This BL Novel Is Ruined Now

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Chapter 15

Translated by Yonnee






Of all things, why did it have to be croissant waffles.


And why did it come out of her mouth without being stopped! It’s a kind of food that didn’t even exist in this world yet…


“No, I mean… I’m trying to ask what kind of food you like?”


As she changed the question in a hurry, Lehman just stared at Reina for a moment.
Soon after, he turned his eyes back to the beaker and replied.


“I’m not very picky about food.”




If he answered like that, then she couldn’t say anything more.


But if Reina was the kind of person who’d back off after just something like that, then was she really Reina!


“Then what about food you hate?”


“I don’t hate any food either.”


“What do you usually do on your days off?”


“Nothing special.”




Unfortunately, the conversation pattern that followed didn’t gain traction.
It was like an unstoppable force met an immovable object.



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Just as any clap could only be heard if two palms clash together, a conversation needs to be active on both sides to move forward.
In the end, the embarrassed Reina closed her mouth.


‘It’s a shame to end the conversation like this though.’


Not knowing whether this was just the first or even already the last conversation she’d have with Lehman, she just didn’t want them to part ways with such an awkward atmosphere between them.


“…Then what do you want to be in the future?”


‘Maybe it’s too serious of a question?’


But she couldn’t think of anything else anymore as her last question.
And she already spat it out, so there’s no take backs.


“What are you going to do after graduation?”


Lehman was in the middle of moving the beaker, but his hand stopped.
Thinking that the question was somehow effective this time, Reina persisted.


“Is there something you want to do?”


For a moment, Lehman’s expression was unreadable.
He placed the beaker on the desk, then he smiled as he returned the question.


“What about you, Reina?”


That smile somehow felt off.


However, Reina didn’t recognize exactly why, so she just took that smile as a good sign.


“Maybe I’ll go work at the Ministry of Education?”


“Ahh, really? That’s nice.”


Contrary to the smile though, the answer that came back was cold.
Even the temperature difference between night and day in the middle of the desert wouldn’t be this striking.


Before Reina knew it, she was already looking at his blank expression.


“…Did I offend you with my questions?”


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She asked because she was trying to fix the situation, but that horrific, sudden change in countenance changed again when Lehman’s expression shifted once more.


What do you mean? I’m not offended.
By the way, Reina, can you add that red solution into the beaker over there?”


‘I just made a mistake… I think.’


Dazedly, Reina nodded and picked up the flask that contained the red solution.


“Oh, not now though.
Let’s wait ten minutes.
I’ll remind you.”


I got it.”


Feeling uncomfortable, my brows furrowed slightly.
Then, he added.


“Ah, I also want to go into administration.
But I’ll have to enter the judicial branch.”


Did he say, ‘I have to’? Not ‘I want to’?


At the confusing answer, I tilted my head to the side and asked.


“If it’s the judicial branch, then you mean the Supreme Court?”




“I see.
I thought you’re also entering the Ministry of Education because you seem to be so interested in that sector.
You already know this, but most of my family goes into the Ministry of Education, too, so I thought we’d work in the same department later.”


If such a situation would come in the future, Reina was concerned about how to face Lehman there.


“But you’re entering the Supreme Court after all.”


At that moment, there was an icy glint in Lehman’s eyes again.


‘…Huh? Did I really say something wrong?’


Why did she have to say something so thoughtless.
It’s as if she had thrown a stone randomly and inadvertently killed a frog with it.
She belatedly realized that there were some keywords that would hit Lehman’s sore spot like that.


The sooner she apologized, the better.

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I don’t know the whole situation, but I pretended to know.”


Reina apologized without a moment’s hesitation.
Lehman, who had been quiet for a while now, quickly cleared his expression.


However, before he could say anything in return, the lab’s door burst open.


“We’re back.”


“We’re almost done, huh?”


We’ve done a great job for the past three weeks.”


And when Lehman said this, everyone turned to stare at Reina.


‘Don’t look at me like that.
I know that I didn’t do anything.’


Still, this was unfair.
She tried to help, but they all blocked her from doing anything and even kicked her out of the laboratory.
What were they trying to prove by looking at her like that?


Right then, the main character of this place and everyone’s beloved Lehman clapped his hands once as though to settle the atmosphere.


“By the way, Reina, can you add the thing we talked about before?”


“Ah, right.”


With an awkward expression, Reina turned to the flask and picked it up.
Then, in one decisive movement, she lifted the solution into the beaker.




“W-Wait, that thing!”




As she turned around, perplexed by the sudden chorus of shocked voices, she saw how all the other groupmates were hurriedly waving their hands to stop her.


“Not that! Don’t add it in!”

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“Let go of those right now!”


At the intense reactions all around her, Reina looked at the solution that she had added to the beaker.


‘But Lehman told me a while ago to put in the red solution?’




Seeing how shocked they all were, there must have been some mistake.
She first moved her hands away.
No, well, she was about to.


But where was this place exactly? And who’s the main character?


As if the string of fate had already been tied and tugged, the solution that was about to drip out of the flask… fell into the beaker.
Just as Lehman had asked.






Screams of resentment and outcry rang out inside the laboratory.
Then, the mixed contents of the beaker also boiled out of control.


Gurgle, gurgle— BANG!




At that moment.


The boiling mixture, her groupmates, and Lehman’s calm expression as he stood behind them… Reina’s eyes swept over these three one after another.


Presented with these connected puzzle pieces, Reina had no choice but to realize a fact that she didn’t want to think was true.




Lehman knew what was going to happen.


Even though he knew that it shouldn’t be added, Lehman intentionally told Reina to add the red solution into the mixture.



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