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I turned around and saw Eden looking at me with a serious expression on his face.

No, what have I done?

“Han Yi Jin, quickly deactivate your power.”


As I stood still, Eden gritted his teeth and grabbed my shoulder.
I was too stunned to pay attention to his hand.

I used my power? Come to think of it, I remember that I just heard a notification saying that the sync has finished.
So after the synchronisation was over, I accidentally used Han Yi Jin’s ability? That’s a problem.
I summoned the status window with a stiff face.

Status Window!

Then a translucent window appeared before me.
I was excited to read the texts in the status window when it finally appeared.

[Han Yi-Jin]

Level: 21

Rank: B

Title: None


Stamina: 31 

Strength: 10 

Agility: 12 

Mental strength: 42 

Mana: 15


I am speechless with his mediocre abilities.
How did this bastard do such a villainous thing with these stats?

Aside from the level and rank, there’s no title he got from the dungeon? The only good stats were stamina and mental strength.
No, I’m glad it’s at least high… I smiled bitterly, but the grip on my shoulder tightened.

“Han Yi Jin!”

“Ah, fuck, fuck off.”

Immersed in the status window, I slapped Eden’s hand that was blocking my view.  Maybe it’s because of my momentary temper, I’m not sure if it’s myself being angry or because of Han-Yi Jin’s dog-like personality change.

Anyhow, there was something more important under the stats.
Eden went crazy maybe because of his skills.
I scrolled down the status window and looked at Han Yi Jin’s skills.

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Trick or treat (B): Confuses opponents by making them see or hear auditory hallucinations.

Simultaneous casting target radius 50m, limited to 5 people or less.

Duration: 10 minutes.

Cooldown time of 1 hour when reused on the same target.

※ Not applicable if the target mentality is higher.

This is it.
A skill that Han Yi Jin could be proud of despite its B-class status.

This was a very obscure skill to use against monsters in dungeons, but it was a skill that was highly optimised for villains.

With this, Han Yi Jin committed all his crimes by harassing people.
It doesn’t work for those with a higher rank or higher mental strength, but it could be used for ordinary people.
He was a typical trash who was weak against the strong but strong against the weak.

But I don’t think I’m using this skill now.  Since it’s a B-rank, it won’t even work for Eden or Baek Si-hoo.

But why does my ability make Eden go crazy? And why is Baek Si-hoo frowning like that? I scrolled down the status window once again with a serious face.

Shake the catnip (??): All stats of the designated opponent +5%

Duration: 5 minutes.

Cooldown 1 day if reused on the same target.

※ UP effectiveness after used

※ There may be side effects


What’s this? Catnip? Why is the skill name so lame? Did Han Yi jin have a support skill? +5% of all stats?

I stopped the scroll and stared blankly.  Currently, 99 was the end of the state of awakening people.
The level also ended at 99, and the stats also ended at 99.
They couldn’t raise it any further.

However, it seemed that this went beyond the limit of 99 and gave +5%.
Then, those who reached the maximum level and received this buff skill could use their abilities more tremendously.

But why is the ranking a question mark?  The skill itself was good, but strangely the duration was short and the cooldown was long.
I thought I could use it only when I catch bosses in dungeons or in desperate situations.
I bit my lip in frustration, but suddenly I heard another ring in my head again.




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[With the appearance of a new user, the ranking will be adjusted]

Rank… Adjustment?

The text in the status window in front of me was a bit blurry, and soon it was back to normal.
I closed and opened my eyes and stared at the status window again, though I felt a hand gripping me tightly.

Shake the Catnip (S): All stats of the designated opponent +20%

Duration: 1 hour

Cooldown period to reuse at the same target is 1 day

※ UP effectiveness after used

※ There may be side effects

※ Special requirements are required for higher classes

“S, w-what S-class…?”

I rubbed my eyes in disbelief.
But the clear S inscription didn’t disappear.
This was an S-class skill that could never be obtained with Han Yi-jin’s rank.
Then was this the prerogative of a possessor? Am I lucky?

“Han Yi Jin! Are you okay?”


Before I could rejoice, the hand that grabbed my body shook me back into reality.
Eden is still looking at me with a fierce look, and Baek Si-hoo’s gaze is getting worse.

Ah, so…

First of all, I have to stop this catnip skill that has been activated arbitrarily.
I guess this is why their eyes look dull.1

I closed my eyes and slowly gathered my strength.
I wondered if I could do this all of a sudden, but surprisingly, when I concentrated, I could feel an intangible power quietly spreading throughout my body.
It was as if there were small embers circulating all over my body.

