Can’t We Just be Happy? (6) – unedited

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“So what about Erina Holden?”

The fourth day.
Without fail, the two came.
It was a short period of time for the memories of fear that had been ingrained in his mind to disappear.

One, the fact that he had found Erina Holden gave him confidence, at least slightly.
Theron forced his lips to pull up, creating a false smile.

“I found her.”

It was good that we kept him alive right?”


Raynon clicked his tongue.
But he knew his performance wasn’t bad, so he didn’t gossip.

“She was married.”

“I don’t care, tell me the location.”

As for Theron, he thought it would be nice to give them a little more information, but he thought he had spoken carelessly because of their lukewarm reaction, so he bit his lower lip like a habit.

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Theron immediately took the map out of the desk drawer and unfolded it.

“It is said that she and her husband live here in a small town called Sezaine.”

“Hoo- is it?”

Pierre grabbed the map.

“Shall we go right away?”

“Nothing more to say.”

Pierre stroked Theron’s head.
Theron flinched for a moment, but with the soft hand his shoulder loosened.

“Good work.”

He felt that the words were not emotional, but Theron tried to ignore it and was foolishly relieved.
It’s okay now, it doesn’t matter whether the compliment was sincere or not.
Well, now get out of my realm.

Pierre, who had been expressionless the whole time, smiled faintly.
Theron narrowed his eyes, wondering if he had misunderstood.
Sharp fangs like wild beasts gleamed between the slightly opened lips.

“See you in Hell.”

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“…… !”

In an instant, dark red blood spurted from Theron’s mouth and reached the ceiling.
His body was soaked red by the rain made from his own blood.

Theron’s eyes widened as if they were about to pop out of the tremendous pain that came in an instant.
And after a while, his heavy body fell helplessly to the floor.

“Didn’t you send him too easily?”

“He found Erina Holden.
Because I am a demon with a soft heart.”

Pierre’s purple hair fluttered in the air, and a light rushed between Raynon and Pierre.
It grew bigger and bigger enough to swallow the two of them, and the magic power was concentrated enough to reach the limit, and then scattered around.

The two of them were no longer there.
All that was left was Theron’s tragic body.

The light that Pierre had created was projected under the mountain located at the entrance to the Sezaine village.
Two men suddenly appeared in a quiet land where nothing could be heard except the sound of chopping firewood at a constant speed.

As he stepped lightly, unlike Raynon, Pierre grabbed his head and frowned.

“It’s quite a distance.”

“Why do you feel dizzy with such a teleporting?”

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“You talk a lot.”

Teleporting to jump over space was a magic that splits the magical energy consumed according to the distance.
Just because it’s close doesn’t mean it can be cast easily like a whistle.
Even when the low-ranking demons travel a distance of only about 100 steps, there are many cases where they do nothing and lie still for an hour because of their magic charging.

It is suicidal for the lower demon tribes to travel a long distance that takes five days even by riding a carriage from Trencia to Sezaine.
Even among high-ranking demons, Pierre was famous for his magic, so he was able to teleport even with one companion.

But there’s a flying thing over a running thing… Well, it was ridiculous enough for the Demon King’s eyes.

Raynon looked up at the mountain that was like a big hill behind him.
It was the first time he had come to this place, so he turned his attention to look around.

Pierre waved his hand in front of Raynon’s eyes.

“You just want to jump naked over a tree, don’t you? Then, pack up your belongings from the Demon King’s Castle and leave.”

“… Pierre, isn’t something strange?”

“Mister Raynon, there are not one or two things that are strange, so exactly which part…… ?”

“There is no soul on this mountain.”

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Pierre glanced at the mountain.
It really was.
Suspiciously, not a single soul remained.

“Not a single soul remained” means that it existed and then disappeared.
The evidence of the presence of souls was felt everywhere.
It’s obvious they disappeared recently.

If they had been extinguished, even the energy would have disappeared, but it did not.
It was not difficult to even say that they were led to heaven.
To do that, the heavenly being had to take the souls themselves, but there was no heavenly energy that was disgusting to Pierre.
if so.

“They were forcibly moved.”

“That’s right.
There are many cemeteries in the mountains, so unguided souls often wander around.
And even more so in this rural area.
Is there any other place to bury outside of this mountain if you’re going to bury people? But strangely enough, there are no souls left.
They were all forcibly moved.”

“… Who would do such a crazy thing?”

‘Soul transfer’ was not as easy as it sounds.

In order for the soul to escape from the underworld, that is, the human world, and enter a new resting place, the gates of heavenly realm or the demon realm world must be opened.
In the Demon Realm, mainly corrupted souls are dragged into Hellfire, so they don’t receive souls directly, but sometimes there are insane souls who want to live in the Demon Realm instead of going to Hell.

It is impossible for an individual to open the door because three or more of the highest heavenly beings had to work together to open the door to Heaven, but the Demon realm was quite different from the Heavenly realm.
There were no restrictions on opening or closing the door, as most of the souls said they would not go even if they opened the door.

And even though the management was so sloppy that anyone could open the door with only a certain amount of magical power, there was never a single incident of opening the door to the demon realm.

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