It was quite possible.
Why does this happen so often in fantasy novel possessions? When small things happen, it means that the possessed main character had an accident which then caused the butterfly effect1.

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Maybe my existence affected the system, or when I kidnapped Kang Soo-hyun, and I didn’t hit or threaten him, so the set scenario went awry.
But how big of a butterfly effect could it cause? If the consequences are too great then it might become a problem.

“Stay back!”


After being lost in my thoughts, I was suddenly awakened by Kang Yoo-hyun’s harsh voice.
Kang Yoo-hyun, who let go of my hand, swung his hand and started to put a shield around me.

Was he trying to protect me and Eden? I rolled my eyes at his unexpected behaviour, while he immediately rushed out to defeat the monsters.

“Yijin-ah, are you okay?”

Eden asked while approaching and scanning my body for injuries.
I nodded roughly and looked at Kang Yoo-hyun.
The magic sword he took out was getting rid of the monsters that were charging in at an alarming rate.

What do we do? Should we help? But if we help him, we might get in the way.

Eden, an A-class combatant, and I, a B-class auxiliary.
Of course, if I could use my auxiliary S-level skills I would be able to use my powers like Eden…

But I vehemently refuse to do anything that  will give me goosebumps again.
Without thinking, I backed away from Eden and he looked at me suspiciously.

“Wait, there…”

I saw Eden extending his hand towards me somewhat slowly.
I stared blankly at him and then turned around.
Then I saw a black monster, like an evil demon, opening its mouth towards me.


My mind went blank and I pulled out my gun, which I had left loaded and put in my inventory.

I subconsciously held the gun in my hand.  As soon as I held the white gun, I pulled the trigger.


A tremendous flame erupted from the gun.
The bright red flames engulfed the monster as it flared up.



I stared in amazement as the monster disappeared with a loud cry.
As soon as the monster disappeared, a notification appeared saying that I had earned experience points and items.
It was the first time I received experience from a monster I had killed, and not from someone else.
However, before I could feel the excitement, the area began to be swarmed with monsters that entered through the gaps in the shield.


“Han Yi-jin, come here!”

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Eden came closer and pulled me towards him.
I barely escaped one of the monster’s attack and grabbed Eden in cold sweat.

“Hey, fly!”


“Fly into the sky, like last time!”


Surrounded by monsters, we had nowhere else to go.
When I urged Eden, he understood me and flew into the sky while hugging me like last time.

In an instant, the monsters looked as small as a dot.
Fortunately, no monsters chased us into the sky and attacked us.
Feeling a little relieved, I took a breath and loaded the gun again.

“What are you going to do?”

Eden asked, frowning.
He was now holding my waist with one hand, and thanks to his wind ability my body floated stably.
After making sure I was steady, I replied casually, while pointing the gun down.

“What do you mean?”

When I was in the army, I was a great marksman.
It wasn’t just a bluff, because I was good enough to be recommended as a professional soldier.
I discovered an unexpected talent in the army, which I enrolled in to run away from my family.

I aimed the gun calmly.
Looking at the gun’s firepower when I fired it earlier, this gun wasn’t an item made with a C-class skill.
I had at least killed a monster of A-class or higher with one shot.


The system said that I had a ‘golden hand’ trait.
It was clear that the gun’s firepower was increased by several stages thanks to this trait.
Then there must be a chance to win.

“I’m going to sweep them all.” I said calmly and pulled the trigger.


A series of earthshaking sounds were heard.
The flames fired from the gun exploded, causing a chain reaction on the ground.
The notification that the monsters had been killed kept hitting my ears.

“Move a little more to the right!”


Eden, who became akin to a transport service, nodded at my command and moved.
Feeling the hard arms wrapped around my waist, I shot like crazy.
Immediately after, the smoke from the muzzle of the gun filled my eyes.


Kang Yoo-hyun, who was killing the monsters that rushed in, suddenly turned his head.
For some reason, the surroundings felt a bit quiet.

“Kiii, kiii!”

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The monsters that were making loud and threatening noises were still there, but their numbers were clearly dwindling.


Kang Yoo-hyun looked up at the sky after cutting off the monsters that were blocking his view.
He then saw someone spouting bright red flames from a certain height.

…Han Yi-jin.

Kang Yoo-hyun looked at him with somewhat complicated eyes.
Even for great distances, his eyes had no problem seeing clearly.
He could see Han Yi-jin and the flashy-haired man holding him tightly.

The arms around his waist were very infuriating.
Kang Yoo-hyun furrowed his thick brows and swung his magic sword furiously.


