As if she was being hunted down by a serial killer and there was no place for her to hide, her breathing shook violently.

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“Really? Me? Reina Chantra… Me, right?”


There’s no way that she’d receive an answer since she was talking to an inanimate book, but she didn’t even have enough presence of mind to realize this.


Her trembling pale hand hurried to flip the page.




「 “What kind of engagement are you talking about? With that woman who broke her engagement not even a year after setting it?


“Rather than you as you look down on me.”


“Why do you keep saying that I look down on you!” 」




After that, they had a lot more lovers’ quarrels, but that’s not the point here.


“Me? Really, it’s me? Lehman Karr’s fiancée…?”


Up until now, she had just been leisurely enjoying the novel, but it all suddenly became scary.


“Just what is this…”


In an instant, she could only focus on scenes or mentions of Reina Chantra.


And, after a while.


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She shut the book, her expression blank, and as if she had lost her marbles, she muttered to herself.


“What kind of crazy… I’ll… die?”


The book ended with Jeremy Venzen and Lehman Karr’s love coming true, and the two leads were set to live a life full of honey.


In other words, no matter how much anyone would look at it, the main characters had a happy ending.
The only casualty here was the fiancée, who died after taking on the role of the spark to their love.


She was pushed off a cliff and died.


So, it was a happy ending exclusive to only those two, while the sad ending was exclusive only to Reina.


“Jeremy, that… that psycho bastard! Why… Why! Why did you kill me?! Lehman, that son of a bitch—did you just use me to make that psycho jealous?”


It’s only been about half a day since she said she’s glad that she got a diamond spoon.
But here, Reina realized that she was once again on the verge of losing her life.


“What kind of shitty twist of fate!”


Just a few hours ago, she was reveling in the fact that she didn’t need to be dirt poor anymore, unlike her previous life, because she was given a diamond spoon this time—but this. 


What kind of sick joke was this?


“Eyy, no way.
Right? Yeah, no way.”


—Was what she said to herself because she wanted to deny the novel’s contents, but it made too much sense.
And most of all…


“Damn it.
The Midnight Sun Festival is just two months away… And at this point, I already broke off the previous engagement.”


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The message that popped up in the air, the book that suddenly fell to her lap, and the contents of the novel that mirrored reality.
Unfortunately, Reina’s judgment and resilience were much too high for her to ignore all the signs.


“Ha… I’m going crazy.”


After a moment’s struggle, she sprang to her feet.


“Let’s stop this engagement for now.”


She didn’t know whether the correspondence to the Karr residence had already left or not.


“But first of all… Huh?”


As she left her room and headed towards Marquis Chantra’s office, where her grandmother should be, she looked out the corridor window and happened to spy a certain servant outside.


He was heading to the stable, carrying an envelope in his bag.
It looked like the correspondence.




She couldn’t say why, but she felt it instinctively.


“That letter.”


It’s the engagement letter that should be heading to the House Karr.


The Midnight Sun Festival was two months away, and that’s the time that Jeremy would hear about Lehman’s engagement.
So, in order for the engagement to be finalized, the timing for the official engagement letter to be sent should be right around this time.


“I have to catch him now…!”


With a desperate cry, Reina quickly turned away from the office’s direction.
She ran recklessly, pushing this body that had never exercised before to the limit.


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Rushing down the staircase three or four steps at a time, she leapt to the base with a loud thud, and the bustling maids avoided Reina with a great fright.




“Oh my goodness!”


“I’m sorry! Tell them I’m the one who broke the cups! Get out of the way! I wouldn’t know even if we bump into each other!”




The maid cried out in lamentation as she dropped the teacups that she was carrying, their pieces flying all over the place.
But Reina continued to rush outside without a care in the world.


“Huuk…! Why is this house so big!”


The only thought she had in her head right now was to catch that servant who was about to go somewhere far away.


“You there! Stop where you are!”


With my vision turning hazy because of desperation, I faintly tasted blood coming up my throat.
But you know, the vague feeling of ‘I feel like I’m dying right now,’ and ‘I’m certain that I’ll die in the near future’ were incomparable to each other.


“Stop right there! Yeah, you, the one who tilted his head! Yes you!”


The servant, who was just the size of a pinky before, finally looked like the size of a human hand as she continued to rush forward.
Reina put more effort from the abdomen and shouted at the top of her lungs.


“Ah, don’t start leaving again!! Please stop!!”


But the servant, who was standing so far away that his face couldn’t even be distinguished, still looked confused as to whether it was him Reina was calling.


Reina pushed her legs to go even faster out of frustration, but the problem here wasn’t because her slender figure was out of shape.

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“Huuk, huuk, this goddamn dress.
So damn annoying!”


Even when she lifted its hems with her hands, it kept going down.


In the end, the woman who was running like an angry bull stopped in her place.


Then, with a loud sound, she tore the lace dress vigorously.






All the nearby servants, and thankfully including the one who was carrying the letter, were all shocked still.


Reina did not let this opportunity slip past her.
She rushed with all her might towards the frozen man, and as she finally arrived in front of him, she gasped and heaved.


“Huuk… huuuk… I thought I was gonna die from all that running.”


After seeing with his very eyes the magic trick of turning a vintage dress into a cocktail dress, the servant was rightfully completely dazed.


“Why are you, fast, you.


Finally coming back to his senses, the servant shook his head and stammered.


“W-Were you talking to me, Milady?”


Not only was sweat trickling down her as if it was rain, but her face was also as red as a beet while her breathing was as rough as a dragon’s.
To top it off, her dress was also in a state where you could just call it a rag.


All this was enough to scare the servant out of his wits.

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