The owner, “Why don’t you get Grim Cat’s Multi-Vitamin Paste.
But your cat is very small so you should only feed it a little every day.
It is very easy for it to burn up from eating too much.”

Jiang Tiao, “Yes, Grim Cat is the best.”

Fu Ting Chuan sized up the thing that looks like a tub of toothpaste on his hand, “How much is a little?”

The owner, “A little…just a little.”

Fu Ting Chuan, “How much?”

The owner, “Probably….two centimeters?”

“Two centimeters?”

“Only two centimeters!”

Fu Ting Chuan, “En.”


Just like this, Fu Ting Chuan, being overly cautious and picky asked various questions relating to their meal and stool.
Daddy Fu finally picked up everything on the list.

He even bought more items that weren’t on the list such as a cat water dispenser, automatic feeders, cat grass, catnip, etc.
Except for the large cat climbing frame, he bought everything a cat could possibly need.

Jiang Tiao felt both physically and mentally tired.

The owner put everything in two large bags which Jiang Tiao habitually reached out to hold.
Because of her occupation, she would often carry big bags and run around the crew.

Fu Ting Chuan was one step ahead of her and took it all in one hand as if it wasn’t heavy at all.

Jiang Tiao still wanted to help, “Let me help carry one.”

“No.” He looks down at her white and tender hand.
He looked away and said, “Holding plastic bags will leave a mark on your hand.”

??? The gears in Jiang Tiao’s brain turned.
Is the male god trying to say that it is too heavy? She smiled, not knowing what to say.

Fu Ting Chuan closed his eyes, what is he saying….

When he saw that Master Fu finally carried the bags, Xu Che who was leaning on the wall, jumped awake, “You’re done?”

“En.” Fu Ting Chuan immediately handed the two bags over to him.
Assistant Xu happily took the bag happily thinking about the year-end bonus.

Fu Ting Chuan, “Go check out.”

Xu Che, “Okay–––” Then he walked over to the cash register with the bags.

Jiang Tiao, “…..”

Assistant Xu went to pay the bill leaving Fu Ting Chuan and Jiang Tiao standing there at the side.
He is wearing a cap, making him look gloomy and harder to approach.

A strange silence hung over them.

Fu Ting Chuan asked first, “Did you get the shot?”




The two stood there in a long silence.

Jiang Tiao is still holding the rice roll in her hand.
She lifted it into her mouth intending to ease the air by eating.

The movement of the person next to him is big.
Fu Ting Chuan once again couldn’t help but look at the woman’s hand.
Her five fingers are circled around the roll, and her skin color is almost the same as the rice.

Her red lips were slightly open as she gently took a bite of the roll.
A grain of rice stuck to her lips and her little pink tongue stuck out and hook it back.

Fu Ting Chuan suddenly has an urge to….drink water.

Lust is a strong hunger.

As if feeling his gaze on her, she suddenly turned around, her eyes filled with questions.

As a professional actor, for the first time in his life, Fu Ting Chuan stuttered, “I…..” Fortunately, he was still able to respond, “I was thinking, what do you think about naming the cat Rice Roll?”

“I’m fine with it.” Jiang Tiao naively believed that he was really paying attention to her rice roll, “It sounds nice.”

She whispered in her heart, rice roll, rice roll.
It sounds a lot like food and is not cute at all.
So, she decided to change it, “What don’t you call it Little Riceball, small and white.”

“Okay.” Fu Ting Chuan simply agreed.
Small and white.
It is also like her hand.

Behind them, Xu Che who had already settled the bill paused for ten seconds.
What are these two people doing? They are like a couple trying to decide on their child’s name.

But he was still tactful to not go forward and force himself between them.

After everything is done, the three people said goodbye to the owner and prepared to leave.

Before going out, Fu Ting Chuan suddenly noticed a large and bulky bag in the corner.
It looked a bit like….a larger version of the cat food.

He turned back to the owner, “What is this?”

The owner is still enraptured in the picture he took with the popular male celebrity and hastily answers, “Dog food.”

Xu Che who is following from behind arched his lips: Hehe, this is what I should be eating.

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