She glanced at Yuan Yang, “Yuan Yang, change your assistant.
I don’t want her anymore.
Who knows what ill intentions she harbors in her heart.”

Yuan Yang kept silent.
He was placed in a difficult position.
This was his arrangement, now he has to change it? Because of this trivial matter does he have to sentence his apprentice who had always been dedicated to her job to death? There’s no doubt that this will be harmful to her.

No one made a sound.

Tonight is too stressful.

It is you who is causing trouble but it is her.
Everyone is tired.

“Jiang Tiao.” Someone suddenly spoke.

That deep voice rang through the air.

Everyone followed the direction of that voice.
The owner is….

Fu Ting Chuan.

The man looked over at Jiang Tiao.
His pupil is dark and sharp, like an owl in the deep night, “Come here.”

His was concise and comprehensive, leaving no room for them to comment.

Jiang Tiao doesn’t know what his intentions are but went to his side with ease.

“Stand there.” He directed then he called someone else.
“Yuan Yang.”

Yuan Yang didn’t expect to be called by him as he cast him a doubtful look.

Fu Ting Chuan raised his chin to Bai Rui, “Go over there.”

Yuan Yang, “??”

“Go.” He repeated.
This time it is an order.

Yuan Yang is a clever person so he has strong observation skills.
He can probably guess what Fu Ting Chuan’s intentions are.

Then he walked to Bai Rui’s side and stood still.

“There.” Fu Ting Chuan looked at Jiang Tiao, “From now on, you are my makeup and hair stylist.
Yuan Yang will be responsible for Miss Bai.”

Assistant Xu’s eyes bulged out in surprise as he pulled his shirt: what are you doing????

Fu Ting Chuan simply ignored him.
He calmly confronted Bai Rui, “Miss Bai, what do you think of this arrangement?”

“What do you mean, Fu Ting Chuan.” Bai Rui placed her hand on the armrest and looked at him in amusement.
She doesn’t quite understand why this man who had always kept a low profile would bring himself into this situation.

Fu Ting Chuan quirked his lips as he emotionlessly smiled, “My hair is short so it won’t get tangled.
I won’t be afraid of getting hurt.
Teacher Yuan is the best makeup artist, I will leave him to you.” He paused, “This is what I mean.”

He leaned forward to pick up the comb from the table.
He stuffed it into the hand of the muddle-headed woman, “Here, continue on with your work.”


Jiang Tiao’s chest continues to rise up and down, feeling very uncertain.

She combed through that man’s hair which is so short that it can be considered uninteresting.

Everything just happened too suddenly that she didn’t have time to digest and absorb the information.

The action of holding a comb is all in vain now as if it is floating through a field of cotton.

The crisis has been averted and everyone else continued to do their own thing.

Bai Rui crossed her arm across her chest and didn’t say anything as if she had tacitly accepted this arrangement.

Besides, there is more for her to learn with each passing day.
She shouldn’t offend Fu Ting Chuan as well.

The man’s presence stifled the air.

Not a single sound could be heard.

Fu Ting Chuan faced his back to Jiang Tiao.
Like the first time she helped him apply makeup, he just quietly sat there.

His shoulders are broad and strong like a wall that can provide shelter from the rain and wind.

Was he defending her? Or was he trying to save her from the embarrassment? Maybe she was too excited.
She was wondering if she should say a word of thanks to him.
But it seems that he has no intention of speaking to her again.

She stared at Fu Ting Chuan in a daze only to see him take out his phone as he typed.

The man’s sleeves were folded back revealing the muscles on his arm.

She recalled when he stuffed the comb into her hand.
He used quite a deal of force that didn’t allow her to resist.

In the next few minutes, the two people didn’t say anything to each other.

Jiang Tiao decided to relax her heart.
He didn’t say anything so she shouldn’t speak as well.
Sometimes, silence is also a form of respect and agreement.
She wants her gratitude toward him to be the driving force of her work.
She must accept the current arrangement.
Perhaps this is an indication of fate.

However, the next moment, Fu Ting Chuan raised his phone over his shoulder.

His back is still turned to her and he didn’t say anything.
Even the back of his head seems stifling.

But the little screen caught her off guard as it appeared in front of her.

The content was a line of text.

“Remember to get a rabies shot.”

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