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Don’t you have to live first? –>

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On a golden weekend with no homework and exams over, I was curled up in my bed because it was dangerous outside.
Then, as an adult, I read a flimsy 19+ rated  romance novel.
Yes, I ate dumplings while reading the novel, but that seemed to be a problem.
Because I was full, my eyes started to close again even after I had slept for more than 8 hours.
But, why today? A golden weekend with no exams or assignments! I closed my eyes as my body told me to relax.
And the moment I wake up .


An uncle (*not a relative, but an older man) who I had never seen before, died in front of me in a very bizarre form.
His body dripped blood before he died.
Was there a saying that if you were too surprised, you wouldn’t even scream? I experienced firsthand that those words were true.
I stopped breathing and stood there for a while, unable to do anything.
At that moment, another bloodfest began.

I thought it was a dream, but the fear that pierced the body was real.
I trembled and my teeth chattered, knocking into each other.
I turned and looked around, and I felt a foreign and unfamiliar feeling.
But at the same time, somehow .
I was familiar with it? That couldn’t be true, so why was I so familiar with it!

People who bleed and die mercilessly, and that person who built up the mountain of corpses .
No, that Demon King .
The contents of the book I had just read flashed through my mind.

‘Demon King Keilehartz Blanc Ferrier Rodenharrier paved a path with their corpses by killing all the villagers who had taken part in the capture of his subordinate.
He was infused with the sorrow of losing his subordinate and rage .
those two emotions enveloped him at the same time.
The villagers died one after another, with blood gushing all over with a single gesture of his finger.
It was a massacre.’

It was a simple passage from the beginning of the novel.
It was perfectly suited to this situation.
So, have I been dragged into the book? Even as a Villager 1 who died at once with a single finger point? My mind turned blank in shock.


The man’s red tongue, as dark as the color of his own eyes, licked the blood from his lips.
Beneath his lofty feet, the empty shells of humans who had just lost their lives were piled up in a disorderly manner.
The faint scent of blood permeated through the air.
The man flicked his finger at the ‘human’ standing before him.
In an instant, blood gushed out like a fountain from the person.
Humans were tossed on the ground without counting how many had screamed in pain.


The cool night air ran over my body, but the cold sweat flowed uncontrollably and I stood in front of the man, soaking wet as if I had just taken a shower.

I wanted to live.

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“This is the last.”

The man lifted his fingers up like a wax figure with no emotion.
I hurriedly grabbed his hand.
In an instant, I felt like my body was floating, and at the same time, a dizzying amount of pain came over my back.


“Where did you put your hands, you insect?”

The pain was endless.
I had to stand up on my feet, but crouching was best.
In a normal novel, you couldn’t be knocked down with something that bounced off like this! As I was groaning in pain, a creepy low-pitched voice over my head was driving me to death.

“It’s a crime to have dared to pluck out the demons’ eyes and peel off their skin.
If you are reincarnated, I will surely kill you even then.”

Damn it, I’m not the one!

Tears welled up in sorrow.
Bringing back the memories of reading other possession novels, everyone became the female protagonist, or the characters around said protagonist.
Why did I end up as someone who died in a single shot? Above the fear, I was about to go crazy because my stomach was filled with injustice.

The man’s arm was lifted.
Yes, as he pointed those fingers at once .
Wait? In contrast to the surrounding area covered in red, the heterogeneous dark blue stands out.
The blue thing hanging like an ornament on the man’s wrist through my narrowed eyes looked like a rope.


The Great Demon King Keilehartz possessed hundreds of millions of years of accumulated magical power that could not be compared with anyone.
With one gesture of his hand, the mountains and rivers changed, and the earth froze with a sigh of his breath.
It was said in the novel.
However, there was also a weakness in him, who was supposedly perfect without even a single thread out of place.
For the ‘mark of imprint’ he carried on his body every day for ‘her’.

It was a token that Keilehartz made himself for his only companion in his lifetime.
It was a token made of condensing the magical power to give an immortal body to her, who lives a short life like an ephemera compared to him.
If this was suddenly broken or activated, a vast amount of magical power will escape from her body, and it will inevitably be fatal to Keilehartz.

Yes, that’s it!

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I staggered and got up.

“Ha, just one word .

“Do you dare ask for mercy?”

