful man.”

“Are you serious? Vidello-san, I’d be a really old man though? Well, I guess I’m pretty old right now anyway.” 

“You don’t look old; more like a handsome, middle-aged man.
It’s different from when I’m with the younger you.”

I was glad that he wasn’t pushing himself to butter me up, but I was uncomfortable thinking of him being with me when I looked so much older. 

If Vidello-san were to become a handsome, middle-aged gentleman instead… Now that would be completely different.
I wasn’t going to use it on him, so I would only be able to imagine it. 

“Will you still do it with me even when I look like this?” 

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Of course, I was still worried about that.
Next time, I’d be careful and just drink a tiny amount of the potion. 

When I looked straight into his eyes, he closed his eyes in happiness and hugged me tightly. 

I suddenly felt like I was floating and hurriedly put my arms around his neck to steady myself. 

I was about the same build as Vidello-san, but he carried me in his arms as if I weighed nothing.
Wow, as expected of the strength of a gatekeeper. 

His muscles were really amazing.

I remembered when I was with him, and images of his well-toned muscles came to mind in a flash.
I was blushing hard remembering those intimate moments we’d shared and gripped tighter around his neck. 

He carried me to the bed and gently put me down. 

Seeing the materials we had used before lying on the table next to the bed, including the jelly-like lubricant, I felt like he had seen through my intentions and knew I wanted to share intimate time with him. 

He removed my clothes without any hesitation and picked up the same [Hot Jelly] we used the other day. 

The slimy [Hot Jelly] was spread onto my stomach and, bit by bit, warmth spread through my whole body. 

His hands were painting my whole body and all the pleasurable sensations forced out moan after moan.
I was intoxicated with pleasure under his godly hands, and a single teasing lick on my nipple sent a ripple through my whole body. 

“Ah, huh, why?”

My nipple felt really good and all his caresses seemed so heavenly. 

This felt a lot better than last time. 

He kept me drowning in an ocean of pleasure, lightly biting my nipples, sucking, licking, and playing with them in between bites, and used all his technique on me.
I was so overwhelmed with all the new sensations, and Vidello-san was unrelenting.

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Ah, ah! He still hadn’t touched my penis yet.
I had become so hard with just a little licking on my nipples that it throbbed and hurt.
Moreover, he still hadn’t even touched my sensitive scar!

My hips were all tingly with just gentle sucking.
With his tongue technique, I couldn’t keep my hips still anymore and it felt like my whole body was already in heaven. 

“Wait, my nipples, wait… Ah!”

“Are you sure, Mac?”

Don’t ask! Stop playing with my nipples! 

I was too embarrassed to cum from Vidello-san just teasing my nipples. 

This was only the second time my body experienced this kind of pleasure.

Why was I this sensitive?! I wondered if there was something wrong with me. 

His hands were slowly but steadily spreading the jelly all over me, carefully avoiding my sensitive parts.
This felt like he was torturing and teasing me on purpose. 

I was feeling this overwhelmed just from my nipples, and my penis was so hard I didn’t know if I was lost in pleasure or in pain anymore. 

What was he doing to me!!

Hnnn, Vidello-san, don’t tease me anymore, touch me!!”

He had been teasing me all over for a while, slowly crawling back to my butt, to my waist, traveling all over me and carefully avoiding my raging penis.
I was so frustrated!

He showed no intention of stopping his caresses on my nipples and my moans kept getting louder and louder. 

“Touch you? Where do you want me to touch you…? Is it here?” He whispered in my ears with a low, husky voice as his hands crawled back to my butt. 

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I shook my head in disapproval, and he asked again while his fingers crawled between my butt cheeks to where we had made love before. 

“No, touch my… nnn!”

I was about to ask him directly to touch my dick, but then, he suddenly inserted his fingers into my hole and I gasped in surprise. 

Before I knew it, he had smoothly and skillfully spread my legs in front of him. 

He thrust his fingers deep into me, endlessly pleasuring me from inside without giving me a moment’s rest. 

No, not there! I wanted you to touch my dick! 

I was so desperate to cum that I reached out to grab my own throbbing erection. 

The moment I grasped it, blood rushed to my head. 

His gentle bites and merciless assault on my deepest parts threw me into such ecstasy that my whole body was twitching from pleasure.
I couldn’t stop frantically pleasuring myself. 

All the wild stimulation pouring into me at once brought me to the peak and my hand fell away as I lost the strength to keep stroking and gave in to a powerful orgasm.

“Ah, ah…..!”

While I tried to catch my breath after cumming, Vidello-san finally let go of my nipples and pulled his fingers out of my hole. 

He was still locked between my legs and leaned down to give me kisses. 

While I responded to his kisses with a gasp and a moan, I felt a warm pressure where his fingers had just left. 

In between our passionate kisses, he gently inserted his dick into me.

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