While pining after Lehman, he took on the role of forbidden love because Lehman was his younger sister’s fiancé at the time.
That didn’t mean he was a more important character though—he’s just one of the sacrificial lambs to add an oomph to Lehman’s fatal appeal.

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「 “Reina…”


Noah watched absently as his sister fell from the edge of a cliff.


Ah, ah.
How can a person’s life be lost in vain? How on earth should he avenge his sister’s unfair death?


Unfortunately, these were not the thoughts that passed through Noah’s mind.


“Lehman… I’ll protect you.” 


Through Reina’s death, he was overwhelmed by the fear of perhaps dyeing his loved one with black waters.
This was the only feeling that overwhelmed Noah.



‘I stopped the engagement, so they won’t run into each other right away.’


Besides that, she thought that Noah would neglect her, but after she recalled her past life’s memories, she made even stronger memories with her brother over the years.


‘And Reina herself had been a hikikomori.¹ Maybe Noah tends to be more indifferent.
Still, it’s fine for the time being.’


“What are you thinking so hard about?”


By the way, weren’t you with Father?”


“I heard he’s talking to the other households’ members, so he’s busy.”




Noah strode up to Reina as she was leaning against the balcony’s railing.


“Why is your face like that?”


“I’m in a bad mood so don’t start with me.”


“You’re already ugly to start with, but you look even uglier now.”


“…So you really want to fight?”


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She glared at him as viciously as she could, but he responded with a nasty tone.


I think I know what’s up with you now.
You’re looking for Ethan, huh?”


Since she had been openly aiming for Ethan for the past four years, this was the natural conclusion.


I can’t find him though.
I don’t see him anywhere no matter how hard I look.
At this point, I think he’s gone invisible.”


Leaning on the railing next to Reina, Noah snorted lightly.


I know where he is.”


“…What? Seriously?”


Reina stood straight with her eyes wide open, then she quickly clung onto Noah.


“Where is he, hm? Tell me.”


“Let go of me right now.
You’re giving me goosebumps.”


“Yes, sir.”


They originally acted as though they were adversaries, but the sister listened obediently to the brother here.
Noah clicked his tongue when she immediately let go of his hand.


“Tsk, tsk.
Why is it that this kid changes every time Ethan’s mentioned.
I guess you don’t like Lehman that much.”


“So then where’s Ethan?”


“One of the west terraces.”


“West? That’s not open to the guests, is it?”


“You really don’t listen to Mother.
She mentioned that the west side’s going to be open because too many people came.”




She had no idea.
Well, Noah was also aware of this, but Reina really had only ‘Ethan’ in that head of hers.
Information that wasn’t related to him would just come in one ear and go out the other.


“West terraces.
Okay, got it.”

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Upon receiving this intel, she ran out without even saying bye.


“Hey, don’t run recklessly out in public! He’s at the thirteenth terrace!”




After a moment—




After running recklessly like that, Reina arrived at the thirteenth terrace at the west side.
She huffed out roughly.


“Why am I so nervous though.”


She did meet him in the past, but it was before she regained her past life’s memories.


However, was it because Reina’s consciousness had been replaced by much of ‘Han Jae-hee’? As if there were holes in her memories, not only Ethan’s face but also the faces of the other people in the nine major families were blurry in her mind.


“So I’m honestly a bit scared.”


He’s not called Cerulean Freak for no reason…


“But he’s my only rope.
I have no back-up plans anyway.”


Clasping her trembling fingertips, she inhaled and exhaled deeply several times.
But the time her breathing calmed down a little, she finally opened the terrace door.


Soon after, an exclamation flowed out of her lips without pause.


“Oh my…”


She rubbed her eyes in disbelief.


“That’s not a human, but the light maybe…?”


She was only looking at his back, and she didn’t know why, but her heart started beating hard.
Then, he turned slightly, which made his side profile visible to her.
This time, her heart pounded uncontrollably as though it would burst out of its cage.


‘He’s turning… He’s really turning!’


Without having a good look at him just yet, she already knew.
The person standing there was definitely a beauty that would turn the world upside down.

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‘Cerulean Freak, Cerulean Freak— I didn’t have any expectations at all, but…!’


Think about it for a sec.
Who would ever imagine that a man who’s called ‘Cerulean Freak punk’ was a man like him?


But it’s different now.


‘Please, God Buddha Allah.
Please let that person over there be Ethan.’


There’s this saying that goes, ‘a healthy and large tree can be recognized even while it’s still a seed,’ and here, one’s outward appearance could be acknowledged even while seeing only the side profile first.


‘So forget the greeting, we’re carrying out the plan straightaway!’


Clasping her slightly clammy hand tightly, Reina moved forward gently.


“Ahem, ahem.”


Walking over to him, she cleared her throat for a moment.
Then, in a calm tone of voice, she, who had been training in earnest for the past four years, started her seduction strategy.


“Oh my? Honey²?”


The only person here who she could possibly be referring to was him, but no answer returned to her call.
Of course, if she were to stop here, then she was not Reina Chantra.












She called him like that probably about ten times.


As he had been looking out towards the garden all this time, the figure finally turned towards Reina.
At the same time, a small exclamation popped out of her lips.


“Oh… dear God in heaven.”


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Just to set things straight, Han Jae-hee was an atheist.
However, from today onwards, she decided to believe in God.
The deity of masculinity.


“Holy moly…”


While experiencing an optical illusion of sorts wherein only light was entering her vision, she shook her head as she saw a timely guide message pop up.



[ Ethan Liam (Ethan Gerard Liam)

Traits : Man with an iron wall defense.
Man of restraint.
Genius of the century.
A predator that could rival a dragon.

Household : Liam Duchy

Title : Marquis of Gerard ]



The eldest son of the Liam Duchy, which was the most powerful household in the nine major families.


He was the only person in Reina’s generation to hold the title of marquis—and he’s the craziest one out there.


That was how he was depicted in the original novel.


And as if that explanation was right, a long message popped up in front of her.



[ Ethan Liam

His brand of crazy is not only the blue label, but the black label.
So, it is encouraged that you avoid him as much as possible.




That’s something she wasn’t keen on, and as of today, she intended to return to faith.


And the name of that religion was this: The Ethan-Is-My-Husband Cathedral.


FYI, Reina Chantra was the bishop and the only believer.





¹ hikikomori – also known as ‘acute social withdrawal’; total withdrawal from society and seeking extreme degrees of social isolation and confinement.
(the raws really straight up said hikikomori so i had to leave it like that)


² when Reina called Ethan ‘Honey’, she said 여보 (yeobo), and this is the term of endearment used between married couples. 

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