Director Tong then explained to her in a few short sentences, “Xiao Jiang, when I say action, you will first grab Teacher Fu’s index finger.
Then after two steps, Teacher Fu will respond back and your fingers will interlock.
This is something you should be able to do.
Then you will take a few more steps and when you do so, naturally sway your hands when walking.
It will be edited later in the post-production.”

“Ok.” Jiang Tiao nodded.

Director Tong ran back to the monitor but didn’t rush to start, giving them time to prepare.

Fu, I have no experience.
Please excuse me if there are any parts where I am lacking.” Jiang Tiao greeted him.

Fu Ting Chuan stood facing her, “En.”

It was low and nasally like running water rolling into her heart and calming her down.

“Ready––?” Director Tong probed.

Fu Ting Chuan signaled toward the crowd.


Jiang Tiao’s heart once again thundered.

It felt like a train running over her chest.

The first step…..should be holding his finger.

Jiang Tiao’s index finger had been holding the cuff, in order to prevent the wide sleeves from falling down.

Her rapidly racing heart controlled her movement.
Her hand couldn’t help but shake next to his hand.

Finally, she summoned up the courage to reach her hand out.

Where’s Fu Ting Chuan’s hand?

She couldn’t find his hand….how awkward, she should’ve looked for where his hand is when they first started.

The wind blew gently.
Jiang Tiao’s face and hands began to feel dry.

Only when her finger felt a little cool did she find that she is close to that man’s skin.

As if it was a life-saving move, Jiang Tiao reached over.

When she came in contact with Fu Ting Chuan’s finger, he immediately retracted his hand!

As if he had touched a cold jade or got stung by a needle.

The whole set was silent, confused by Fu Ting Chuan’s action.

“Teacher Fu, what’s the matter!” Director Tong yelled into the megaphone, completely nervous.

Fu Ting Chuan looked back and indifferently said, “Static.”

“Oh, static.
It’s common to get shocked during the fall.” Director Tong smiled understandingly, “It’s fine, let’s do it once more.”

Jiang Tiao looked down at her hand.
She shook her hand, unconvinced.

There really was static electricity earlier?


The first day of shooting ended.

Fu Ting Chuan removed his makeup, took off the costume, and as usual, accompanied by Assistant Xu hurried to board his car.

Xu Che is his assistant, as well as his driver.

Of course, also his brother.

Xu Che started the car and left TangCity.

Fu Ting Chuan put the neck pillow around his neck and leaned against it as he closed his eyes and rest.

There weren’t many scenes to film today but he still felt inexplicably tired.

On the way, Xu Che glanced at him through the rearview mirror and asked, “Old Fu, are you okay?”

“En….” The man made a sound of acknowledgment through his nose.

“The second scene you filmed wasn’t too great.
Don’t worry about it, it’s only a one-time thing.
Moreover, your makeup artist has been replaced with that great master so that girl won’t be in contact with you for a long time.
Keep calm Old Fu.” Xu Che jibed.

Fu Ting Chuan didn’t respond or move.

In the darkness, he recalled the girl’s hand.

Ten fingers interlocked together.
Her five fingers carefully squeezed his.

Like a small slippery fish.

It makes people couldn’t help but tighten their hands.

When his hand strokes her palm, he felt a slight heat.

Her hand is not the type of soft boneless one.
He could feel her bones like green bamboo shoots.
Her hand was in his full control and was being dragged by him.
If he were to exert a little more force, he was afraid that he will break it.

And he just wants to use more force and squeeze her bone into her skin.

He didn’t hate the feeling of her touching him, and also….


Fu Ting Chuan rubbed his face with his hands.
He unscrews the cap from the bottle next to him and down half of the cold water.

His pulse raced and he has a physiological reaction

His friend is driving in the front and is unaware of him fantasizing in a daze.

During the afternoon filming process, his impulse is inevitable.

Fortunately, he was able to suppress it.

This twisted fetish is there no way to eradicate it from his 36-year-old self.

From when Fu Ting Chuan started, whenever he sees a good-looking hand of the opposite sex, he will have a surge of excitement in his heart, nervous and stimulated, in short, a sexual impulse.

After entering the circle, he had been suppressing and concealing this vulgar trait.
It’s not that he had not met any actress with attractive hands, he had been trying to restrain himself and avoid any excessive physical contact.

There are a few people who can catch a glimpse of his true heart.

Moreover, before this, he had secretly received psychological treatment for a long time.

He thought that he had gotten much better.

Until he saw Jiang Tiao’s hand.

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