The demon king’s eyes narrowed vertically. Creepy– I was terrified by the eerie eyes that were not human.
If I fail, my skin will be ripped apart into one centimeter units and will roll over the floor.

“I really have nothing to do with this .

“Dozens of them say the same thing.”

The demon king pointed to the corpses piled up like a mountain with a gesture of his chin.

“It’s not.
It’s true.
I didn’t really do anything.
Those people .
I don’t know who they are, I don’t know where this is.
I’m an outsider.
It’s not me.”

It was really unfair to say.
While I was contemplating on how to remove that token, I was talking about this and that to buy some time.
But my words were 100% sincere.
If you really believe in me and save me, it would be great.

However, the Demon King raised his hand with an indifferent yet stubborn attitude.
As if he didn’t think my words were worth hearing.
I gave up thinking when the blade of death reached my neck.
In the first place, I did not have the qualities of a strategist or a resourceful person, and I was always the active type.
I’m the type that runs ahead of others.

“I don’t even know a fucking thing!”

If a woman were to fight with a man, everyone would think about this all the time.
Kick with all your might!

– Beuugh!

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It sounded pretty painful.
And my feet tingled.
But strangely, the demon king in front of me was still just standing there.
What, is the vital point also cast iron?

However, it was not entirely ineffective.
The Demon King was very bewildered and frowned as if he was very displeased.
Got it, he’s off guard!

I raised my feet to try one more groin kick.
At that time, the demon king instinctively tried to hide his groin and withdrew his body.


I don’t have any bad feelings.
The groin kick was fake, and when the demon king’s hand went down under his body, I hurriedly bent down and ripped the token off his wrist.

– Snap

The token, which had escaped from his hand, rolled to the floor.
I instinctively raised my foot and crushed the marble with the highest reaction speed of my life.
A golden light colored the surroundings with the sound of ‘chaak’.
As for how strong the light was, the thick darkness of dawn lifted and even the sky was dyed with gold, so the surroundings were so bright that I couldn’t open my eyes properly.

“What are you doing .

The demon king grabbed his head and fell to the floor.
When the demon king stumbled, I tried to run away with all my might, but my knees touched the ground.
It was because my body could not withstand the explosive magic.
My heart was pounding and I couldn’t breathe because of the pain that felt like it was pressing on my lungs.
Blood dripped down my hands on the floor.

I didn’t think of this.

My vision was getting darker.
I couldn’t tell if it was because of the light or because my eyes were closing.
Gradually, my mind became hazy, and my head reached right in front of the Demon King.
And complete darkness came.


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The midterm exams for the semester have just ended.
The moment has come when I can finally read the romance novel book with only the last volume left.
A fierce love battle between the human saint ‘Serdebella Renee’ and the three men surrounding her! It was a cliché, but it was appealing material.
Serdebella receives the love of the demon king, the heavenly god, and the human emperor, and shares love with them passionately.
In the end, it was hard to figure out who the male lead to Serdebella until the moment before the last book.
Among the readers, a fandom between the male leads had already been created and it was not uncommon to see them fighting with each other.

To put it bluntly, I was on the Demon King’s side.
The first one to fall in love with Serdebella, and the way he was foolishly devoted to Serdebella and whispering his love, whom he thought could be the most perfect, was incredibly my taste.
One time I was so envious that I even thought about jumping into a book.
Was it a realization of a vivid dream? I accidentally entered the world of the book.

However, something went wrong somewhere.
I wanted to be Serdebella and feel devoted love for a moment, not a role that got killed early with a one shot.

And I defeated the Demon King to survive.
I, one of the villagers, to the most likely male candidate and the strongest in the setting, the Demon King.

Huh .

Isn’t it ridiculous? I think so too.
But what’s even more ridiculous is .

“Erina! Is it enough chopped firewood?”

Oh my God.
Are you going to cut down every single tree in this area?

“Merson! We’ll burn ourselves with the bonfire made with this much firewood! Stop it right now!”

When I saw the firewood stacked as tall as the house, my head hurt.

“I’m sorry, Erina.
But I did my best.
Please praise me.”

His hair, darker than dawn, came closer to my chest.
I familiarly raised my hand and swept the back of his head.
He smiled comfortably and happily.

“You worked hard, Merson.”

As you might have guessed, what’s even more absurd is that the demon king has become my servant.
This is the all-powerful final boss in the original novel.

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