When I gathered them, locked them in my tanden and opened my eyes, I saw the faces of the two men, Eden and Baek Si-hoo.
They looked at me with empty eyes.

“It’s okay now.
I deactivated it.”

“Ah? Oh.”

While brushing off Eden’s arm, he fell down surprisingly easily.
I looked at Baek Si-hoo, ignoring Eden who was looking at me with a slightly confused face.

“Then, I’ll go in.”



Like Eden, I frowned at Baek Si-hoo, who looked a bit absent-minded.
The two of them looked strange, as if they had been drugged.

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“Excuse me, hyung?”


Baek Si-hoo, who was barely conscious, nodded slowly.

It’s really hard to keep eye contact with him, so as soon as he opens the door, he quickly steps aside and I enter.
Then I heard the door close behind me.


“…What just happened?”

Baek Si-hoo turned to Eden as soon as Han Yi-jin entered the room.
His dull eyes returned to normal, which he had just been in a daze a moment ago as if he had been possessed by something.


Eden brushed his hair roughly with one hand.
His hair, which looked as soft as cotton candy, swayed.

What the hell! I couldn’t believe he fearlessly spread a sweet scent in front of Baek Si-hoo when he himself kept pestering him to keep it a secret from the guild first.
Eden grumbled nonchalantly as if he didn’t like it.

“I don’t know either.” He answered bluntly, suppressing his reddened face.

“How could you not know?”

Baek Si Hoo saw Eden’s reddened face as his eyes turned to him.
Eden was clearly more affected than he was.

However, the scent was so strong that even him as an S class, for a moment, made him feel dizzy.
He instinctively felt that it was not a simple skill.
Whatever his ability, it was a skill that could threaten him as an S-class.

He was able to absorb the slightly diffused heat, and Baek Si-hoo calmed himself as usual.

“Tell me what you’re hiding.”

“Ah, that…”

Eden, who tried to deny as usual, looked into Baek Si-hoo’s glaring eyes and gulped.
If he couldn’t give a proper answer, he might lose his life.

Of course, being a cold-hearted man, he couldn’t easily kill Eden because of his usefulness to the guild.
Nevertheless, Eden had no choice but to answer for his lively life.

“Well, Yi Jin said something strange this morning.”

“Something strange?”

Eden recalled Han Yi Jin’s appearance this morning.
He had been depressed since “that” the other day and had locked himself in his room for a while, but suddenly today he came out.

Han Yi Jin opened the door and walked out, looking like he was going somewhere in a hurry, and widened his eyes in surprise when he saw Eden.
So what he’s saying is…

“He asked who I was.”


“At first, I thought he was half asleep.”

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Until then, Eden didn’t see it as a big problem.
Because he didn’t refuse his skinship.

But what he said afterwards was also strange.

I thought that’s a very funny question.
Usually such a question was asked if he was too shocked or lost his memory.

“Well, his temper was the same.”

His aggressiveness looks very attractive today.
So Eden felt more intrigued than usual.
Eden looked unintentionally pleased.

“…Is there anything more unusual?”



Baek Si Hoo’s cold question reminded Eden of what he had seen this morning.

“That guy, he’s still using it.
A cheap fake item that will raise your rank.
I think he’s hiding it in his room.”


“Aren’t there many talented people who died because of it?”

Hearing Eden’s question, Baek Si-hoo’s eyes shone sharply.

Was it because of the machine that Han Yi Jin was weird?

Anyway, if the guild master found out, he would immediately order me to confiscate and dispose of it.
Baek Si-hoo issued an order to Eden nonchalantly.

“Bring that to my room now.”

“Oh, that looks heavy.”


Eden, who was pouting and grumbling, looked into Baek Si-hoo’s eyes and quietly fled.
Obviously the trick only applies to dealing with pushovers.

Baek Si-hoo looked away when he saw Eden’s pink hair quickly disappear.
At the same time, he remembered Han Yi Jin who had just entered the guild master’s room.

Han Yi-jin didn’t really matter to him.
Master paid special attention to him, but he was a low rank talent and insignificant after all.
So he didn’t pay much attention to him.

However, it must be Han Yi-jin’s skill that made him lose his mind for a moment.  Nothing else mattered at that moment.
Only Han Yi Jin, who smelled sweet, caught his eyes.

What kind of skill is that?

He squeezed his hand as his fingertips felt numb.
He looked at the door of the guild master’s room, where Han Yi Jin had entered.

It was then that he first showed interest in Han Yi-jin.

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