Chapter 8

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Translated by Yonnee


As Reina accepted the lesson taught to her without any questions, Arene moved on to the next topic with a gentle smile on her lips.


“Now, please erase the concept of the ‘push’ part in your head.”


“Huh? Why?”


“Pushing someone away is also like pushing them off a cliff! If you have to push your man away so coldly, he’d only be left crying because of how sad he’ll be.
This is a very exquisite technique, Milady.
So, if a beginner like you does this part poorly, you’ll be faced with backlash.”


“Oho… That makes sense.”


But there was one thing that this young noble lady, who responded with a broad smile, overlooked…


As a matter of fact, Arene wasn’t an expert of love.


It’s just that, she’s a very beautiful woman.


“This theory is from my own experience.
It absolutely can’t go wrong.”


Even if Arene were to go off and cuss at a man, bordering on an abusive frontal attack, ‘Even those curses sound like a beautiful melody, like a poem.’ …This is what the men around her would say to her.


However, as Reina had no dating experience throughout both her past and present lives, she didn’t know any better.
So, there could only be one conclusion here.


“Uwah… Arene, you’re right.”


Full conviction, no questions asked.


“No matter how much I think about it, I’ve got myself an amazing teacher!”

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No, not just conviction.
It was a total, absolute, indisputably blind faith.


“Teacher, I’ll trust and follow you from now on.”


At the passionate response, Arene’s lips twitched as though she couldn’t help but show a wide smile.


“I am the maiden, Arene.
With just a single word uttered, I say that dating is a piece of cake.”


“I know right? Then, I won’t have to worry anymore.
Once I seduce Ethan, I’ll have the world in the palm of my hand!”


And so… This was the prelude to the irrevocable dark history ahead, which Reina would never be able to erase at all.




* * *




“Where’s Reina?”


“Milady is with Arene again today.”


At her aide’s reply, Reina’s grandmother, Marquis Chantra, let out a deep, extensive sigh.


“Haa… Who on earth does that kid take after, tsk.”


Of course, the descendants of House Chantra have been known to be ‘eccentric’ for many generations.
Perhaps because they lived by the rough seas, but the family tended to be straightforward and forthright.


Besides that, as they also had a mastery over the poison arts, they had a heart of steel that made it possible for them not to bat an eyelid at anything that came at them.

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But the youngest grandchild, Reina… It wasn’t just to that level.


“R-Reina, that kid is the d-devil incarnate! I-I never want to be married to a woman like that…!”


“Ha… Her head’s not on straight, she doesn’t know how to do anything, and she has a mean streak to boot.
Why is everything about her bad.”


“Even so, Milady’s abilities when it comes to the poison arts are as good as yours, Your Excellency.”


Seeing the aide try to protect House Chantra’s problem child with those words, the marquis clicked her tongue one more time, even more strongly.


“A mastery over the poison arts is of no use in this day and age.”


The marquis set down her pen on the table and swept a hand over her face.


“Huu… Fine.
That Arene, is she at least reliable?”


“Yes, Your Excellency.
She holds much influence over the Chantra estate, perhaps she’s the second most influential person.
I’m sure she will be a good advisor for the Lady.”




* * *




“Hold on a little longer, Milady.”


“Uuuugh…! I-I’m already holding on with all the strength I have left in me…!!”


“If Milady can still speak, then it means you still have more energy to spare.”

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At Arene’s instructions, right now, Reina was hanging from a tree’s branch.
She yelled back even louder.


“What the hell…! Does this even have to do with Ethaaan…!”


I am the maiden, Arene.
Trust and follow me.”


She already does.
She absolutely trusts Arene.


She had no choice but to trust the breathtakingly gorgeous Arene, whose looks seemed to have been personally carved by God.


However, no matter how much she tried to make sense out of this situation, Reina had absolutely no idea what this training had to do with the ‘Ethan Seduction project’.


“Areeeene… I really can’t feel my arms anymore… Please, huh? It’s been an hour already, please…!”


“Hold on for another ten minutes.”


“You’ve told me to hold on for ten more minutes so many times already…!!”


“Milady, you have to endure.”




Reina clenched her lips as she tried to protest again.


But this time, she had no energy left to argue.
She’d been pleading to Arene all this time to no effect, so she figured that the words, ‘Alright, you can stop now,’ wouldn’t leave Arene’s lips even if Reina whined.


‘Ha, I don’t care about seducing Ethan anymore.
At this rate, I’m seriously going to die first!”


As she was shouting out all the frustrations in her heart inwardly, it was at that moment.

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With the cheerful beeping of the magic timer, Arene clapped her hands together.


“Thank you for your hard work.
You may come down from there now.”


As soon as those words were said, the servants waiting by the side laid down several cotton cushions underneath the tree branch.
Reina’s trembling fingers finally let go, and she plopped right down.


“Haa… Seriously… I seriously think this isn’t right, Arene.”


With a haggard face, Reina struggled to drink some water and muttered this out.
But in response, Arene smiled.


Do you know why I’m training you this hard?”


If Reina knew why exactly she was doing this kind of training, then she wouldn’t be so miserable doing it.


“This is to develop Milady’s ability to persistently run tirelessly after and hold onto the man you fancy—anytime, anywhere.”


As Reina emptied half a bottle of water at once, she paused and stared back at Arene.




‘Isn’t that… stalking?’


To Reina, it felt like a fuse had short-circuited somewhere in her mind.


As if to answer the unsaid question, Arene spoke.


I am the maiden, Arene.
Trust me.”


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