A few days later, the official blog for “Taiping” released a few character posters of the main leads.

Weibo is once again in an uproar.

Fu Ting Chuan’s Xue Shao received the most attention with more than 200,000 forwards.
This is entirely out of the crew’s expectations.

It’s not because they underestimated Fu Ting Chuan’s expectations.
It’s only that this male star has been active for ten years and has mostly been in movies.
Last year, in order to establish a stronger foothold in the industry, Fu Ting Chuan returned to the TV screen.

The recently broadcasted Anti-Japanese spy drama shot him into popularity and attracted a lot of new female fans.

It is also these fans that made #The Most Handsome Xue Shao in History# the top trending topic and also continued to raise the popularity of “Taiping.”

That evening, Director Tong excitedly invited everyone to a barbeque.
After finishing a whole bottle of beer, his face turned beet red as he boldly boasts, “Fu Ting Chuan is a force to be reckoned with.
Looks like we don’t have to worry about the ratings!”

That day when the character posters were released, Jiang Tiao was stalking the official page and shared it more than thirty times on her fan accounts.

Unfortunately, the other fans were too fierce, so she was still unable to be the first replier to the post.

Her main account was extremely cold and she rarely replied to fan comments.
But on her small accounts, “Prprrrrr Lick Screen,” “Handsome Handsome Handsome,” “Ahhh I’m Going to Die,” “So Cute,” “I Want to Sleep Ah,” “Silky Fog,” “My Mom is Too Good Looking”…….they are all forwarded posts of videos, GIFs, and photos of Fu Ting Chuan, just like those teenage girls who yell “Uncle Shu.”

When she doesn’t have anything to do, she would search for Fu Ting Chuan-related content on Weibo.
Occasionally she would see some negative comments but she wouldn’t fight back.
Instead, she would only leave warm and peaceful comments for her idol and then quietly leave.
She didn’t even reply or look back.

A week later, “Reuters News Agency” released a short video of the booting ceremony with the burning incense for “Taiping.”

Several star actors stood in the front row, followed by the staff behind them.

Fu Ting Chuan wore an inconspicuous black T-shirt and black trousers.
His eyes were tightly closed as he helps up the incense and piously bowed in all directions.

The fans were dead by how adorable he was for always seriously acting according to convention.

Jiang Tiao and the other stylist stood in the fourth row and every time she turns around, she would open her eyes halfway and glance at Fu Ting Chuan in the first row.

When she was young, she never had any experience with having a secret crush.
The way that she is acting now is like a young girl who is stealing a glance at the object of her love across the campus.

The director removed the red cloth on the camera and everyone applauded.

In a wide movement, Jiang Tiao turns to look at Fu Ting Chuan.

Like everyone else, his eyes were slightly narrowed due to the sun.
When he applauded, he looked to be taking it very seriously, with no sense of playfulness.

Jiang Tiao jovially applauded even harder.


The first scene they filmed is of Taiping and Xue Shao holding hands for the first time.

The reason for jumping into this scene is simple, to cultivate the tacit understanding and feeling between the male and female lead in advance.

At that time, Taiping was already seventeen years old which is usually the time for the first awakening of love.
After she fell in love with her cousin, Xue Shao, at first sight, she would ask her mother to create some opportunity for her to meet him.

The Tang Dynasty had always been very open-minded about its customs, so Wu Zetian who spoils her daughter, would naturally not block it.

In her third private meeting with Xue Shao, they took a stroll by the Taiye Pond*.
The peony swayed and the waves rippled.

T/N: Taiye Pond (太液池): area to the west of the Forbidden City, now divided into Zhongnanhai and Beihai

As they were talking and laughing, Taiping sneakily took out her hand from her sleeves and held onto Xue Shao’s finger.

When Xue Shao came to his senses, he immediately interlocks his hand with hers.

––––It was a cute scene of the main lovers connecting.

The director’s request is very precise.
Tong Jing Nian needs to show the feeling of a young girl’s nervousness, courage, and fearlessness.
And after she grabs the man’s hand, she must steal a happy glance at him.
After the girl held his hand, Fu Ting Chuan will have to act surprised and then couldn’t help but smile.
Then he will naturally respond to Taiping’s move, or should it be said, give an answer as a man.

It wasn’t a difficult scene, but it required a high level of attention to detail.

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