Can’t We Just be Happy? (8) – unedited

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It was Raynon and Pierre who were both embarrassed.
A weak human who seems to break easily even if they break a sweat while holding her by the neck… Is it right to protect the Demon King now? Even though it was an obvious situation, it was so forceful that it was like looking at a disappointing humor book.

“It looks like he was naive and couldn’t handle it properly, but I’m different, okay? If you won’t give up… then! Bring it on! I’ll show you my experience with a shovel in the countryside!”

“Hey, human.
Who is naive now?”

It was literally shocking.
Taking one more step, the Demon King gently leaned to Erina’s side.

Raynon finally began to slap his cheeks.


“Your reflecting is a little bit rough.”

Erina was rather embarrassed when he did not stop hurting himself despite the red swelling.… Is he mentally ill?

Truly nonsense.
It was a mess.

Among them, Pierre was the quickest to grasp the situation.

“… You’re mistaken, human.
Raynon was just trying to help.
He has no interest in axes.”

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“How can I believe that?”

“Do we come all the way to the countryside to get an ax like this?”

“You can take an ax and use it as a weapon!”

“Like I said, there’s no benefit in taking hostages in a countryside like this.”

“What if you’re a psychopath whose hobby is killing?”

This is really… It wasn’t Pierre who was angry.
It was Raynon.
However, he could not do any harm to Erina because of the Demon King who did not let go of his guard while ‘pretending’ to be protected from behind.
Demon King! Why!

Pierre left Raynon behind and took a step forward and began to convince Erina.
He felt the Demon King’s boundaries with his whole body.

“If we want to kill you, we can do it now.
An ax like that is just cumbersome.”


Pierre looked around and nodded slightly as if he had found the right thing.
His hair fluttered and the light gathered.
When he signaled with a hand gesture, it was not enough for a single firewood cut by the Demon King to be thrown into the ground, but it took root and grew into a tree again.

A, a creative economy?!

Erina’s eyes widened.

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“We use magic.”

She obviously had a table that seats four, but she felt very cramped as she did not fit the size of the three demons.
It was Erina who couldn’t overcome her frustration and eventually got up from her seat as she sat tight like a family living in harmony skin-to-skin.

At that time, the Demon King kicked Raynon’s chair leg hard with his foot.


It luckily didn’t break, but the chair with Raynon tumbled back.

When Pierre shoved Raynon off the floor with his feet, freeing up space for her, the Demon Lord grabbed Erina’s wrist and put her back in her seat.

“Are you okay?!”

When Erina asked in surprise, Raynon tidied up his messy silver hair and smiled noticeably.

“Of course.”

“You’re lying, then why are you staring?”

Pierre exclaimed loudly.
At the same time, Raynon, who flinched at the sight of the Demon King, slapped Pierre on the back and laughed exaggeratedly.

“When did I?! Ha! Haha!”

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I didn’t even know you were wizards, and I treated you like a robber.”

All of a sudden, Erina’s tone of voice became polite.
From Erina’s point of view, they knew they had no intention of harming Merson, they’re not even a thief, so it was only natural that they were a guest and an outsider of Sezaine.

Pierre, who had wet his mouth with the cold water that Erina had provided (Erina did nothing), shook his head.

“We’re not wizards.”

“What? Then…….”

“Magicians are human beings.
We are demons.”


This time Erina’s chair slid behind, but fortunately, Erina, unlike Raynon, was standing there on two feet.

Pierre clasped his chin and looked at Erina.
At a glance, she was clearly embarrassed.

“So you’re… Erina Holden.

Erina’s complexion grew darker and darker.
As if she wants to run away, she glances at the door, but she lowers her head to look at the Demon King and takes a deep breath.
It must have been that the Demon King was caught in her heart and she could not run away alone.

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Pierre held back the laughter that was about to burst out.
Even if a human girl runs away, it’s not impossible to catch them, and who would be worried if she goes? Knowing the Demon King is enough.
He’s being treated like a child.

“How do you know me?”

“Bennon’s only survivor, Erina Holden.
And at the same time, the human girl who disappeared with the Demon King.
Abandoned from your childhood, you don’t know if your blood is alive or dead, and the candle maker who took you and raised you died during the Bennon massacre.
You always dreamed of traveling because you had a dream of traveling abroad, and you thought to go to the capital city of Trencia while exchanging letters with Theron Abitz, the eldest son of Count Abitz, whom you met by chance.
But for some reason, the letter arrived on the day of the massacre, so you couldn’t have gone to Trencia… All of these things were discovered by Raynon’s stalking temperament, and that guy named Theron Abitz found out that you are here.”

Pierre spoke non-stop, in the same tone and at a speed with a slight sense of urgency, without running out of breath.
Erina, who had been listening quietly, applauded without realizing it.

“You know a lot more about me than I do… No, more than that, the Theron Abitz, how could I……?”

“First of all, Erina Holden.
Should you tell you your story first?”

For a moment, the Demon King’s body flinched, but that was all.

Erina could not sense the small change in the Demon King, only biting her lower lip.
She couldn’t open her mouth for a while, and when she bit her lip, a little blood dripped from her lips, Erina collected her breath.

“Merson, would you like to water the garden?”

There was no answer, as if the Demon King knew it was different than usual.
Erina, who wanted Merson to step away for a moment, urged him once more.


“… yes.”

Merson, unable to ignore Erina’s words, gave Raynon and Pierre a strong glance, and then stood up from his seat.

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