This lunatic was really crazy.
I felt disgusted as if I was looking at a bug and subconsciously stepped back.

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“Yi Jin-ah, uh?”

“Get out of here, you perverted bastard.”

“Haa, that’s nice… curse me more.”

“Get out! Just get out!”

Even during scuffling with Eden, the synchronisation continued.

[Synchronisation rate 20%…]

[Synchronisation rate 25%…]

The sync was faster than I thought.
I should have enjoyed hearing the sound of the progress rising, but now my brows furrowed because Eden, who was so clingy, was holding onto my feet.

Should I kick him one more time?

I had that thought, but then this pervert would happily roll his eyes.
I couldn’t believe that he was a popular character in the male-oriented novel, but he surprisingly has a large number of female readers.
I couldn’t even express my disappointment.

If I could sync quickly and use my skills, I’ll tear him apart.
That’s when I thought about it-

“What are you doing?”

An icy cold voice pierced my ears.

The voice startled me and, of course, Eden, who clung to my feet.
The man’s voice was cold.
And there’s an irresistible feeling of insistence.

I turned and looked at the man.
I could see his pale face and jet black hair.
He looked like I would believe even if he wasn’t human.
His pale complexion looked like a vampire.

Jet black hair and black eyes.
His face was so pale that all his veins could be seen.
His lips tightly pressed together, surpassed the beautiful appearance of a woman.

I couldn’t believe the day has come when I’m mesmerised by a man’s face.

I heard a cold voice again, flustered.

“I asked what you were doing, Eden?”


Eden rose grumbling from his position.
With all his lingering regrets, he tightened his grip on my trousers, I quickly shook off my legs and brushed them off. Shoo~Shoo~~

“What brings you here? Si-hoo hyung.”


Si Hoo…? Baek Si Hoo? That killing machine, Baek Si Hoo?

I looked at him again in surprise.
The face that I thought was prettier than a woman looked different now.

Unlike Han Yi-jin and Eden, the man was the real deal.
I could tell that he was the villain of the real villain.

Baek Si-hoo, an S-class talented person in Loki Guild.
Despite his beautiful appearance, he has a difficult and boisterous personality.

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In the novel, he appeared as a bloodless murderer, defeating even the most important character on the protagonist’s side.
He was a villain who always appeared in tense episodes.

Looking at him now, his killing eyes looked a bit dangerous.
I clenched my fists nervously.

“I asked what you were doing.”


“Do I sound funny?”

Baek Si-hoo asked threateningly as he approached.
His eyes fixed on Eden who was snorting.
Eden grumbled, as if a special S-class aura was aimed at him.

I felt his intimidation as I stood beside Eden.
It was as if the intangible energy was expanding and suffocating me.


I choked and I groaned involuntarily.
Then, the feeling of being suppressed quickly lifted.
Slightly surprised, I looked up, and Baek Si-hoo’s eyes met mine.


Why was he looking at me like that…?

I faltered, unsure of his intentions, but a long hand reached out and wrapped it around my shoulder.

“We were just messing around, hyung.”


“Why don’t you relax your eyes when he’s surprised?”

Eden continued to speak boldly.
I was taken aback, not bothering to shake off Eden’s arm.

Hey, it’s Baek Si Hoo! Can he talk like that? Is that okay?

I was trembling inside, but what was scarier was Baek Si-hoo’s relentless gaze were fixed on me.

What shall I do? Was he perhaps more angry with me than Eden? How could I, a small fry, dare to make such a fuss in the guild hall?

With a hardened face, I first brushed off Eden’s arm, which clung to me like a leech.

[Synchronisation rate 40%…]

[Synchronisation rate 45%…]

Meanwhile, the synchronisation rate continued to increase.
Listening to the system’s nonchalant voice and calming my mind, I made eye contact with Baek Si-hoo.

“I’m sorry for making such a fuss, hyung.”



The two men’s shocked eyes fell on me.

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Don’t tell me this isn’t it?

Han Yi-jin, you didn’t even give a shit about Baek Si-hoo? Was that it? How many lives do you have? Are you a cat?

I wanted to cry.
However, I must control this situation first.

“…This bastard picks a fight first.”


Eden shouted, because I blamed him

“Hey, that’s not true!”

“Shut up.”

Eden frowned at me, who raised his voice in frustration.
I am the one who opened the door and cast out Eden, but Han Yi-jin was the epitome of snob.
He was the one who would blame others even if he took the first hit.

I can’t keep looking stupid in front of Baek Si Hoo, can I? So Eden must understand.

He swallowed what he had to say and looked displeased.
It was when Eden opened his mouth again to say something about my audacity.

“Stop it.”

