Chapter 22: Once My Pants Were Off, This Happened (NSFW)

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“Eh, seriously…? Why…?”


“Perhaps, because your body has grown.
By the looks of it, you’re not a minor anymore.”


“No way! Thank god.
I thought I was going to have to live with that embarrassing stain on my pants!”


While I was relieved about being able to take off my stained underwear, I noticed Vidello-san staring intently.
My eyes followed his gaze… directly to my privates, which were beginning to stand at attention.


I was buck naked, wasn’t I!


“Vi, Vidello-san, um, underwear, please…”


My exposed lower body was really embarrassing, so I gently leaned forward and covered my privates with my hands.
But instead of handing over my pants, Vidello-san dropped them at his feet and put his hands on my hips.


He ran his fingers over my scar.
I shivered and felt something race up my back.




Vidello-san, your voice sounds really seductive… Looking at my privates again, I was convinced.
I was probably ready to go further with Vidello-san now.


The moment I made up my mind, I felt the stimulation of Vidello-san’s fingers caressing my scar more intensely.



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Vidello-san held my waist, caressed my skin, and initiated a kiss.
Our tongues entwined and it felt blissfully good.
Vidello-san’s heavy breathing sounded extremely erotic as we kissed.
Without thinking, I put my arms around Vidello-san’s neck, and Vidello-san tenderly rolled me onto the bed.


“Mac, what you did this morning, would you like me to do that for you now?”


I shivered as he whispered directly into my ear and I remembered what I had done this morning.
Do it! I want it.
I felt like I had grown up just for this.
I nodded vigorously, and Vidello-san sat up and smiled.
He shifted his body downwards and traced his hands down my thighs as he pulled them open.
Whoa, whoa! This is really embarrassing, though!


“Vidello-san… embarrassing…”


Vidello-san laughed softly at my involuntary exclamation.
His laughter caressed my shaft.
I was feeling good with only his breath; was this something else Vidello-san was ridiculously good at?! No, surely it was because I was an absolute beginner.
Even in real life, the only people who had seen my privates were my parents when I was a baby.
Nevertheless, Vidello-san’s hands felt amazing just holding my thighs.
This sensitivity was probably because I didn’t have much experience.


While I was trying to hide how embarrassed I was, he ran his tongue over the tip.




My hips jumped at the first touch on my dick.
I was only licked once but it was already overwhelming.


“Amazing, you’re pre-cumming so much Mac.”


D-don’t say it.
Even in-game, you could pre-cum in anticipation.
It was already too real for me… I was completely overwhelmed.
It was ok to be the one doing the sucking because I was the one making Vidello-san feel good, but it was too much to be sucked.
I thought I was going to come soon.
It was truly overwhelming.
What makes blowjobs feel so good…?


“…uh, ah, aah…”


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As I hid my face with my arms and tried to focus on not cumming, I felt something warm engulf my dick.
That something was definitely Vidello-san’s mouth!


“… w, ait, Vidello-sa… don’t, ah, DON’T…”


If he doesn’t stop, I’m going to cum immediately on my first blowjob.
To cum this prematurely would ruin my pride as a man!


In a hurry, I grabbed Vidello-san’s head with my hands, and Vidello-san slowly removed my dick from his mouth.
If he did that a bit slower, I might have cum anyway.


“Why did you stop me? Does it hurt somewhere?”


“N, not really… but, it’s my first time feeling something like…”


I couldn’t stand how I was feeling… I (accidentally) glanced at my dick, which was wet and twitching.


“I see, you’re not experienced enough for this sort of thing… cute.”


“T-the moment you suck me I’m going to cum, that’s not cute at all!”


“I'm thrilled that I'm going to get all of your firsts.”


“Don’t be thrilled by that…!”


What was I supposed to do? I could feel a shiver building along my spine and a tensing like a coil wound too tight tingling from inside of me.
There was no way I could stop now, but if Vidello-san started again, I was definitely going to cum right away.
I didn’t want him to stop but I didn’t want to finish too quickly! 


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“But, if we stop here, wouldn't it be hard on you?”


It was already a difficult decision, but the pleasure was also really difficult to endure.
What should I do…? I stared at Vidello-san.
Vidello-san closed his eyes briefly and sighed.


“What do you want to do…?”


“I don’t know…”


I didn't know what to do because I only had experience with my right hand.
With RightHand-kun, it felt more impersonal.
When I shook my head with half-teary eyes, Vidello-san chuckled and moved his body back to the position where we had kissed. 


You don’t have to worry, let me know when you’re ready for me to keep going.
I’m doing this because I want to become closer to you, so no matter how much you cum it will make me nothing but happy.
Even I came immediately when you used your mouth on me.
So don't be shy and leave yourself to me.
Don’t worry about when you cum; on the contrary, I'd be sad if you weren’t feeling into this at all.”


Vidello-san soothed me as he stroked my head.
He was gentle with me, and he kissed me lightly.
He whispered while close to me,


“If you’re ready, I want to love you more…”


Vidello-san, I think anyone would fall for you when you say something like that.
I was ready.


Vidello-san took his time and let his kisses rain down around my face and neck.
Every time he kissed me, my hips bounced, but the pace was still slower than his direct touch before, so it was bearable.
It was a little embarrassing that my voice was leaking even though I was clenching my teeth.


I had a weak spot, however.
I had forgotten about it because of the shock of Vidello-san’s blowjob.
The moment Vidello-san’s lips touched it…


“Ah, ah! Ah, uhnn, wait, there, is…!”


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His tongue was tracing the scar and my dick was twitching in response.
Still, Vidello-san continued tracing my scar without touching my dick.


“Ah, haa… hn.”


It didn’t seem like it was my voice.
Even if I tried to stop it, I couldn’t.


As a finishing blow, he bit his teeth into the scar on my side.
With my dick untouched and my mind clear of anxiety and pride, I could now cum without worry…


A spurt of white liquid drew a thread from my dick and accumulated on my belly.
As if satisfied that I came, Vidello-san removed his mouth from the scar and gave me a kiss.
Vidello-san rubbed his fingers in the ultra-realistic semen on my stomach and looked at it as he stretched it between his fingers.
Then, he raised his fingers to his mouth and licked them.


“…Is that tasty…?”


It looked so real, so maybe the taste was realistic too.
I didn’t intend to compare it, however.
The only way I had to taste semen in real life was to lick my own, and I wasn’t that interested.


“Yeah, it’s delicious.”


Wait, wait a second! It wasn’t supposed to be delicious.
I wasn’t prepared to have the great and handsome Vidello-san lick my semen and say it tasted delicious!! He was an assault on the senses! I've been struck through the heart! I liked you already, Vidello-san!


As if he knew what I was thinking, Vidello-san finally reached out his hand to my inner thighs.




TL’s Note: A bit of dialogue has been changed to better convey Vidello's caring intent as the original Japanese sounds kind of pushy to an English speaker when translated directly.

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