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6-7 minutes 29.12.2021

Can’t We Just be Happy? (16) – unedited

“We are the servants of County Abitz.
Open the door right now!”

Abitz? Where did I hear that… Looking back on the memories, I remembered the name of Theron Abitz, whom Pierre the demon had talked about.

But suddenly, what does the Abitz family need Sezain for?


The doubts were short-lived.
Because Merson suddenly picked up speed and started moving his waist quickly.

My body heated up so much that the tingling sensation became blunt.
I could feel sweat running down my forehead.
The house was filled with heat as I exhaled a non-stop hot breath.


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Merson’s movements, which were bursting with heat, stopped.
At the same time, my head was filled with white light.
I trembled at the excruciating orgasm.
My chest swelled up and down, and I breathed heavily.

I felt his penis drain out and his semen flowed between my legs.
I raised one arm and covered my eyes.
My body was drained of strength, and I closed my eyes for a moment because of the lingering afterglow of pleasure.

While drooping in exhaustion, Merson was familiar with tidying up the mess.

“Ha… Merson.
really you…….”

There is no loud sound.
Merson kissed my forehead, eyes, cheeks, nose and lips one after another, then carried me to the bedroom.

“Get  out.”

Sweat was also glistening on Merson’s forehead.
Even after moving like that, Merson nodded his head as if he was still energy.
I felt like I was going to die at once…….

The sultry smell and hot air that Merson had soaked in with one flick of his finger disappeared in an instant.
Cleanliness embraced the inside of the house.

Then there was the sound of Merson opening the door.

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“As expected, there were people.”

No, it’s the Demon King.

“We have come to meet the Lord of Sezaine under the orders of Count Abitz.
Here is the Count’s Seal.
However, no matter how much we search, we can’t find the Lord’s castle.
Can I ask where it is?”

If it was the Lord, he was talking about the village chief.

Ordinary lords, like other nobles who value face and authority, build the coolest and most luxurious mansions on their estates.
In addition, there was also a place to train the privates in order to prepare for internal conflict within the territory and attacks from outside, so it was natural that it should be the largest place in the territory.

However, no matter how much they searched in Sezaine, there was no building built with more than two stories, and there were no houses built with elaborate decorations or expensive materials.
So, it is difficult to find the Lord’s castle, that is, the village chief’s house…….

They eventually came to our house, which was built at the entrance of the village, located on a slightly higher terrain than the houses of other villagers.

“Why are you trying to meet him?”


As soon as Merson finished speaking, the sound of metal scraping could be heard.
After years of learning on TV programs and screens, it was definitely the sound of a sword being pulled.
I got rid of the tiredness that was about to collapse and got my upper body up.

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“We are the servants who have been ordered by the Count.
Wherever you are, be polite.”

“Right, what does a country bumpkin know? Let’s just move on.”

The Abitz family was not alone.
‘Does that mean their subordinates are like that? Why are they being so polite?’ I thought, then a similar scene in a novel came to mind.

The deity Eltrion, Mnu Graciel, sent his loyalists to the Demon King’s Castle to discuss something with Serdebella directly, so he asked them to meet him.
Because she didn’t want to make the mistake of rekindling the long war between the heavenly kingdom and the demon kingdom because of their love for her.

But if the Demon Lord Kaylehartz refuses to talk, someday… The sky and the earth would be stained with many bloods because of just one saint.

Eltrion’s loyalists kept their heads up stiff in spite of the overpowering magic of the Demon King.
It was because they had a job to deliver Eltrion’s orders.
For this moment, as they were Eltrion’s agent, who was permitted directly or indirectly, it was as if having the authority of the heavenly god.

“There is a message from the great Eltrion Mnu Graciel.”

As he spoke, the demons of the Demon King’s castle ran wild along the way.
It was because they didn’t like it when the Heavenly God dared to talk to the demon world with rhetoric.

In the end, instead of being treated, the loyalist was rushed out of the Demon King’s Castle as if being chased out.
He grinded his teeth all night long, not forgetting the shame of that day.

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“Is it similar?”

Looking at the context, it seems like that.
As I listened quietly, I heard the sound of something falling on the floor.
Even though it wasn’t loud, my body trembled.

He drew his sword, and something fell.
part of the body…… ?

My body popped out first before my head could think.
The terrified scream echoed in my ears briefly but loudly.

“Kyyaakk! Who is it, who are you, to put that thing on the young groom’s neck?!”

Aunt Aja, her face turned white, pointed at the eerie blade of the sword that reached Merson’s neck.
The aunt had apples rolling under her feet.

When the Abitz’s family agent, blinked, the enlisted man withdrew his sword.

“I have a message from Count Abitz to the lord of Sezaine.”

The agent appeared in front of the men, armed with creaking silver armor.
Beyond the cool wind that blows in, the brown hair that doesn’t move is foreign.
The part that was greased with oil and accurately crossed 2:8 seemed to indicate that he was a rude and petty person.

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