A deep voice sounded across the hall.
Eden and I became a mute who ate honey1.
Those cold black eyes glared at Eden and turned towards me again.
My fingertips stiffened at his gaze that must have ruthlessly slaughtered the many monsters at the gate, and anyone who stood in his way.

“Follow me, Han Yi Jin.”

I looked at him in surprise at Baek Si-hoo’s words that followed.


Then Baek Si-hoo nodded with an expressionless face.

“Master calls.”


Villain Union, Master of the Loki Guild, Jang Tae-san.
Originally, he used to be a gangster, but after awakening as a talented person, he entered the Villain Union after turning his place into wastelands.

Even though he was an S-class, his skills and abilities were not focused on combat, and his subordinates appeared more often in the novel.
Because he was smart and skilled at scheming, he sometimes suppressed the protagonists while controlling high-ranking figures in political and business circles.

[Synchronisation rate 60%…]

[Synchronisation rate 65%…]

I couldn’t believe I’m meeting the guild master when the synchronisation wasn’t done yet.
It was so sudden.
If I could, I’d like to meet him after the sync.
But that won’t work.
Eden would be easy, but Baek Si-hoo was a formidable opponent.

I bit my lip and walked slowly.
A beautiful and pale face as a beeswax doll stared at me.

“Yes, let’s go.”


I pretended to be gentle again and he looked at me strangely.
Was this one also a no? Was Han Yi Jin really that rude?

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I felt like someone was following me behind me, feeling guilty.
When I turned my head, I saw Eden following me and Baek Si-hoo.

“Why are you following me?”

“Wherever a thread goes, a needle follows.”2


Eden’s lips twitched as he said this.
It was a smile befitting his striking appearance, but for some reason it angered me.
As soon as I frowned, he gave a disgusting smile.


So I suddenly walked back and forth with S-class and A-class talented people.
I must say that it was indeed an opulent escort.
However, the truth was more like confinement and surveillance.

The more I thought about it, the more I didn’t understand.
What was it about Han-Yi Jin that made him go this far? Maybe when I meet the guild master, I’ll understand a little why he’s doing this.

[Synchronisation rate 70%…]

[Synchronisation rate 75%…]

I’m concerned about the sync rate, which seems to be rising more slowly than before.
Can the sync finish before I meet the guild master?

As we were walking nervously, the guild members passing by glanced our way.
They seemed to be low-ranked guild members, but they were all looking at me and whispering.

Fuck it, what, why? You’ve never seen a handsome man before?

I glared at him with such feelings and he immediately looked away.

How did he live to receive this kind of attention even in a guild where villains congregate? I thought about it in my mind, but I heard a small whisper in my ear.

“Shall I kill them all?”


Eden’s pink eyes sparkled.
His eyes sparkled with insurmountable anticipation.
He wasn’t joking when he said this.
Indeed, if I nodded, he would have turned around and slaughtered the same guild members.

This lunatic, I’m afraid you’re not a villain.

In the middle of the novel, Eden was indoctrinated by someone.
Until then, he was just a bloodthirsty villain.
He was a crazy person who provoked others by saying provocative things like this.

“Leave it.”

“Pah, no fun.
Usually, you’re the one making the fuss.”


I knew Han Yi-jin wouldn’t put up with that.
It seemed like he was going to chase after them after someone leering and whispered to him like that.
I could picture it.

I could assume just by recalling the texts from the novel that he was easily defeated by the main character.

His face was so handsome, but what’s with his personality?

[Synchronisation rate 80%…]

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[Synchronisation rate 85%…]

The elevator stopped on the top floor.
Baek Si-hoo first got off the elevator at a slow pace.
Then I followed, and Eden followed behind.
It seems that I am still being escorted by high-ranking talented people back and forth.

The Loki Guild’s Seoul branch looks like a conglomerate building.
I was astonished by the scene I often saw on TV.
In the novel, the villain guilds pretends to be running a good business, and it really does look like it.

Then when we reached the end of the hall, we stopped walking.
It was a room where the guild master could be.

“Go in.”


I tried to nod, but my body stiffened at the sudden foreign feeling.
A buzzing heat started from my stomach and rose to my chest.


“Yi Jin!”

[Synchronisation rate 90%…]

[Synchronisation rate 95%…]

Someone caught my staggering body.
I don’t care who it was.
I broke out in a cold sweat and dripped onto the floor.

Was it… because the synchronisation is complete? My mind gradually went blank.

[Synchronisation completed]

I heard a pleasant notification.

I sighed and lifted my head.


Baek Si-hoo’s eyes trembled when I met his gaze.

What’s wrong? Was he puzzled by my suddenly looking ill?

I was just about to say that I’m fine.

“Han Yi-jin, stop it right now.”

I heard a chilling voice I had never heard before.


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This proverb is similar to an English idiom: Cat’s got your tongue. It means something to be very close to each other and always go about together.

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