Before he knew it, the endlessly flowing monsters were nowhere to be seen in his vicinity.
Kang Yoo-hyun narrowed his eyes.
It was because the monsters that he defeated were somewhat familiar.
The black and translucent monsters resembled the dead in Niflheim, where he was trapped.

How could Niflheim’s dead creatures appear in Alfheim’s dungeon? Kang Yoo-hyun was lost in thought because of the different pattern since the dungeon rating phenomenon was found to be normal.

Bang, bang!

From the sky, a flash of muzzle fire erupted.
When the sound died down for a while, Kang Yoo Hyun looked up at the sky again.


Because of Kang Yoo-hyun’s magic sword the aggro was mostly drawn to him, so the dead didn’t pay attention to those who attacked from the sky.
However, there were a few dead monsters around Kang Yoo-hyun.

The attribute of the dead is flight.
The dead that were far from Kang Yoo-hyun immediately turned to the people who attacked them.


Kang Yoo-Hyun clicked his tongue and ran.
But soon he stopped.
It was because another ring of light, with a monster coming out, opened before him.



While shooting vigorously from the sky, I frightfully avoided the monsters that jumped into the air.

I thought they could just stick to the ground, but apparently they could even fly like flies.
I couldn’t see their feet, and it made them look like ghosts…

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While I was distracted, a monster passed by the left side of my face.
I was so shocked that I almost dropped my gun.
Eden shouted, hugging me tightly.

“Pull yourself together!”


The monsters looking at Kang Yoo-hyun raised their heads and looked at Eden.
I found it weird because it looked like I broke the aggro in this fight.
Then they immediately attacked us.
Dang! That fucking rush reminded me of a swarm of bees.

“Hold tight!”



Eden used his ability to move skillfully.
He moved through the air while avoiding the monsters following him, but it killed me.
I became airsick when we flew together and suddenly felt nauseous.
I felt like I was riding a roller coaster.

“Just hang in there.
It’s going to be soon…!”


Eden’s voice rang through the hiss of the wind.
It didn’t sound clear, but I could understand it roughly.
But soon, soon… what?

As I pondered over Eden’s words, I realized that the monsters following us were quite consistent.
Eden planned to sweep away the monsters like he had done so far.

But that was only possible if this place was a D-rank dungeon.
I wonder if he’ll be able to sweep all the monsters at once, when they have been upgraded to SS-rank.

Should I use the catnip skill?

Once again, I frowned as I felt another repulsion.
But it’s no more important than survival.
It would be fortunate if he died in Han Yi-Jin’s body and returned to his original body, but that would most likely not be the case.
It was unfair to go to heaven at this young age.

Let’s close our eyes again this time.  I can imagine it as if I am playing a game, like PokeX Evolutions.
That’s when I made a big decision and tried to touch Eden’s body like last time.




A loud noise resounded all around.
Eden, who flew to avoid the swarm of monsters, heard the sound and stopped in the air, and even the monsters that were chasing us stopped moving as if they were in a trance.
Subconsciously, I covered my ears and frowned while looking in the direction the sound came from.

It was across from Kang Yoo-hyun.
There was something standing with its mouth wide open under the ring of light that overflowed with monsters.
My eyes widened when I saw the huge monster.

What is that?

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[Unable to view monster information.]

The system window said coldly and didn’t tell me what the monster was, but once I saw its appearance, I could tell what the giant monster was.

King of the Dead, Draugr King.

He was an SS class boss monster that appeared at the end of the novel.
To add tension to the novel, the author would slowly send out powerful mob bosses, and that was the first SS class monster to appear at that time.
Naturally, I couldn’t  tell why the mob boss, which shouldn’t appear at this time, was here.



The monsters that had stopped suddenly moved.
However, it wasn’t to catch me and Eden like before, but to go to the boss monster who had made that sound.
Only then did I remember the setting of the novel.

The Draugr King could merge with the monsters under his control to exert a stronger force.
Unfortunately I raised my gun a step too late because many monsters had already been absorbed by the mob boss.


“Damn it!”

I swore harshly and looked down.
It was to find Kang Yoo-hyun.
He calmly raised his magic sword even when he was in front of an SS class boss monster.

It’s not worth it.
This guy!

I shouted my frustration inside and turned my head.

“Hey, Eden!”

“Uh, oh?”

Eden’s eyes trembled at the aura of an SS class monster that he had never seen before.
Being so far away, at least I kept my sanity.

“Throw me!”


“Throw me at Kang Yoo-hyun!”

Then, Eden looked at me as if to ask what I was talking about.

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Thank you!


Small events can have a large, unpredictable influence on the future.

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