“Use my hand?” Jiang Tiao looks at him ignorantly.

“Yes, yes.” Tong Jing Nian put her hands together and shook them, “Sister Jiang, please help me.
My hands are so ugly, I can't show it in a close-up.”

She shook her slim waist acting like a spoiled child, “Sister Jiang, you are the best.
I’m afraid that when it is broadcasted on TV and the audience sees my hand, they will compare my small fat hands with Fu Ting Chuan’s beautiful hand.
They will definitely make fun of me.
You have to help me.”

Jiang Tiao’s lip drew into a straight line as she forced out a dry smile, “But I can’t act.”

Director Tong looks back and forth at the two girls’ hands.

To be honest, Tong Jing Nian’s hands aren’t ugly.
He felt that during the exchange with the little lass, her demand is too high.
Is she a Virgo, a perfectionist?

But as he carefully assesses makeup artist Jiang’s hand he couldn't help but inwardly smack his lips in approval at how beautiful it is.
The back of her hand is tender and smooth like tofu, and the fingers are like jade, light and fair.

He had already seen many beautiful actresses so he does not appreciate beauty anymore.
In his eyes, Jiang Tiao’s beauty is only slightly better than ordinary so when they entered the set, he didn’t pay much attention to this girl.

It’s clear now that such a pair of hands adds a lot of points.

It’s only one scene.
Besides, it’s very pleasing to the eyes.
Everyone will be happy.

Director Tong simply followed Ting Jing Nian in advising her, “Xiao Jiang, the camera is not going to shoot your face.
So we’ll do it like this.
You just have to hold hands with Teacher Fu, that’s it.”

When he finished speaking, he pushed Jiang Tiao to where they were filming earlier.

Jiang Tiao smiled apologetically and bowed with his hands cupped together, “Director Tong, I really can’t.”

Director Tong was unhappy but it could also only be him putting up airs, “How can this lass be like this.
You’re holding hands with Handsome Brother Fu! Many teenage girls want to hold hands with him.”

“Sister, please….” Tong Jing Nian follow to coax her.

Although she may look small, she has a big strength.

Jiang Tiao doesn’t know whether to laugh or cry.
Just as she turned around, the two worked as one to keep her from escaping their claws.
In the end, Jiang Tiao could only raise her hand and surrendered, “Okay, okay, I’ll do it.”

“That’s the spirit.” The director gratefully hit her back with the script.

The three of them returned to the flowery path by the lake.

Fu Ting Chuan and his assistant had been waiting there for quite a while.
Fu Ting Chuan was still standing while the assistant already found a boulder to sit on.

Director Tong turned to Master Wang Ning, “That…we don’t have to reshoot the scene.
Just take a close-up of the hand and then we will be done.”

The cameraman nodded his head.

Tong Jing Nian took off her wide sleeve cloak and shawl and handed it over to Jiang Tiao, “Sister, just wear these two pieces.
It will only show you arm and cuff, There is no need to trouble yourself to change your clothes.”

“What’s going on?” Assistant Xu noticed something wrong.

Fu Ting Chuan also slowly moved his eyes over.

“There’s nothing going on.
We’re going to use Beauty Jiang’s hand as a substitute for the close-up.” The director deemphasized.

Assistant Xu laughed out loud, “This crew is amazing!”

The director thought he was praising him for his attention to detail and proudly replied, “Of course, this is Teacher Fu’s drama, how can we not pay attention to detail!” He juts his chin at Jiang Tiao, “Xiao Jiang, raise your hand and let Teacher Fu see.
Good horse with a good saddle.
What beautiful hand can match his handsome one!”

Assistant Xu looked up and laugh.

Jiang Tiao raised her pair of hands in the air for the man wearing ancient robes to see.

Fu Ting Chuan, “…..”

Fu Ting Chuan was speechless.
He went back to the topic at hand, “Let’s hurry up and shoot this.”

“Old Fu? Can you film?” Assistant Xu laughed until his stomach hurt.
He supports his thigh and stood up.

“How can I not shoot?” Fu Ting Chuan looked at him and really wants to give this friend a punch in the stomach.

The director and everyone else didn’t understand what they are talking about and assumed that Fu Ting Chuan’s assistant is disgruntled by Jiang Tiao’s lack of acting skills so he hurries to explain, “Don’t worry, we just need to film the hand.
There is no acting required, just holding hands.”

Fu Ting Chuan inwardly pinches his eyebrows: It is two completely different dialogues from two different worlds.

Jiang Tiao put on the wide sleeve cloak and shawl and hid her wrist in it to prevent it from leaking during the shoot.

She raised her arms and looked at her appearance.

A white blouse on top and a pair of trousers on the bottom coupled with an ancient-style costume on the outer layer.
It really looks strange.

No matter how strange it is, she is going to stand side by side with Fu Ting Chuan.

No, not stand side by side.

She is barely 1.6 meters with her hair tied in a high ponytail.
She barely reached his shoulder.

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