Can’t We Just be Happy? (15) – unedited

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My God.
I felt something hard on my stomach as I was pulled by Merson.
The same thing that made me moan as it went in and out of my body all last night.

Merson lifted my shoulder and made me look at him.
Suddenly, the corners of his eyes were wet with longing.

“I have to.”

“Wa… Wait, all of a sudden… huwaah!”

Merson grabbed my chest over my clothes.
Then he hurriedly kissed me.
When I didn’t open my mouth, strength entered his hand holding my chest.


When the sound of pain comes out, the tongue pushes in as if waiting.
All of a sudden, what kind of development is this?!

I moved my body to get away from him.
At that moment, a racy groan escaped Merson’s mouth.

“Ugh- I can’t handle it if you rub me like that.”

Merson moved his waist from top to bottom.


The penis, which became even harder, threateningly stabbed my stomach.
Merson chewed my earlobe.

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When a tooth touches a sensitive area, my body trembles.

“Wa… it, if the demons come like this, ah…….”

“I don’t care.”

But I do care?! When I didn’t respond to Merson’s enthusiasm, he mischievously pulled my cheek.

“It’ll leave a mark.”

“Tell me to stay.”


I was awakened by the familiar and ominous snapping sound.
But by the time I noticed, it was already too late.

Again, my clothes were rolling under the sofa, and I was lying naked on Merson’s body.
A large hand went up from my pelvis to my back and relaxedly up to my shoulder.
I was completely obsessed with him, and I was still, like a doll.

A hot, moist tongue licked my chest.
He touched the nipple with the tip of his tongue.
Gently, then he pressed down firmly with the tip of his tongue.
My soft chest sank as his tongue led it.

“Uuuhh… Strange.”

The strength in my legs gradually loosened.
Embarrassingly, Merson’s thighs, which touched my bottom, were soaking wet.
As I gently pulled my hips out of embarrassment, Merson’s hand suddenly fell under it.

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“I’ll take everything you spill.”

“What, what are you talking about… huuuh.”

One finger entered the drenched entrance.
As I was trembling, unable to lower my hip due to the foreign body, Merson pressed one of his hands on my shoulder.

My stomach trembled dizzyingly at his deep-seated finger.
I couldn’t see it, but I could feel the finger dynamically swirling inside my body.

Squelch, squelch.

There was a non-stop sound coming out.
In this atmosphere, it seemed like we would go all the way to the end.

However, there was no time for leisurely making love with Merson when the demons would come.
Every time I lifted my back and moved from his finger away, Merson pressed my shoulder and put me back down.

“Why don’t you put this in there instead of my finger and then move it?”

Merson grabbed my hand and dragged me through his penis.
My face lit up in a flash.
Nevertheless, the finger still continued to stimulate me without resting.

Bang! Bang!

They really didn’t miss the timing.
A loud knock was heard on the door.

Thanks to this, my body, which had been excited by the extreme heat, stiffened.
But Merson still didn’t stop.

“Wait… The demons have come… Hahp!”

At the same time, he rubbed my clitoris with his thumb, as I barely stop my moaning from coming out.

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Rather, Merson began to move his body in earnest.
He lifted me lightly and laid me down on the sofa, pulling out his penis.

“No, no! Wait… who’s out there… Haahk!”

Merson didn’t stop, pushing his glans towards the vagina.
A moan erupted as the penis quickly entered the inside.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The knock was getting louder, but Merson wasn’t ready to stop.
He slowly moved his back, giving me some time to get used to it.

But I couldn’t concentrate at all.
It was because there was so much anxiety that someone would come in through that fragile wooden door at any moment.

“Is nobody there?!”

It was the voice of a male I had never heard.
They weren’t demons, nor were the villagers.

I turned my head back and looked towards the door.
The man knocked on the door and called.


Merson drove the penis deep to the root.
It was a warning to focus on him.

Then he lifted my leg up and wrapped it around his waist, and quickly shoved his penis up to the deepest part of my flesh.
My mouth was busy with gasping and moaning, without even having time to breathe.

“St… stoopp.”

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A heavy pillar pierced the inside relentlessly.
Whenever I heard an outside call, as if enjoying my uneasiness, Merson shoved his penis in particularly forceful.

Even in this situation, I was dizzy at the rush of pleasure.
My eyes clouded over and tears welled up.
As if to pierce my body, Merson pounded hard.
It wasn’t because he was doing it on purpose, it was like he couldn’t control himself because he was originally strong.

The stronger he gets, it will get stronger, and it never diminishes.
Thanks to this, I was experiencing the sensation of my  body being cut in half at a very high speed.
Merson put a hand under my armpit and pulled me closer.

I could feel the tendons protruding from my forearms being pulled tight.
Even if I struggled in front of this power, it was obvious that I would flutter like a piece of paper in front of a strong wind.

“Erina, you’re too tight.”

“Please… Ahk, Haahk! Stop it, Merson… ung? Huuht!”

I wanted him to pause for a moment, and then he untied the leg that was wrapped around his waist.
Just as I was about to catch my breath, the penis went deeper.

My eyes widened and twitched at the sensation of being pushed right into my stomach.
Merson put both my legs around his shoulders and moved strongly.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

“I think I can hear something inside?”

Startled, I covered my mouth.
Still, my groan continues to flow through my fingers.
As I shook my head, Merson spun around my waist with his penis buried deep.

“Aahkk! Don’t do… itttt!”

The squeaky sound of flesh touching stopped abruptly.
It was strange.
I should be relieved as the sound calmed down, but inside my body, I was longing for pleasure.

Finally, I lifted my back and asked Merson.
My head says we should stop right away and find out who the people outside the door are, but my body is infinitely honest.

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