Three Combs: Chapter 10.1

“Hey, ancestor, what are you doing….”

“Are you going to put a ticking time bomb around you?”

“Are you using your brain? Is this something you should do?”

“Did you think about your Old Two*? It will be very tiring.”

T/N: 老二(lǎoèr)-slang for a man’s reproductive organ


Xu Che followed behind Fu Ting Chuan talking endlessly the entire way as they entered the hotel room.

The man in front of him didn’t utter a single word.
After taking off his coat, he walked around the room bending down here and there as if he is looking for something.

“What are you looking for? Are you even listening to me?”

Fu Ting Chuan turned a deaf ear to him and said, “Mimi, Mimi.”

His tone is dull as if he is calling out to a spirit.

“…….Who’s Mimi?”

The man turned and indifferently said, “The cat I’m raising.”

“The cat you’re raising?”


“What the hell, you’re also raising a cat?” Xu Che was so angry that he wanted to run over to grab his collar and shake some sense into him, “Where did you get the cat? You’re raising the cat here? You’re filming right now, how do you have the time to raise a cat?!”

Fu Ting Chuan was still concentrating on looking for the cat and walked to the bathroom, “I picked him up last night.”

“Why don’t you pick up a person instead!” Xu Che followed him to the bathroom, like a mother following a child to lecture them, “Oh wait, I forgot, you had already picked up a person this afternoon.
What is wrong with you the past two days?”

Fu Ting Chuan finally found the little white kitten.
It was hiding in the corner next to the toilet and wall.

It seems like he feels comfortable here.

The man crouched down and carefully picked him up.
He raised the kitten up in front of his eyes and said, “I am only showing my compassion, it is no trouble at all.”

When the little creature suddenly felt weightless, he was filled with fear and anxiety.
His two paws clawed at the man’s shirt and pierced through his skin, leaving behind a slight pain. 

Fu Ting Chuan didn’t care.
He simply rubbed its head and put him in his arm before he walked back to the desk.

Assistant Xu also followed him out.

Like a dog, he is dragged around by Fu Ting Chuan….and he doesn’t even know it.

Fu Ting Chuan put the little kitten on the table with a hand gently pressing him down to prevent him from moving around.
Using his free hand, he took a piece of paper filled with writing and handed it to Xu Che.

“Prepare these for me.” He carelessly said.

“What is it?” Xu Che took the paper and took a closer look at it.


Canned cat food, cat kibbles, cat snacks

Litter box, cat litter

Two non-slip cat bowls,

Goat milk powder, nutritional supplement, multi-vitamin paste.

Cat scratching pad, cat toys, feather wand

Cat bed, soft

Surveillance camera with phone monitoring.

I want it all done tonight.”

––––This is the result of Fu Ting Chuan's research all night.

This is the first time he is raising a pet.
He is like a first-time father who doesn’t know how to look after a newborn baby.
He was a little helpless.

The words on the paper were written in clean and neat strokes as if he was afraid Xu Che would not understand.

Assistant Xu passed the paper back to him; his lips twitched, “I only serve you, not the cat.”

“The cat is mine.”

“This is not within the scope of my contract.”

Fu Ting Chuan picked up the paper from the desk and handed it to him again, “Year-end bonus.”

“How much?”

“10 percent”

“I’ll go right away.” Xu Che folded the paper three times and put it in his trouser pocket.
Just as he was about to go out, he suddenly turned his head and asked, “Where’s the money to buy these things?”


“Okay, I’m going!”

Xu Che rushed to the first floor of the hotel and opened maps on his phone to search for nearby pet stores.
Just as he was about to leave the lobby, his phone began to vibrate and the caller is:

Old Fu.

“What? Do you have something else to add?”

Fu Ting Chuan, “Wait for me, I’m bringing the cat with me.”

“…..Ancestor, just stay in your room, don’t…..hey!”

He already hung up the phone.”

In less than three minutes, Fu Ting Chuan came out of the elevator wearing a black cap and holding a black carry-on bag.

His cap is very large and is pulled very low on his face covering half of his features.

“Why did you come outside?” The two men stood side y side by the glass door as the slightly shorter one harshly whispered.

Fu Ting Chuan raised an eyebrow at him, “I was afraid you would poison the cat food.”

“Why would I dare? My 10% bonus is on the line.”

Fu Ting Chuan no longer jokes with him, “The kitten has a wound and also needs to be vaccinated.”–––This he also did research on last night.

Xu Che waved his finger up and down, “I’m telling you now if you get recognized, I don't care.”

“Don’t worry.” Fu Ting Chuan put on his sunglasses.

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