It was such a story.
I glanced at the Demon King.
He still had a dull face.
Then, his clothes that were too cumbersome caught my eye.
A thick fluttering black cloak and colorful jewels to match it.
I reached out to the Demon King and took a jewel.

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Oh, he’s not offended at all?

He was smiling like an idiot, to the extent that it was funny that I even got worried.
I placed my hand on him, as if he liked my hand holding the collar of his cloak.
I smiled awkwardly and shook it off.

“Can I sell this?”

“What are you doing? Is it not a stock? Who buys stones!”

Oh, it’s just a stone.
I give up.
But obviously, in the novel, the magic stones that demon kings usually wear are so precious that they can buy a house even though they are as small as a silver coin… I nodded and put it back into the Demon King’s hand.

Ah, I don’t mean to hold hands… Can you let me go?

The grandfather, who had been thinking about something for a long time, groaned and coughed in vain.

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“There is a house at the bottom of the mountain, how about staying there for a while?”

“Ah! That’s right, there was that house.”

“After all, the chief is a different”

Oh, you were the mayor.
As expected.

There was a house prepared.
When he said the bottom of the mountain, I meant the mountain we just crossed.
The village chief left the house to guide us.
Of course, the villagers followed along.

“…you have a house, do you?”

It could be called a house, but it was a suspiciously bizarre place where everything was falling apart.
Rust moss and unknown vines surround the outer wall, and the roof has long since lost its function.
Inside, it was a paradise of insects, as if all kinds of insects were gathered.

“It’s been over 10 years since anyone lived, so it’s a bit dirty, but it’ll be okay if you clean it well.”

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Haha… Easy to say since it’s not your business.

First, I thanked him.
Even though the house was like this, it was better than nothing, and it was possible because of the rural people to take an interest in strangers.

As the Demon King was holding his head stiffly, I raised my arm high and grabbed his shoulder and bowed forward.

“I want you to come and find me again if there’s another job.”

“Yes, thank you.”

The villagers went back like a tide.
Looking back at the house, I had no idea where to start or what to do.
Still, I rolled up my sleeves because I’d rather get things done when it’s bright.

“I’m going to clean up here.
I’ll be in charge of the interior, so Demon King, can you help me with that ceiling and walls?”

The Demon King narrowed his eyes and looked at me, then nodded his head resolutely.
He wasn’t very reliable, but he wouldn’t bother me while I was cleaning the inside, so that alone was helpful.

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However, it was a huge mistake to think so.

It was just before the sun went down.
I borrowed a cleaning tool from the village chief and started right away, so I spent almost 4 hours just cleaning.
Still, I couldn’t get it all out, and I almost did not dust off my bed today.

Phew… I didn’t even clean my room like this.

I got up and went outside.
I was obsessed with cleaning, so I forgot for a while, but it was because I was a little puzzled that the Demon King was surprisingly quiet.
I thought he was spying on me, but…

As soon as I opened the door, the cold air cooled my sweat.
I was feeling the wind, and the Demon King was standing right in front of me.
It looked like he had his arms folded around his waist and a black shirt rolled up to his arms.

It’s insanely sexy.
No, no, this is not the time to appreciate it.

“Did you clean up a bit?”

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I don’t expect it though.
However, the Demon King pointed at me with a chin gesture with a triumphant expression.
Huh? Let’s see what you’ve done… No wait!!

The moment I looked at the exterior wall, I was at a loss for words.
I shook my head and uttered only a broken sound.

“Hey, hey, Demon King, what are you doing now?”

I rubbed my dusty face.

“I worked hard, praise me!”

“Praise my ass!”

A house that should be a cozy nest became literally grotesque.
It had turned into a very bizarre demon king’s castle.
The head of a wild beast in the shape of a goblin was nailed to the front door, and ball-jointed dolls were hanging out of place.
Not only that, but the smell of blood vibrated on the dark-red wall that had been painted with blood.


What are those eyeball decorations that make me doubt your aesthetic sense?

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