Today’s filming process went smoothly.
Around six o’clock, the hotel sent the lunch boxes over.
The director told everyone to rest and eat their dinner as they wait for darkness to come so they can film the night scenes.

The set lights are all set up so the dining area is brightly lit.

As usual, Jiang Tiao and the other stylists sat together and opened their boxes.

For fear of the soup spilling, she took off her gloves.
After all, white can get easily dirtied.

Jiang Tiao put a bite of her meal but didn’t chew.
She looked around, trying to locate Fu Ting Chuan.

He usually sits with the directors and talks about the script.

But today he isn’t there.

Jiang Tiao looked down at the egg dumpling.
Then she stabbed it with her chopstick and the fresh meat stock oozed out.

She is like this egg dumpling and the meat stock is her disappointment.


Jiang Tiao ate very fast.
In the first two days, Fu Ting Chuan sat very close to them.
In order to listen and watch his movements, she deliberately ate very slowly.
She would chew a rice grain in her mouth excruciatingly slow before she swallowed.

…..As a result, the hungry wolf soon emerged from within her as she gorged herself.

Everyone is still eating and waiting.
Jiang Tiao intends to walk around to relieve her stomach.

She informed the other group members in advance and told them to message her when filming starts.

Jiang Tiao walked down the cobblestone path until she is at this afternoon’s filming location.
There is no one present and there are only a few lights on.
It seemed as if the bustling afternoon was yesterday.

Then, she spotted Fu Ting Chuan.

He is standing but is lying down.

Did he not sleep well last night? Is he trying to sneak in a nap during dinnertime? Fu Ting Chuan is actually sleeping.

He is leaning back flat on the beach chair.
His eyelashes are extremely long, creating a beautiful arc.

Behind him is a bamboo forest with a crescent moon hanging high in the sky.

The wind rustled the leaves, creating a serene sound in the night.

Fu Ting Chuan must’ve wanted a quiet place to rest so he avoided the crew and found an isolated place to sleep.

He was originally covered in a small blanket.
Perhaps because of his movements, half of the blanket slipped to the ground.
Most of his body is exposed and he is only wearing a thin layer of clothing.

Jiang Tiao felt cold looking at him like this.

When she confirmed that there is no one around which would cause unnecessary misunderstandings, she walked over, intending to cover him.

Jiang Tiao lightly approached him and squatted down to pick up the blanket from the ground.
She didn’t brush it and held onto it tightly, afraid that it will fall out of her hand.

She stopped by Fu Ting Chuan’s side, casting a shadow over half his face.

She took a deep breath and held it while she carefully covered his upper body with the blanket.

Afraid that she would disturb him, Jiang Tiao’s eyes became dodgy.

She didn’t dare to look at the man’s face, even if he is handsome.

There, carefully and a little uncomfortable, she completed her task.

Finally, Jiang Tiao’s hand stopped by his neck.

She was about to take her hand back when her wrist was suddenly grabbed midair!

Fu Ting Chuan slowly opened his eyes.
His pupils are bright and clear and are not bewildered like when you initially wake up.

He stared at Jiang Tiao.

Her wrist is a snowy white and as smooth as cream.

Fu Ting Chuan couldn’t help but gather her fingers and held them tightly onto her, for fear that she will escape.

Jiang Tiao felt the pain coming from her hand and looked at him.

He is lying there, half his face covered in a shadow.
Black clouds loomed over his face.

Shame, fear, dread, or something else.
Her face is glowing bright red, looking very attractive.

Fu Ting Chuan’s eyes darkened and his breath grew haggard.

He wants to bring her closer to him, right now.


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