ed the first episode quite well.

One day in the novel world, a gate suddenly opened and monsters flooded out.
People were bewildered and modern military forces couldn’t exterminate the numerous monsters.

The moment the gate opened, hundreds of people were sucked into it, and in a world completely different from this, they awakened and became talented.

Kang Yoo Hyun was the first generation Awakener whose abilities manifested. 

He manifested as an SS-class inside the gate.
He teamed up with other awakened people and tried to conquer the labyrinth within the gate, but several things happened and he was the only one who eventually returned.

Time had passed by the time he returned.
The only member of his family was his younger brother, Kang-Soo Hyun who was still a child before they separated, but when he returned, he became a high school student.

After his return and reunion, they became somewhat awkward with each other.
Kang Yoo-hyun’s personality was not the same as before as his old personality had long since disappeared, and Kang Soo-hyun felt awkward because he only remembered his kind older brother in the past.

Kang Yoo-hyun, who returned from the gate, received a love call from Odin, the top guild of Korea at that time, and he was drawn by the kindness of Odin’s guild master to help him.
They then cleared a series of dungeons that were impossible to conquer and kept rolling.

“Just, just 30 minutes! Just hold him for about 30 minutes and we’ll take care of everything.
Hm? That’s okay, right?”


Jang Tae-sang’s demand was to abduct Kang Yoo-hyun’s brother, Kang Soo-hyun.

Now, Kang Yoo-hyun had not yet joined the Odin Guild and the Villain Union was trying to kidnap and threaten his younger brother to sabotage him.

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Would that work for the protagonist? I took a deep breath in my tanden.
Because this novel was very biased towards the main character, the villains’ misdeeds seemed somewhat childish.

“Then 15 minutes… What do you think?”


“10 minutes! No more!”

This bastard proudly negotiated to carry out the kidnapping.
Jang Tae-san exclaimed with a blue streak on his neck, knowing that I sighed because I didn’t want to. 

Of course I don’t want to do that.
I really don’t want to.

Because of this, Han Yi-jin got a lot of attention from the main character.
In a very bad way.
He died a little later, but I think this was when he was beaten by Kang Yoo-hyun and spent months in the hospital.

I didn’t remember it well because it was an episode I skimmed through, but I’m sure of it.

I looked through Kang Soo-hyun’s photo with reluctant eyes.
Kang Soo-hyun in the photo smiled brightly without knowing my worries.

I had to kidnap this bright boy.
Han Yi-jin’s body jolted as if he felt rejection.

However, it’s my job to follow the plot of the novel.
I don’t know what would happen if I refused.

I’ll just stick to the original work, and I don’t know if the guild master, pretending to be a good person now, will change in the future.

But, let me decide the place, time and method.”


“I won’t take it unless it’s on these terms.” 

Jang Tae-san’s smiling lips trembled as I deliberately spoke in a firmer tone.
Maybe he kept repeating the letters “Patience” in his mind.

“S–sure, go ahead.”

“Then, I’m going back.”

As soon as I finished speaking, I took the file and got up from my seat.
I also don’t want to face the Villain Guild Master for too long.


Then I turned around and opened my mouth when I saw Jang Tae-san looking at me strangely.

“And stop with the damn surveillance, alright?”

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I still didn’t know why Eden, an A-class, was monitoring Han Yi-jin, but I felt so fucked up.

Besides, I had to find my own way after kidnapping Kang Soo-hyun, so it would be difficult if Eden continued to monitor me.

“What did you say?”

This time, Jang Tae-san’s face wrinkled, maybe because I said it boldly.

Then I sighed and shook my head.

“Don’t you know that my abilities are subtle? If I’m interrupted, my work will be disrupted.”

This was somewhat true.
Han Yi-jin was a valuable psychic.
It was not easy to give both illusion and hallucination with the majority.
This was why he had the highest mental strength in Stats, even though it was a fucked-up ability.

This made him anxious to be monitored, and also allowed him to not be able to carry out his job properly.

“Oh? Ohhh, that’s a problem.”

Jang Tae-san gave a forced smile as if he never had a wrinkle on his face.
However, when I saw his awkward smile, I knew it was a promise he would never keep.

Bastard, I’ll keep an eye on him.

I turned my head by clicking my tongue inside.

“I’m really going.”

“Yeah, yeah.”

I opened the door, while listening to the guild master’s greeting half-heartedly.

My head was full of worry, Han Yi-jin’s consciousness, which was still adjusting, firmly restrained his expressions and gestures.

So I left the room and finally managed to catch my breath.


It was when I turned around to go back-



I faced the cold black eyes staring at me.

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